Katy Perry Has Her Cake And Eats It Too

Katy Perry had her cake and ate sh*t too – like four times. The “I Kissed A Girl” singer performed at the MTV Latin American Awards in Guadalajara, Mexico and then jumped into a huge cake after she was done singing. Then she tried to get up and slipped around in the frosting, falling over several times.

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Robotic Britney Is Back With New Site has been relaunched into a peppy, glossy, glammed up site, one that matches Britney’s transformation over the past few months. Nothing says major personal and professional growth like a revamped website! Brit’s even showing us the “real her” with a bunch of videos, starting with this one introducing us to her site. We love seeing our girl in a more intimate setting, but as usual she’s been trained to behave like a robot, reciting words off a giant note card and smiling on cue. No one wants the Britney of 2007 to reemerge, but does the new and improved starlet need to be kept on such a short leash? A few British accent moments would really spice things up a bit. Please, Larry Rudolph, please? []


Madonna Disses Guy At Concert?

Coincidentally, the day her divorce was announced, Madonna made a shout out at her show in Boston to “the emotionally retarted…You might know a few people who fall into that category…God knows I do!” So who is this emotionally handicapped person of whom Madge speaks? Could it be her soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie? Only the Material Girl herself knows.


Jessica Walter Taken Off 90210 Cast

Well, there go the Arrested Development fans. Jessica Walter—Lucille Bluth to many of you—did not have her contract renewed for the second half of 90210‘s debut season. There are still plans for her to appear on the show, but in a diminished, guest star capacity. Yeah right, CW. We want Lucille!

OK, so this probably isn’t a bad idea if they’re going for the youth audience. Less money spent on drunk grandmothers is more money spent on emaciated hotties and guests from the ’90s. But there’s a subset of the audience that needed Walter’s batshit quotes (” I like how the water feels when it glides off my ass!”) to get them through the teen drama anony-slog. Will Adrianna talk about Ricardo Montalban cracking an egg on her ass? We doubt it! It’s hard to imagine the show ever topping this classic moment now.

There is one potential silver lining: someone might give Walter her own show!

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Angelina Jolie Promises More Babies

Amazingly, even with all her hotness, we don’t loathe Angelina Jolie. The actress was on the Today Show this morning (in a gorgeous cream-colored dress) to discuss her new movie Changeling. Watch the above clip to bask in her glory for a few minutes. She’s like one of those sun lamps for seasonally depressed people, she practically glows through the computer.

The bad news is: she’s still perfect. The good news: she and Daddy Braddy are planning on having more kids! They like to give the newbies six months to get acclimated to the money and the fame and the new mansion every month habit, before they start boning for another one. They’re basically creating the future f*ck-ups of Hollywood, one hump at a time. Our gossip-hungry children thank you.

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CNN’s Kyra Phillips Drops The C-Bomb

Maybe it was a Freudian slip, or maybe Kyra Phillips just wanted to tell Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez how she really feels about her. Either way, Kyra turns a verbal stumble over the word “contributer” into the best diss ever.


Shanna Moakler and Gerard Butler Are ‘Just Friends’

Despite getting very, very close with Travis Barker‘s ex Shanna Moakler at the opening of Hollywood club Shin, pals of Gerard Butler insist the two are – of course – “just friends.” “They weren’t making out,” says a friend. “There’s nothing salacious about it,” says the pal, who claims that Shanna and Gerard are longtime friends, and insists, “Gerard’s upset they’re being construed as anything else.” Check out the video and decide for yourself. If you were Travis Barker, what would you blog on your MySpace page about it? [Source:OK!]


Hayden Panettiere Drops F-Bombs For McCain

Another self-righteous celeb calling out Republicans, you say? Snore. But wait! This video clip has Hayden Panettiere talking about getting f*cked! You want to see that, right?

Don’t get too excited, horny toads. She’s talking about getting f*cked by John McCain. Figuratively. “He’s had affairs with lobbyists, so you’ll get f*cked and he’ll get f*cked. Everybody wins…Nobody f*cks with John McCain!”

Less than three weeks of celebrity pontification to go, folks.


Fresh Crush: Lykke Li

(Every now and then, Scandalist will write about someone — or something — that we just can’t get enough of. Meet singer Lykke Li, our very first “Fresh Crush.”)

Lykke Li‘s debut album, Youth Novels, topped charts in her native Sweden shortly after it was released there last January, and its blend of soulful, slo-mo electronica is now big on the European dance circuit. But Lykke has yet to penetrate mainstream America — even though she recorded her album with producer Bj√∂rn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John in Brooklyn, where she lived until her visa ran out. (Damn the U.S. Department of State!)

That’s why we’re happy Lykke’s embarking on a U.S. tour. You see, Scandalist, which has tickets to Lykke’s upcoming Brooklyn show, has been smitten by the 22-year-old Swedish singer — and we think the rest of America will fall for her too after hearing her music. According to Lykke (full name pronounced Lick-ee Lee), her album is all about youth, specifically “broken hearts and finding yourself.” For all the instrumentation on the album (piano, strings, harps, glockenspiels, vibraphones, synths, sax — even a megaphone), the music is nothing but minimal and its dark tone fits her coming-of-age theme perfectly.

So does her voice. Lykke sounds like a jazzed-up, Nordic version of Astrud Gilberto, using a fragile delivery to plumb the depths of love. Also like Astrud, she oozes more than a “Little Bit” of sex appeal. (Watch video above).

Lykke, if you’re reading, Scandalist would like to interview you when you’re in NYC. Preferably in our apartment. We’ll supply the wine. We want to hear about your musician dad and your photographer mom. We want to learn about your itinerant lifestyle, growing up in Stockholm, Portugal and India. You are our very first Fresh Crush. Don’t break our heart. If interested, please e-mail “yes” to this address.

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Gossip Girl Handles The Gossip

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has faced rumors of her own about her thin frame, to which she eloquently replied, “I’m just kind of naturally thin. Good genes.” When asked by VH1 News about some rumors on the Gossip Girl set, Taylor proved she can always handle herself, and simply avoided the question, saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. What are you talking about?”