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Divergent Gets Release Date, Let’s Pick Our Dream Cast!

Divergent may be the most anticipated book-to-movie adaptation since The Hunger Games got its turn last year (though The Fault in Our Stars is surely a close second). With a release date of March 21, 2014, announced yesterday and rumors that Limitless director Neil Bruger is attached to the project, all we need now are a couple of pretty faces to obsess over. The roles of 16-year-old Tris and her love interest, Four, are sure to be a big get for any actor and we already have a few favorites already in mind. So does Twitter, where people are constantly proclaiming their love for certain stars they see fit for the leads. Let’s discuss some of our favorites here at VH1 Celeb headquarters, and then we want you to tell us who you envision getting their Dauntless on on the big screen.

Taissa Farmiga is my number one pick to play Tris, and I even have the author’s approval on this one. Veronica Roth once replied to my tweet about Taissa as Tris with “ooh. She’s spot on, looks wise.” Not only does she completely embody Tris physically, but her raw and vulnerable performance on American Horror Story proves she’s got the acting chops, too. Our friend and NextMovie editor Breanne Heldman loves Molly Quinn, telling Hollywood Crush, “Molly has a sass and intelligence that’s also so totally Tris.” Castle fans, do you agree?

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Divergent Could Get Its Director Soon: Limitless Helmer Neil Burger Is In Talks

Divergent and potential director Neil Burger

We’re still squeeing over the fact that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is really and truly being shot right now, so this latest news about another of our young-adult fiction faves feels like second Christmas: Summit is reportedly in talks with Neil Burger to direct Veronica Roth’s Divergent! This is just according to “sources” at Variety right now, and Summit isn’t commenting, but just the thought of getting this close to seeing Tris and Four and the Dauntless headquarters come to life on the big screen is super exciting. The studio is said to be aiming for a release in the first quarter of 2014.

Burger’s last film was Limitless, which earned plenty of kudos for star Bradley Cooper, who played a man who takes a drug that suddenly makes him a genius. But there was ample praise for Burger as well. “Director Neil Burger, whose first feature was the intriguing Interview With the Assassin from 2002, moves the story forward with an infectious energy,” read the Associated Press review. What do the words “infectious energy” bring to mind for you? A certain story about a young woman who lives in a dystopian Chicago where people must live in factions based on an aptitude test they take at age 16? We thought so too. Now we can get back to speculating on who should star

Here’s a reminder of the look and feel of Limitless:
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Divergent Author Veronica Roth Imagines Terrible Utopian Fiction

We’re on the home stretch of Dystopian Week here on TheFABlife, Hollywood Crush and, but we couldn’t leave without hearing more from one of the hottest authors on the scene — if there is a dystopian “scene” — Veronica Roth. Her badass Divergent reads so cinematically, we can already imagine how awesome the upcoming Summit flick is going to be. While we eagerly await the trilogy’s book two, Insurgent, due in May, we asked Veronica to play a little imagination game with us: What if you wrote utopian fiction? Here’s her answer:

If utopian fiction became the new trend, I wouldn’t read it.

If you actually succeed in creating a utopia, you’ve created a world without conflict, in which everything is perfect. And if there’s no conflict, there are no stories worth telling — or reading! It would be all, “Jenny thought she might not be able to attain her lifelong dream of marshmallow taste tester for a little while … but she did!” and, “John’s dad said he couldn’t go to the movies, so John asked really nicely and his dad changed his mind.” I’m bored already.

But if I were going to create a utopia, I would make a world in which everyone is focused on their personal, moral obligations, and strives to be the best possible version of themselves. They would be allowed to choose whatever path they wanted in life. They would know what was expected of them, they would have a clear purpose, and they would have a strong sense of group identity and belonging. And there would be five factions…

Oh, wait. I tried that already.
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