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15 Victoria’s Secret Models And Their Famous Arm Candy

Toni Garrn Leonardo DiCaprio

You know what’s the least shocking news in the world? The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is dating another Victoria’s Secret model, this time 20-year-old German stunner Toni Garrn. This week, the new couple was spotted taking a tour of Versailles together. But really, if you were a VS model, wouldn’t you want to take Leo for a spin? Or, maybe take your turn with Adam Levine?

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We’re not sure if its something about those Angel wings, or you know, the fact that they’re perfect specimens of the human form in the first place, but these ladies seem to have their pick of famous guys — entrepreneurs, rock stars, actors, ballers — to share a place next to them on red carpets and jet off with them to those perfect beaches where absolutely no one ever gets a bathing suit wedgie or a sunburn. Just in case being beautiful wasn’t enough to make us jealous!

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Miranda Kerr Turns 30! Celebrate With The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s 30 Tiniest Bikinis Ever

Miranda Kerr 30 hottest bikinis

The world without Miranda Kerr would be a much darker, much colder, and MUCH less attractive place. Arguably the most angelic of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the Aussie beauty is always the crowning glory of the catwalk. And she manages to steal the fashion show without wearing (hadly) any clothes! That takes talent, y’all.

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Beyonce, Katy Perry And Darren Criss Head Up Our List Of The 30 Sexiest Celebrity Santas

The 30 Sexiest Celebrity Santas of 2012

It’s not easy to pull off red felt and white fur, but there are a few lucky celebrities out there that manage to look hot in it regardless! Yes, it’s Christmas yet again, the time of the year where we prepare for a large bearded man to break into our homes as we sleep. Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if, for example, Katy Perry were to come down our chimney instead? Or Beyonce?! When famous folks dress up as Santa Claus, it provides a really interesting/weird alternate reality holiday. Or the beginning of a festive porno, depending on how you look at it. Head on down to the gallery below to see 30 Santa’s whose laps you definitely wouldn’t mind sitting on! From Victoria’s Secret Angels like Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Barbara Palvin, to divas like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. So step right up and check out the gallery of the ho-ho-hottest Santas around! It’s not only sexy, it’s tradition!

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15 Photos Of Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin, Justin Bieber’s Alleged “Other Woman”

VS Angel Barbara Palvin denies she caused Justin Bieber to split with girlfriend Selena Gomez

Our heads are still swimming from the news that America’s First Couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split, but when rumors that he had a fling with Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin started to surface, it was enough to break our ever-Beliebing heart. The pair hung out last week when Biebs was performing at the VS’s annual fashion show in NYC. Like any 18-year-old rock star, he posed it up with the models, including the 19-year-old Palvin. She tweeted pictures of them together, and they reportedly went to see Lion King on Broadway the next night.

This apparently rubbed Selena the wrong way, who re-tweeted a photo of Justin with Barbara on the day their split was announced, simply captioning it “…” So much Twitter drama, you guys! The post has since been deleted, but fans are furious and accusing Barbara of luring the Biebs away. “Hey everyone. please calm down. he is all yours!! :) please :)” Palvin wrote on twitter when faced with all of the Belieber hate. “Last time I’m saying it. please calm down.there is nothing going on w him.i met him and did a pic w him. wouldn’t u do the same?:) #friendship.” We’re just hoping all of this breakup madness is just another stolen laptop-style hoax. Check out 15 photos of Bieber’s alleged “other woman” in the gallery below!

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Rihanna And Justin Bieber Perform At The Victoria’s Secret Show, And So Do Dozens And Dozens Of Really Hot Women

Rihanna and Justin Bieber attend Victoria's Secret 2012 show

It was a feast for the senses last night during the Victoria’s Secret 2012 fashion show at New York City’s Lexington Avenue Armory. The event featured musical performances from the likes of Rihanna and Bruno Mars, both of whom made sure your ears were being treated right. Even Justin Bieber was there to provide some live tunes for the bra-clad VS Angels strutting down the catwalk, which was sort of jarring because we still think of him as heaving a bedtime curfew.

Also present were dozens of the most attractive women in the world, seducing your eyes the old fashioned way: With lingerie. Although it should be noted that this was really elaborate lingerie. Doutzen Kroes’s attire boasted a body cage, Miranda Kerr was outfitted with swan wings and Barbara Palvin got decked out with oversized candy canes. Others wore sexified raincoats, poodle poofs and lady bug costumes, which just goes to show that some people have really freaky fantasies. But Alessandra Ambrosio brought the real fantasy as she stepped out in the $2.5 million orchid-themed “floral fantasy bra.” The full show will be seen December 4th on CBS, but take a sneak peek in the gallery below!

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Miranda Kerr Named Esquire U.K.‘s Sexiest Woman Alive, How Does She Stack Up To Fellow Honoree Mila Kunis?

Miranda Kerr named Esquire UK's sexiest woman alive

Long Live The Queen! U.K. ‘s Esquire magazine has just crowned Miranda Kerr as their sexiest woman alive, and looking at the scandalously sexy cover, it’s not hard to see why. Kerr appears even more stripped down than her U.S. Esquire counterpart Mila Kunis, who earned her title a few weeks back. At least Mila had some pants, but the Victoria’s Secret angel graces her cover wearing nothing but a pair of panties! This is the woman who can look sexy while giving Terry Richardson a butt shot, so needless to say, the pic is pretty damn hot.

