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The 8 Greatest Women In Pop: Beyonce And Mariah Carey Battle For The Crown

When diva meets diva, you know it’s gonna be good! We’re in the second round of our 8 Greatest Women In Pop poll, and now the people have spoken and pitted Mariah Carey against Beyonce! It’s a pretty evenly matched fight, as both ladies have a lot in common. They’re both new moms, both have famous husbands, and most importantly, they’re both got super hot ‘n’ sassy style to burn! Can Mimi take on Bebe? Check out the gallery of their best looks below to help you decide, and then cast your vote in our poll! Do it soon, voting for this round closes at 11 AM tomorrow, Friday the 24th…

May the fabbest diva win!

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John Mayer Gets Some Tough Love From Steve Ward

You wouldn’t think John Mayer would want any help when it comes to getting the ladies. The dude boasts a pretty impressive track record, having been seen out and about with A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Cameron Diaz. Hell, he was even reportedly all up on a pre-Brand’ed Katy Perry. But despite a dating history that would make Don Juan weep, Johnny has dumped them all and still finds himself alone. So when he bumped into VH1’s Tough Love relationship expert Steve Ward at a Save The Music function, the guitar-strumming heartbreaker asked for some hints to finding The One.

“When he had me alone, John asked me what I thought about his love life,” Ward told Celebuzz. “So I told him point blank, ‘I think you got a chip on your shoulder, man. You’re pissed off about your childhood or being bullied, and now you unfortunately take it out on women.’” The words apparently startled Mayer, but Steve definitely has a point. Remember when he outed ex-Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm”? That phrase won’t be showing up on any Hallmark cards anytime soon.

“I told him he had to realize that he had won,” Ward continued. “He was 10 times more successful than the next most successful person to come out of his high school… I told him, ‘If I were you, I’d pat myself on the back, and let go of it.’” Wow, insightful! We would have just told him to keep his mouth shut. That’s probably why Steve has a relationship-advice show and we don’t.

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Fantasia’s Gonna Get Real On VH1


The picture above, while ridiculous, is a visual expression of our excitement that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino will be starring in her own VH1 reality show. Apparently the Lord was listening to the prayers of millions! Since the beginning of her fame, the singer has been open about her struggles, surviving a rape in high school, raising her daughter as a teenager and facing her illiteracy. We can’t wait to watch her day-today life unfold on our TVs.  Here’s the official word from VH1:

VH1 will follow Fantasia along her life’s journey — a journey full of both ups and downs — and will share how she deals with life and the seismic aftershocks of fame. The show will reveal Fantasia’s “reality” — her life as a blossoming recording artist and a young single mother who has achieved great success, but not without her share of hardship along the way. Nevertheless, Fantasia continues to persevere with the courage to live life with an openness and sincerity that her fans have come to love her for. The series is slated for an early 2010 premiere.  [Photo: Getty Images. Via VH1Blog]