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Whet Your Appetite For P!nk’s VH1 Storytellers Episode With A 45-Image Retrospective Of Her Best Beauty Looks

Beauty Retrospective P!nk: VH1 Storytellers

Two down, one to go! We hope you enjoyed Taylor Swift‘s VH1 Storytellers episode on Sunday and Alicia Keys slot on Monday. We’re finishing up strong as well with the final piece on P!nk which is on today at 11 p.m. EST. We know it’s going to be amazing and we wanted you to be just as jazzed as we are so we decided to bring you a fun little — well, not so little — retrospective of P!nk’s past beauty looks. The 45 images stretch as far back as 2000 and fan over her many different experimentations with hair and makeup. From candyfloss pink hair, to jet black, to platinum, then silver, bright green to blue — the singer’s done it all. We’ve seen P!nk as glamorous, goth and gorgeous and everything in between. We’ve loved her pompadours, her quiffs. her fauxhawks and her zany makeup tricks employed over the years — no one does a smoky, intense cat eye like she can. And what better way to show our love, than to put them all together in one place so we can gawp at her whenever we want. Don’t forget to tune in today!

VH1 Storytellers is highlighting three amazing ladies in three days, beginning with Taylor on Sunday; Alicia on Monday ; and wrapping up with P!nk, on Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST.

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Celebrate VH1 Storytellers With 50 Pics Of Alicia Keys’ Style Evolution

50 Examples Of Alicia Keys Fashion, Hair & Beauty Evolution

Did you enjoy Taylor Swift‘s VH1 Storytellers episode yesterday? Then you’re certainly in for a treat today as it’s time for the Storytellers slot featuring the amazing Alicia Keys, which will air today at 11 p.m. EST. We had a hell of a time trying to decide how to fete Alicia as there are so many ways to do it. What we finally decided on was to focus on three very important aspects all at once! Y’all know how the singer’s fashion, hair and beauty sense has evolved over the years, but we noticed how all three changed in tandem with each other. We’ve got a gallery below, filled with 50 examples that stretch back all the way to 2001, to show how her look has moved forward in a most symmetrical manner. For instance, a decade ago, she had the braids with a touch of earth mother and a touch of hip going on. So, lots of boot-legged pants, pointed boots, ethnic touches like the fabric on her jackets or in her jewelry, with deeper colors in her makeup. That evolved to spaces like 2006 award shows where she started wearing sexy gowns and did her hair up to show off bronzed skin, gleaming lips and cat eyes. 2012 is where the hair is bobbed and the fashion is minimal but very sexy with pops of color like bright pink lips or interesting shoes. The one thing that’s never changed is Alicia’s love for experimenting — with her style, hair and makeup — and that’s what we love about her!

VH1 Storytellers is highlighting three amazing ladies in three days, beginning with Taylor Swift  on Sunday; Alicia on Monday,  at 11 p.m. EST; and wrapping up with P!nk, on Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST.

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It’s VH1 Storytellers Time: Taylor Swift’s On-Trend Top 10 All-Americana Looks

VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift Treny Americana Fashion Looks

Don’t forget to tune into VH1 Storytellers today at 6PM and 11PM EST, which is kicking off with the lovely Taylor Swift. The songstress never seems to put a foot wrong whether in music or anything else. Topping the list of “anything else” would be her fashion sense. Taylor’s a total proponent of that one trend that keeps looping back every now and then, and has been a huge fall hit this year — Americana. Americana is a celebration of fashion that is intrinsically American, which is how it got its name. Whether it’s in the vintage sphere with skirts reminiscent of the 40’s, cardigans of the 50′, anything folksy from the ’60’s and 70’s, or the more recent grunge denim of the 90’s, Americana connects all these different aspects into one solid trend. By reading this you should know how Taylor fits into this mould perfectly, with the pearls, cardigan sets, peasant blouses and dresses we see her in all the time. We’ve put together a gallery of her top 10 looks proving that she really is the ultimate All-Americana girl we love to love!

VH1 Storytellers is highlighting three amazing ladies in three days, beginning with Taylor on Sunday, November 11th at 6PM & 11PM EST; Alicia Keys on Monday, November 12th at 11PM EST; and wrapping up with P!nk, on Tuesday, November 13th at 11PM EST.

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Jill Scott’s Funky Hair-volution: Celeb Stylist Ursula Stephen On The “Natural Hair Icon”

Throughout her career Jill Scott has rocked as many hairstyles as she has shows. Like her vibrant personality, her hair choices are fun, edgy and unique. In preparation for tonight’s season premiere of VH1 Storytellers featuring Jill Scott, we chatted with celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen about the styles she loves most on Jill. If the name Ursula Stephen rings a bell it’s probably because she is the woman solely responsible for Rihanna’s 2008 haircut that turned her into a style icon. She’s also the same stylist on whom Rihanna spent $24,000 to fly out to London to fix a hair emergency this March. Yes, guys, a woman’s hair is that big of a deal. Stephen says she admires Jill for her beauty and confidence. “She shows the girls how to be beautiful with natural hair,” said Stephen. “She’s definitely one of the natural hair icons.”

Gosh, 2001 seems like eons ago, but it was around this time Scott took the music industry by storm due to her first album Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1. At the 2001 Billboard Music Awards, Jill wore a head of full ‘locks in the shape of a crown. Sorry, folks. This isn’t a do it yourself style. Stephen said the best way to achieve this look is through a professional braider.

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At the Grammy Jam Fest in 2004, Jill confidently sported an afro with a little variation by changing the shape. To achieve this look, Stephen said Motions Hydrate My Curls adds moisture and defines curls. “The best way to make sure your afro is even is by using an afro pic,” Stephen said. Read more…