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Jackson Rathbone And His Cowboy Boots: A Breaking Dawn Love Story

We need help, Jackson Rathbone fans of the world. When Jackson and Nikki Reed sat down with VH1’s Kate Spencer to talk Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Nikki quite entertainingly teased her vampire brother about the fact that she was totally thrown off by him not wearing cowboy boots that day.

“I’ve been staring at your feet all day thinking, ‘What’s different about you?’ ” she said, just as the cameras began rolling.

“It’s the shoes,” he admitted.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” she continued.

“Don’t. Let’s not call it out.”

“I mean, you don’t understand … Jackson goes to the gym in cowboy boots,” Nikki explained. “Jackson does everything in cowboy boots. Jackson showers in his cowboy boots.”

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“Those are specific showering cowboy boots!” he protested.

But here’s where we need your help: Through that whole exchange none of the cameras in the room panned over to the non-cowboy boots in question! So frustrating! So, Team Jasper, if you guys have seen any photos of Jackson’s feet on the BD2 press day (November 1), send it our way. We’re dying to know what he was wearing. Were they these lace-up shoes that he wore to Ellen?

Jackson Rathbone without his signature cowboy boots

To be fair, we’ve combed through photos of Jackson and found plenty of instances in which he’s not wearing his favorite type of footwear. But we’d say on two out of three occasions, he’s in some kind of boots. Check out the evidence in the gallery above.

[Photo: Jackson-Rathbone.com’s Twitter, Getty Images]

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Taylor Lautner Understands Why You Might Still Be Asking About This Whole Imprinting Thing

Even the most loyal of Twi-hards remembers probably did a double take when they read about Jacob’s packmate Quil imprinting on a 2-year-old. And then we squirmed even more when it hit closer to home and Jacob seemed to forget his romantic love for Bella in favor of an attachment to her newborn baby, Renesmee. We can’t imagine what it was like for Taylor Lautner. Only so much of the werewolf phenomenon can be taken care of by montages. In the end, he feels like he grasped the concept enough to convey his protective, non-icky attachment to the rapidly growing vampire-human girl.

“They did such a good job with that relationship, and it’s such a big part of the movie, and I had to fully understand it,” Taylor told VH1’s Kate Spencer. “It was helpful because we had Stephenie Meyer on set for that movie. I think it comes across great. I think Jacob fans will be happy with that relationship onscreen.”

But really, is Taylor tired of people asking about imprinting — and of co-stars (*cough* Robert Pattinson) teasing him about it?
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A Twilight Remake? Kellan Lutz Leaves His Schedule Open

As we brace ourselves to see good ole Emmett Cullen grace our screens for the last time in the foreseeable future, arm-wrestling with Bella in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Kellan Lutz isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the franchise. This is, of course, after a bit of encouragement from our own Kate Spencer. She asked the beefy blond what she’d asked Robert Pattinson earlier — whether he thought about his kids seeing the Twilight franchise one day — and his answer was both delightful and mind blowing.

“I’m excited to have my grandkids laugh at my funny one-liners. It’ll make me crack up,” he said. “It would be really special to hopefully have some boys dress as Emmett for Halloween.”

Apparently not one to hold classics too sacred, Kellan also suggested a different future for himself and the Twilight fandom: “I just wonder if they’ll ever remake it,” he said. “They remade Star Wars. They could remake this, and maybe I’ll play Dr. Carlisle. Why not? It’s been such a big part of my life, I’d love to. I’d definitely come back.”
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Kristen Stewart Tells VH1 What Being Vampire And Human Bella Taught Her

We all have our various takes on that big moment, when human Bella turns into vampire Bella. When Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes to and end and we see her eyes open red as a newborn, it just makes us want to watch her in action so badly! But have you thought what Kristen herself thinks about playing two different parts about the same person? VH1’s Kate Spencer asked the actress the question wondering who she related to more, “that kind of awkward, unsure human Bella or the fierce confident vampire Bella?” Kristen’s answer is a long, thoughtful one as she replies, “I mean obviously, I think I’ve got a bit of both” followed by a big pause. “The thing about vampire Bella is that I think she’s just an incredibly realized … she’s Bella on a really great day,” she continues. “She’s got some good perspective. I feel like I’ve got some of that. Quite a bit of that actually. But then, you know, at the same time, I think it’s pretty important to  — I mean, I’m only 22, so it sounds ridiculous — but it’s still pretty important to really like, kind of  revel in and appreciate fear! It’s very motivating!” Watch the video and see what else she has to say, but do tell us if you giggled, like us, when she says, “I’m so comfortable now with being terrified!”

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Will Robert Pattinson Show Twilight To His Kids? Exclusive!

We’re blaming Stephenie Meyer for the fact that we’re obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as parents. They’re so young and have plenty of time to get around to that in real life … but they’re just so darn good at it in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that Kate Spencer couldn’t help asking them both about their thoughts on little ones. We already shared Kristen’s quotes on motherhood last week, but how about Rob’s? Kate made this a bit more comfortable for him to answer, asking if he thinks about showing the Twilight Saga to his kids and grandkids.

“That would be so weird,” he said. “I can’t even imagine that about anything that I’ve done.”
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What Did Robert Pattinson Learn From Playing Edward Cullen? Let Him Tell You!

