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Kevin Hart Teaches You How To Sext

Do you want to sext that special someone but don’t quite know what to say? Maybe you dream of sending a naked pic or two but get scared? Well never fear – Kevin Hart is here to show us all the X-rated ropes. Hart’s character in About Last Night is all about penis pics and XXX messages, so we asked him and co-star Regina Hall to teach us how to throw down the sexy talk. Watch and learn, students. (And go see About Last Night – it’s hilarious and in theaters on Valentine’s Day!)

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The Vampire Academy Cast Describes Their Fandom In Just Three Words

We asked stars of the new book-turned-film Vampire Academy to describe their very devoted, active and awesome fandom in just three words. (See, we did it too!) So what exactly do Lucy Fry, Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky think of their devoted little Dhampirs? You’ll need to watch to find out.

Vampire Academy opens February 7.

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Diablo Cody: On Life In The Public Eye And “Feeling Sorry” For Miley Cyrus

Diablo Cody‘s new film Paradise opens in theaters today, and it tells the story of a sheltered, religious young woman named Lamb (expertly played b y Julianne Hough) who survives a plane crash and decides that not only does God not exist, but she must shed her naivety in the most morally corrupt place on earth: Las Vegas. Of course she finds friends, adventure and a tattoo parlor along the way, all while exploring what it means to reinvent oneself through sex, drugs, booze and a little bit of porn. It’s an all to familiar tale that played out recently in the public eye, when Miley Cyrus dumped her kid star persona for…you know.

We asked Diablo what she thought of people who go through a transformation like Lamb’s, but in the public eye. Check out her answer – and her thoughts on Miley’s very public twerk-formation above.

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Chloe Moretz Frantically Practicing Cello For If I Stay, Says Script Is “On Point”

We’re huge fans of Gayle Foreman‘s books around here and were thrilled when Chloe Moretz was announced as the lead in If I Stay, Foreman’s gut-wrenching tale about a Mia, a gifted cellist and high school student who’s involved in a tragic car accident. (We’d say more, but spoilers, ya know?) Fans of the book will be pleased to know that production is moving right along for the film.

“We just got our final draft of the script and I’m very happy with it,” Chloe tells VH1. Oh yeah, and she’s also doing a lot of this:

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VH1 Lives Through Fashion Week – Here’s What We’ll Be Buying In 2013

Alas! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over, but its looks will guide our closets bravely into fall. True, there are some trends we will happily live without. (Seriously designers, what is with the fur? We are not living in the Game of Thrones nor do we have any desire to drape ourselves in dead animals.) But there are many others that we can’t wait to rock. Read more…

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Very VH1’s TabLOLoid Story Of The Week: Bieber Cheated On Selena While High On Sizzurp

Hi friends! Kate Spencer here, host of VH1’s daily pop culture web-chat show sensation Very VH1. Each day on the show we feature a segment called TabLOLoids, where I poke fun at the most ridiculous, disturbing and absurd tabloid stories of the week. Of course there’s always one story that stands out above the rest, and we’ll be highlighting each week’s pick here on VH1 Celebrity with a clip from our show. Today’s fine piece of investigative journalism comes to us courtesy of Star Magazine and their exclusive story titled ‘Justin’s [Bieber] Drug & Sex Romp Behind Selena’s Back!’

Oh, YES.

I don’t want to give too much away, but let me tease you with this: Star lays out some very intimate, gag-worthy details of Bieber’s sex-capades while high on weed, McDonald’s and sizzurp (which TMZ claims he uses often). Also, he pulls a move straight out of Pretty Woman. Yep, it’s pretty much perfect. Watch my review and enjoy all the dirty details in the clips below.

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Watch: Quevenzhane Wallis Teaches Hollywood – And You! – How To Say Her Name

Quevenzhane Wallis is the youngest Oscar nominee ever in the Best Actress category, and the distinction is well earned. The actress’s performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild is raw and moving and will make you cry all the tears, until your tears cry tears. She’s also incredibly charming in interviews in a grounded, child-like way. She has yet to be turned into some child-star robot, and we have a hard time imagining her ever ending up as such.

