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Michael C. Hall Plots His Post-Dexter Return To TV

By Melissa Smith

We’re approaching the impending (maybe possible) series finale of Dexter with a mix of excitement and dread. Sure, we can’t wait to see how things will wrap up, but we also know we’ll soon have to go on with life without our favorite characters and actors. Like with most series endings, there will be some sort of twisted mourning period we all must go through.

If you’re like us, you’re already worrying about missing Michael C. Hall after season eight airs this summer. And if you feel an extra twinge of panic at the thought, it might be because Michael has been a major part of groundbreaking television for well over a decade, first portraying funeral director David Fisher in Six Feet Under before moving on to the serial killer we can’t help but love in Dexter. In fact, there hasn’t been a year without Michael gracing our screens since 2001! Who else could make us want to hug a funeral director? Who else could make us want to hang out with a murderer? Please don’t leave us, Michael!

That’s why I had a bit of desperation in my voice at the Sundance premiere of Kill Your Darlings, when I asked Hall if there’s any chance he might sign on to a new series. And what type of roll could live up to the two iconic characters he’s already portrayed?

“I would like to find something that had, you know, someone who was both a murderer and a funeral director. If that comes my way, I’m in,” he quipped. “No. … I’d never say never, you know. Who knows what the future holds? But I’ve been very fortunate thus far.”

Let’s hope the fortune continues. And in the meantime, all you writers out there get to work on some scripts about bloodthirsty morticians.

Michael C. Hall on Dexter

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Daniel Radcliffe Enthusiastically Brings Back The Perm In Kill Your Darlings

By Melissa Smith

There are a lot of firsts for Daniel Radcliffe in his role as beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings. First gay love scenes, first time filming in the U.S., and first PERM! The 23-year-old actor has proved he’s not afraid of taking risks, and we’re sure you’ll agree that this time, the result is adorable.

As soon as we saw the first photos from the film, we became envious of Daniel’s luscious head of curls and couldn’t help wondering what his secret was. So soft and wavy! So dreamy! Don’t you just want to run your hand through it?! So at the movie’s Sundance premiere, we asked him to spill on the secret to his locks and also asked if he agreed it’s the best hair he’s gotten to sport for a role.

“Oh, yeah, [it’s] far and away the best hair I’ve done,” he told VH1 News at the Sundance premiere of Darlings. “I actually really did end up liking it probably a bit too much. I had a perm.”
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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Happy At Sundance, We All Win

“I remember watching Reservoir Dogs and Sling Blade and Swingers and Big Night and The Usual Suspects and all those movies that came through Sundance back when I was working on 3rd Rock From the Sun, and I said to myself, ‘One day I’m going to have a movie at Sundance,’ ” Joseph Gordon-Levitt told VH1 News at the Sundance (and world) premiere of Don Jon’s Addiction on Friday night. And boy has his dream come true in a big way. Since his days as a sitcom alien, Joe’s been in quite a few Sundance films, but Don Jon’s marks his writing/directing debut. You could say he was rather pleased about that: “I’m kind of astonished and flabbergasted and just happy!”

This meant the rest of us got to enjoy plenty of photos and videos of JGL being astonished and flabbergasted and happy as he partied at the Sundance Channel’s house on Friday night, along with co-stars Julianne Moore and Tony Danza. And we’re going out on a limb here and guessing that his beaming face is part of what helped him sell the film about a Jersey guy so addicted to porn that he gives up a relationship with Scarlett Johansson for it. On Monday, Relativity Media confirmed the huge deal they gave JGL that will land the movie on 2,000 screens this summer.
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You’re Pretty Sure You Hate Girls, But Let’s Help You Reconsider Before Season 2 Starts

It seems to us that vast majority of people who hate Girls haven’t actually seen the show. Not that there aren’t plenty of people who tuned in for the first season and decided it wasn’t for them; they just don’t happen to be the people who seem to really loathe it. If you know for sure you hate Girls and yet haven’t actually watched it, or you saw the first ep and bailed, indulge us for a few minutes when we try to explain why you should tune in to the show’s second season. Open your mind and heart to this reality!

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Lena Dunham, Please Cast Your New Dog Lamby In Girls Soon

In real life, Lena Dunham is way more responsible than most people — she’s 26 and runs her own show and makes her own movies! — but something about the way she talks about her new dog Lamby, whom she adopted on Wednesday, reminds us a whole lot of her Girls character, Hannah Horvath.

“I adopted him at Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition,” she told VH1 News at the season two premiere of Girls. “I wanted a dog for so long.”