We’re loving these little insights into Robert Pattinson‘s adorably scruffy-haired head. Yesterday, we posted a clip of the actor talking about whether he drew on his experiences with his own father to play a dad on screen. Today, we’ve cast the net a little wider with an exclusive video of VH1’s Kate Spencer asking Rob about his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. More specifically what he’s “learned playing Edward both on screen and off screen that you think you’ll take with you in your next roles.” Rob’s answer is detailed and thoughtful, and broken into bits and pieces before looping in again, in pure Pattinson fashion, saying, “It’s a surprisingly challenging part. I think everything which … because people like to look at the audience because of it’s like, having young, screaming girls and stuff.” The screaming girls aren’t just the young ones, trust us, Rob. He adds,  “It’s quite easy to sort of, not actually watch the movie. But I mean, the core story is so strange and also the part is quite difficult to know what to do with. I learned a lot about camera technique because I think if you take away every line in your face and your eyeballs and everything, you know … you have to do very, very limited movements on camera to not look like an idiot, basically…” Look at the picture below. No sign of an idiot anywhere, thank you very much.

Robert Pattinson Talks To VH1 About Playing Edward


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Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Talks About His Relationship With His Dad, How It Helped Him Play One On Screen

With Kristen Stewart talking to VH1 News about her maternal urges, this clip of boyfriend Robert Pattinson talking about his relationship with his father made us all googly-eyed and hopeful about the recently patched-up couple going the distance. Pattinstew babies, anyone? When Kate Spencer sat the actor down, she asked him whether his experiences with his dad — that’s Mr. Pattinson to you — had in anyway prepared him to play a father on screen to Renesmee. After throwing out one of those adorable, baffled giggles of his, he laughed, “Maybe subconsiously? I don’t know!” But then he let the question sink in and replied, “It’s funny, my dad was working tons when I was growing up, so it’s strange that Edward would just be around all the time. Neither one of them work, so it’s an unusual dynamic.” Just when we were starting to feel a little bummed out, he finished with the one thing that made our ovaries ache more than usual when he’s anywhere in the picture. He added, “I would hope that … He’s a pretty good dad so I would hope that his stuff would come into me as well.” Read more…

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Robert Pattinson Reveals What Really Happened On Those Golf Outings With Anthony Mackie

When Anthony Mackie first told VH1 News about his playing golf with his “homeboy” Robert Pattinson, we were ecstatic about the image of the two in their best crazy-print pants, tee-ing off and shooting the breeze, or insert some other golf-y thing here. So of course when Kate Spencer got the chance to sit down with Rob at the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 press day last week, she asked him about his game. And then Rob promptly shattered our dreams.

“I don’t understand where this has come from!” Rob said, laughing. “I’ve seen him do another interview as well. I’m like, what is this? He’s really deadpan joking about it. I mean, I would love to, but, uh. Unless this has happened without me realizing it. Which is possible.”

Oh, no! Is someone drugging Rob and placing him on random man-dates with Hollywood’s finest actors? Also, is Anthony pulling our leg about HIS ENTIRE FRIENDSHIP with Rob, or just about the golf thing? Because if those two aren’t friends yet, as the Hurt Locker also claimed to MTV earlier this year, we need to set them up. Their dry sense of humor is perfectly calibrated for each other! OR, maybe Rob is the one messing with us (and Anthony) and he’s making up the fact that Anthony made it up.

On the other hand, Rob’s “incredulous” expression is one of our favorites, so maybe more people should make up harmless stories like this:
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Emma Watson For Prime Minister! Perks Co-Star And Director Launch Her Campaign

We here at VH1 are maybe getting a little election weary, so we decided to spice things up a bit in the last stretch before November 6. Our own Kate Spencer started asking stars at last week’s Hollywood Awards to nominate each other for office, and we absolutely love the response she got from The Perks of Being a Wallflower writer/director Stephen Chbosky and star Ezra Miller.

“You know, believe it or not, Emma Watson,” Chbosky said, nominating another of his Perks stars.

“Emma Watson is such a good choice!” Miller agreed. “I think she would be a brilliant diplomat or something. She’s an incredibly brilliant communicator, incredibly compassionate, too.”

“This is not red carpet stuff,” Chbosky assured us.

“Man, but she couldn’t be president ’cause she wasn’t born here,” Miller noted. But Chbosky reasoned, “Prime minister! There are other countries.”
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Kerry Washington Is Serious About Supporting Obama, But Would She Ever Run Herself?

Maybe we’re giving most of our attention to the celebrities using humor to promote their candidate of choice, like Lena Dunham and Joss Whedon. And the ones whose political opinions we’re not sure we ever really wanted (ahem, Stacey Dash). We’ve been neglecting the stars who are taking this election very seriously. Kerry Washington, for instance, who gets serious about the ins and outs of D.C. every week on Scandal, and then spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Last week, she wrote an essay for the Daily Beast about why she’s voting for Obama, the same day she also chatted with our own Kate Spencer on the red carpet of the Hollywood Awards.

“In general, I’m very moved by the political process. I feel like we’re very blessed to be living in a country [like this],” she told us. “That’s part of why I’m so involved. But this president, in particular — I think it’s pretty extraordinary that we have a president who really cares about all Americans and not just a special few or a special interest. Not just the wealthy. He’s really invested in all Americans. Men, women, students, workers, everybody, black, white, Latin. It’s an exciting time for us to support him the way he’s been supporting us for the past four years.”

So, would Washington channel all that passion into a political career of her own someday?
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