Meg Ryan An Alien, Claims British Star

Meg Ryan’s ex-husband Dennis Quaid made it clear this week he’s not her greatest fan ever, and now normally mild-mannered British star Michael Parkinson has waded into the fray. The legendary chat show host had a notoriously disastrous interview with Meg in 2003, and in his new autobiography firmly lays the blame at her moody-ass door.

“She was uncooperative from the start. One reviewer said she “glided from slight frostiness to naked hostility via snooty disdain,” he writes. “There comes a point in an interview where it serves no purpose to continue. The only question left is: ‘Why did you bother turning up and then not trying?’ She seemed as if she had been beamed into the show from another universe.”

Have a look at one of the infamous clips below (and another one here) and see what you think. For the record, Meg blames Parky for her dismal reputation in the UK, saying “His chat show has a lot to answer for, the UK public loathe me thanks to him.”

Yeah. It’s all his fault, Meg. You tried, you really did!

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Opens Her Cute Mouth, Goes Nuts

The combination of hot and crazy works well for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. We admit, it’s gotta be tough being the only conservative in a group of equally outspoken and sassy women, but if you can’t take Whoopi and Joy’s heat, get out of the studio, tiny girlfriend! The conversation on today’s episode of  The View of course swirled around everyone’s favorite flute playing Alaskan Sarah Palin, with Barbara Walter‘s egging Elisabeth on, asking her to inform America why she thinks Palin would be a great President. In typical View form, all hell breaks loose. Happy Wednesday!


Megan Fox Will Not Stop Until Every Person On Earth Wants To Bang Her

It’s official: Megan Fox wants your attention. All of it. Every still to promote How To Lose Friends & Alienate People and Jennifer’s Body shows as much of her skin as decorum allows (we can expect the same from Transformers 2 and Fathom). Meanwhile, every word that comes out of her mouth begs the question of why any man wouldn’t f*ck her if given the opportunity. Some recent examples:

  • “[I like] the same things that you like, but [I have] a vagina.”
  • “I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I took a naked, private picture that someone, who is an asshole, sold for money.'”
  • “I’d lost a lot of weight and got really scrawny…I eat red velvet cake before I go to bed every night.”
  • “I really enjoy having sex, and that’s offensive to some people… I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high.”

Ok, that last one wasn’t a quote. But you get the point. She’ll even throw in bisexual fantasies just to make sure that women want her too. We’d suggest she put out a sex tape to seal the deal, but watching Brian Austin Green go at her might turn off more than a few fans. Ohhhh, Megan. More quotes and pics like these and we’ll be powerless to stop her from straddling the world.


Anne Hathaway Rips Raffaello Follieri, Brody Jenner On Letterman

With an Oscar nomination likely for her performance in Rachel Getting Married, Anne Hathaway‘s career looks more promising than ever. So it was probably good for her that David Letterman cleared the air last night and put her through the gauntlet for her four-year relationship with con artist Raffaello Follieri. Having her mock Brody Jenner was icing on the cake.

After acknowledging her “rough summer,” Hathaway proudly announced she’s given up drinking, smoking, meat and “fun,” though she still enjoys leather (yow!) and cheese (you mean like The Princess Diaries?). Letterman then grilled her about her time with a man who stole millions while pretending to work for the Vatican. Much blushing ensued, and when Anne turned to Paul Shaffer to ask how he’s doing, he responded by asking if anyone ever came up to her claiming to be the pope. Ouch!

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“Shy” Kim Kardashian Thrown Off Dancing With The Stars

Kim Kardashian got bounced off of Dancing With The Stars last night, despite scoring higher with the judges than Cloris Leachman (who you know has the senior vote locked). Adding to the awkwardness was that last night was the 5th anniversary of the death of her father, Robert Kardashian. “I just know he’s really happy and watching over me and I made him proud,” she said.

Kim’s asstastic dance to “Baby Got Back” didn’t just make angels weep, either. “This is me, without my sisters and without my family,” she explained to OK! “This was the perfect opportunity to show the real Kim. The real Kim is very shy and reserved and not outspoken and wild and crazy as everyone probably assumes.”

“Shy and reserved,” she says.

Shy and reserved.

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Nation Pleads With David Blaine To Do Actual Magic

David Blaine completed his 60 hours of hanging upside down last night, except that he basically cheated the whole time and pissed fans off. Not only did he take multiple breaks during his stunt, but the “death dive” at the end was just him jumping a few feet while attached to a harness. He was then lifted into some dark area of Central Park and probably swarmed by his medical team and personal assistants. Blaine spoke today and is apparently not happy with his latest “trick” (not his girlfriend, the stunt). It’d be nice if maybe he’d return to the days where he actually did magic, and not just flaunt his ability to stay in one place awkwardly for an extended period of time. Most of America does that for 8 hours a day, at their desk at work. That’s not magic, it’s life – and it’s f*cking boring. [Video via DListed]

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Lindsay: I’ve Been With Sam For A “Very Long Time”

Why we’re still eating up every little tidbit Lindsay Lohan reveals about her relationship with Samantha Ronson, we do not know. It’s obvious they’re together, and yet we can not resist their sapphic stories. The pair both called in to the radio show Loveline (listen to the entire clip above) to talk about the plane crash that seriously injured both Travis Barker and DJ AM. Sam and AM are “homies” so she had a whole lotta nothing to day. But behold the introduction of Lindsay Dee Lohan on the line! We suffered through her cheesy “guardian angel” musing just to hear her confirm that she and Samantha have been together for “a very long time.”

So there you have it – the pair are an item, which must mean it’s safe for all of us to drop the obsession with the young lovers. Whether or not we will remains to be seen. [Video via DListed]


Supermodel Obsessions

Victoria’s Secret just gets sexier and sexier. The lingerie brand recently unveiled its latest collection, Supermodel Obsessions, which embodies “an effortless and relaxed sexiness.” Also embodying an “effortless and relaxed sexiness” is one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels, Doutzen Kroes, who flaunted her bikini body while on the beach in Miami. Check out our gallery of this 5’10” stunner.

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Tom, Protesters Steal Katie’s Spotlight

Poor Katie Holmes. She worked so hard rolling her jeans half way up her leg and cutting her hair all fugly, just so we’d notice her. And now after months of walking in and out of some theater dressed all frumpy, her big night finally arrived! She’s in a real ol’ Broadway play! She’s the star! People might even buy tickets! But then look who steals the spotlight away from our girl: Tommy Cruise and a bunch of creepy protesters. Katie, looking particularly sallow and hollow-eyed, hovered behind her man as he signed autographs and grinned at the crowd as they left the restaurant after celebrating her first performance. He should have just married the spotlight instead. [Photos: FilmMagic, GettyImages.]