Lena Dunham and her new dog Lamby
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Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, More Help Decide The Most Important Movie Award: Best Facial Hair

Forget the Golden Globes; put aside your hopes and wishes for tonight’s People’s Choice Awards; sleep in and skip tomorrow’s Oscar nominations announcement, because we here at VH1 Celebrity have a much more important title to hand out this awards season: Best Facial Hair Performance in a Motion Picture. You know we’re not alone in pointing out how important beards, mutton chops, mustaches and scruff have been to 2012’s most critically acclaimed films: Can you even imagine Lincoln, Django Unchained, Argo, Les Miserables, Bernie or (god forbid) The Hobbit with clean-shaven stars?

View Photo Gallery

VH1 News polled the heavy hitters at the National Board of Review Awards on Tuesday night to see who the stars would nominate and the answers were predictably enthusiastic.

“I’m not worried about awards season, but I have been going for best beard,” Ben Affleck told us. “[Leonardo DiCaprio’s] got the best, probably, and Bradley [Cooper’s] got, like, the scruff, which doesn’t look like a beard-beard but you can’t discredit because it’s carefully calibrated.” Read more…


Kanye West Planned To “Take Over The World” As A Baby, His Mom Said – Will Babye Follow?

By Melissa Smith

With news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bun in the oven, we can’t help but wonder just how powerful their offspring is going to be. Just take the case of Blue Ivy, who reached number 7 on our list of celebs who dominated 2012 … just by being born! When it comes to Kimye’s spawn, the baby might actually be genetically primed for world domination, at least if he/she is anything like Kanye’s mom says he was as an infant.

Before Donda West tragically passed away in 2007, she sat down with VH1 News to talk about raising her son. Apparently there were very early signs of his powerful personality — even indications he’d like to rule the planet!

“I never saw that blank stare in Kanye’s eyes,” she told us. “Some babies come here, and it takes them a little bit longer to focus. It just seems like he came here knowing something, maybe something that I didn’t even know. … I looked into his eyes, and he had those two fingers in his mouth, and it just seemed like he was saying, ‘OK, I’m a few months old now; let me plan how I’m going to take over the world.’ ”
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Taylor Swift’s Perfect Birthday Gift? “Harry!” Says One Direction’s Liam

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! I hope you don’t mind that our presents get to you a little late. We’ve been having a hard time coming up with what to get the girl who has everything. That’s why we asked some of the guys performing with you at the Jingle Ball last week. They gave us some great ideas!

“Harry!” suggested Harry StylesOne Direction bandmate Liam Payne. But it looks like you’ve already got that one. Here you are, earlier today celebrating your 23rd bday with Harry in the Lake District of England:

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles feed birds in the Lake District of England

How about a Golden Globe nomination? Oh, you’ve got that too, thanks to your collaboration with the Civil Wars on “Safe & Sound” for The Hunger Games. Read more…

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Jackson Rathbone Really Hopes No One Spoils The Breaking Dawn Ending For You

At this hour, only one member of the VH1 Celebrity team, Kate Spencer of course, has seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and she has dutifully avoided spoiling that big old surprise twist at the end for the rest of us. Except when I was watching her interviews, she couldn’t help alluding to a few spoilery things while talking to some of the Cullens. I tried to hold my ears and sing over that part, but it made transcribing a little difficult. And during Monday night’s big premiere live stream, it seemed to me like the Yahoo! reporters were hinting a little too hard at what goes down. If I’m nervous about the big surprise getting leaked, I can’t imaging what it’s been like for the cast, who’ve managed to hold their tongues about it for almost two years now.

“It just terrifies me that one report might ruin it for someone out there!” Jackson Rathbone told us. But here’s what he could say to tease the mood of this ending, which is something of a departure from the book: “What [director Bill Condon] really brought to this final film is a romantic aspect of just looking back. It really speaks [to me] as an actor … it really kind of brought a lot of fond memories.”
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Breaking Dawn Director Tells Us What We Already Know: Robert Pattinson Would Be A Fun Dad

Breaking Dawn director, and thus our imaginary best friend, Bill Condon, is so effusive in his praise about his actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. He’s already said that Kristen is, “an incredible warrior goddess” in the movie and that, even though there was some apprehension about playing a mother onscreen and she was, “nervous to show the maternal side because it’s something that hasn’t happened for her yet,” she came through and “it got turned on immediately when Mackenzie Foy showed up.” Sweet, right? What he says in the clip above is even more awesome. He was asked what Rob and Kristen’s dynamic was with Mackenzie as her celluloid parents and his answer came straight out and sounded so sincere. “Oh my God,” he exclaims. “They were so parental with her. I mean, Kristen especially because she had been a child actor before, so she was so protective of her. It was great to watch.” Then he added the part that made our ovaries squee in agreement. He brought up Robert’s deal as a dad, saying, “And Rob, oh my God! Anytime there was a baby around, it was amazing.” Amazing was stretched out, so Condon is letting you know that Rob is already Dad of the Year, without actually being a dad. He was also asked if Rob would be a fun father, and he replied with, ” Yeah yeah he would be. But actually, more serious about it than you would think.” Oh … we’ve though about it. It’s serious alright!

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