One thing that’s stumped the adult reporters currently following her every move is how to pronounce her name. She schooled the press at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon on the proper way to say ‘Quevenzhane’ this week, and you can watch the video above to learn it too. But if it’s still too hard for you (and really, it shouldn’t be) she said people can just call her “Q.” Might we suggest “Q-dorable” as another option?

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Kristen Wiig Joins Anchorman 2, Raises Our Hopes For More Brick Tamland

Kristen Wiig is joining Will Ferrell and company in Anchorman 2

Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell at the Golden Globes … giving a preview of Anchorman 2?

We are metaphorically riding unicorns past rainbows over this morning’s wonderful news that Kristen Wiig has officially joined the cast of Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Back in December, we heard rumors that she would be signing on to play a love interest to Steve Carell’s lovably dumb weatherman Brick Tamland, and though her role hasn’t been confirmed yet, Deadline is keeping that rumor up, saying she might play his wife.

Could this mean that Brick is going to have a bigger role than the occasional “I love lamp”-style one-liner? When we spoke to Carell last spring, he said he kind of hoped he wouldn’t. “I feel that Brick is best taken in small doses,” he said. “And I see it as an ensemble, aside from Will [Ferrell]. I hope it’s kind of the same setup as the first one.”

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The Carrie Diaries‘ Austin Butler Should Prepare Himself For Stardom

After three episodes, The Carrie Diaries hasn’t been the huge ratings success we (and the CW) had hoped for a series of its Sex and the City pedigree, but we’re holding out hope that more people who like fashion and cute boys and New York City and all the things that are good in life will catch on soon. Regardless of how well the show does, we’re pretty sure its stars, particularly AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) and Austin Butler (her mysterious love interest, Sebastian Kydd) are destined for big things.

Butler, 21, has been in the biz for ages now, first guest-starring on shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101 before landing a role in the High School Musical spin-off Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and a recurring part on Switched at Birth. But yeah, playing the new guy with the alluring whiff of bad boy on Carrie Diaries is definitely the biggest thing to happen to him. At the red-carpet premiere of the show last fall, we asked him how he thought his life would change if the show becomes a Gossip Girl-level hit.

“I just hope I can keep somewhat of a personal life,” he told us. “That’s the hardest part about this whole thing, is like, doing your job and then when you’re done, feeling like a normal person, in a way. I like to go out and go to the grocery store and all that kind of stuff, so I hope that doesn’t change.”

Of course, Butler’s been dating Vanessa Hudgens since 2011, so he knows the kind of annoying fame he’s talking about. In fact, as we were perusing photos of him, we even spotted one of him and Vanessa going grocery shopping. And here we are, perpetuating the industry that will hound him down as he buys his veggies and toilet paper. Sorry, Austin! We can’t help it, though, he’s too adorable to ignore! Browse through the pics below and see for yourself.

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Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb shoot a scene for The Carrie Diaries

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Bar Refaeli’s Lingerie Ads Almost Cancel Out Her Really Uncomfortable GoDaddy Ad. Almost.

When we first heard that the internet was in a tizzy over Bar Refaeli’s new GoDaddy ad, it made us angry. We hadn’t seen the thing yet, but people seemed to object to the fact that she makes out with a (how should we say…) “doofy” looking guy known as Walter. But hey, there is nothing that makes us happier than watching a nerdy dude get some loving from a super model. Trust is, high school wounds are still way too fresh.

So we clicked on the video and prepared to score a silent victory for our inner 14-year-old selves. And then we saw what all the fuss was about. It wasn’t poor Walter that was so offensive, but the 8 seconds (8 seconds!) of graphic up-close-and-personal detail. And the sounds…dear god the sounds. Word of advice: Don’t watch this clip with headphones.

By the time time it was over, the only thing left to do was to check out her new series of print ads for Passionata lingerie. It’s a pretty good palate cleanser. We’ll think about it when we wake up in the middle of the night, trying to drown out the memory of those smacking sounds with our own screams.

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