“We always have so much fun when we shoot,” she says in the accompanying interview. “My temperament’s flirtatious, so it’s second nature to me. I don’t really think of rules, as long as it’s classy and timeless and it’s something I wouldn’t be ashamed of. I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given.”

The real question is: who is actually the sexiest woman alive? There can be only one, right? It’s a close race, and we definitely think Miranda gives Mila a run for her money. Check out the gallery below to see what we mean, and then cast your vote in our poll!

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Happy 24th Birthday Candice Swanepoel! Celebrate With Her 24 Hottest Bikini Looks

Candice Swanepoel's 24th birthday

We’ve already told you about Alessandra Ambrosio unveiling this year’s $2.5 million Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra earlier this week. But we’re kind of surprised the folks over at VS didn’t give the honor to fellow angel Candice Swanepoel. After all, it’s her birthday today, and it probably would have made one hell of a present! The blue eyed beauty has amazingly never been chosen to show off the multi-million dollar lingerie, but then again she turns just 24-year- old today so she has plenty of time. The lovely South Africa native has already graced the covers of ELLE, Vogue, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar, plus done print ads for mega-brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Versace, Diesel and Guess. So when you look at it like that, she was probably grateful for the day off! Despite her youth, she’s already an old hand at the modeling game, having gotten her start at just 15. So in honor of her big day, let’s take a look back at her 24 hottest bikini looks of all time. Happy birthday, Candace!

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Alessandra Ambrosio Totally Upstages Multi-Million Dollar Bra

Alessandra Ambrosio Unveils Floral Fantasty Bra

Remember how we told you Alessandra Ambrosio was going to model the latest multi-million dollar bra by Victoria’s Secret? The latest of bejeweled showpieces called the “2012 Floral Fantasy” lingerie set — this one has amethysts, sapphires, rubies and a white diamond at the center — rings in at $2.5 million, and Alessandra will be wearing it in November at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was created by Long Island’s London Jewellers, and apparently has 5200 precious stones on it. She’s stoked, obviously, saying, “It was perfect for me. I felt they made it for me. It’s very romantic.” Promotional photographs have already been released of the supermodel modeling the pieces, but we were hoping that they were touched up, as most pictures these days are. Could she really be that stunning? The answer is yes. Because she’s really that stunning in real-life. Alessandra attended the unveiling of the super expensive lingerie set at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square and it was hard to stop looking at her. She wore a stunning champagne-colored draped gown with a plunging neckline that flowed over her like a dream, as you can see in the photographs above. Bra? What bra? We think she’s the one that looks like the 2.5 million bucks!

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Alessandra Ambrosio Models $2.5 Million Victoria’s Secret Bra, Check Out 16 More Insanely Expensive Bras

Alessandra Ambrosio models $2.5 million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

You can’t afford this hotness. Supermodel mom Alessandra Ambrosio is the lucky lady chosen to wear Victoria’s Secret’s annual multi-million dollar Fantasy Bra. Or maybe not so lucky, because it probably hurts to wear bejeweled underwear. In the past these pricey pieces of lingerie have run up to $15 million, but this year’s is valued at a more modest $2.5 million…because there’s a recession and all. The 2012 Floral Fantasy lingerie gift set is decked out with amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and a massive white diamond in the center. On the downside, it’s dry clean only.

“It was perfect for me,” says Alessandra, who will hit the catwalk in the stellar ensemble this November at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “I felt they made it for me. It’s very romantic.” The new mother found out she was the chosen angel just three weeks after giving birth to her son, Noah. “I just wanted to scream,” she says of the big moment. “But I won’t lie, I was really worried. I was in total mother mode.” She’s spent the last five months doing some serious workouts to lose the baby weight, and if these photos are anything to go by, we’d say she’s been pretty successful.

Want to see the rest of the smokin’ hot models who have donned the mega expensive Fantasy Bras over the years? Head on down to the gallery below!

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Victoria’s Secret Angels Bikini Battle It Out: Candice Swanepoel Vs. Doutzen Kroes

Victoria's Secret Angles shoot bikini photos in Miami

Two super hot Victoria’s Secret Angles went head to head in a bikini battle down in Miami yesterday. The winner? Anyone who’s lucky enough to see these photos! Super sexy supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes strutted their stuff in the Florida sun while shooting for the latest VS catalog and television commercial. 27-year-old Doutzen went for an emerald green two-pieceto flaunt her fabulous physique. Can you believe she just had a baby last January?! 23-year-old Candice went for a glittery gold number as she posed poolside. Photographers have arranged all sorts of heavenly settings for the ladies, which is appropriate considering their angelic status. They’ve been photographed under waterfalls, on beaches, and among tropical palms. Summer may be winding down, but it’s still plenty hot when these bikini babes are in sight. What are you doing still reading this? Head down to the gallery below to soak up the hotness!

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