Oasis Guitarist Assaulted On Stage

Maybe this fan — or should we say an enemy? — was drunk or maybe he absolutely loathed the guitar playing during “Morning Glory.” Whatever the motive, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was rushed from the side and sucker pushed, sending him flying to the ground at the V Festival in Toronto last night. The kid tried to escape, but security tackled him on stage. According to The Globe and Mail, the unnamed attacker was charged with assault. After a short break, Oasis finished it’s set. How Rock N’ Roll is that?


VMAs Sex Stuff: Tops, Bottoms And Touching

You expect a good deal of crotch grabbing, booty bouncing, and cleavage presentation at the VMAs. But tonight’s show messed with the stereotypes; those usually responsible for such actions weren’t the ones doing ‘em this year. Here are three memorable moments that involve underwear, no underwear, and strumming oneself.

Pink’s Nipple Slip

She looked great, and sounded strong. And as Pink‘s performance of “So What” made its way through the fake streets of the Paramount back lot, more and more clothes came off. By the time she jumped on stage to conclude the thing, her top was open enough to display the wealth of those lady lumps.

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90210: How Bad Does It Suck?

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little (read: totally) excited to see the new 90210. Initially, our borderline unhealthy crush on Dylan from the original show rendered us blind to the obvious signs of desperation inherent in the marketing: You wanna live in the zip, you gotta live by the code? Um, no thanks. Really. And now, after two hours and 72 commercial breaks, our heart is a little broken and all we can say (even knowing the show is a ratings juggernaut) is Holy cliché.

But first? A memory:

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For Obama, Jennifer Hudson Will Sing At The DNC

Despite not even winning the third season of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson has become one of the show’s most famous alumnus, winning both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her work in Dreamgirls. Now she can add another honor to her resume — The Democratic National Convention. Barack Obama asked for Hudson specifically when it came time to choose a singer to deliver the National Anthem the night he accepts his party’s nomination for the presidency.

Hudson, a Chicago native, is a supporter of the Illinois senator, and will appear on Thursday night in front of a sold-out crowd of 75,000 in Colorado, not to mention the millions of viewers watching the convention at home. She won’t be the only celeb in attendance at the convention though, E! reports that Denver has been seeing it’s share of stars at the convention, including George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron and Obama’s #1 Super Fan, Oprah Winfrey. [Photo: Getty Images]

After the jump, watch John Legend‘s DNC performance.

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Madonna Kicks Off ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour

Madonna fans in Cardiff, Wales were the first to be treated to the latest, and possibly most prepared-for tour ever from the Material Girl. In between A-Rod scandals and supposedly breaking up with Guy Ritchie and turning 50, Madonna is said to have put in over 650 hours of rehearsal time for her Sticky & Sweet world tour, though the show appears less controversial than previous ones (no crucifixions or self-inflicted bad-touching).

The opening show on Saturday was two hours long and has eight costume changes, a 12-piece band and a 50-year-old woman who is more fit than most people can ever hope to be. In addition to this theatrical firepower, there were two digital cameos by stars younger than Madge: Britney Spears and Kanye West. Britney, via video, appears trapped in an elevator and whispers “express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” Of course, she ends the video with her favorite catch phrase, “It’s Britney, Bitch.”

Oh, Madonna also managed this weekend to squash those pesky divorce rumors by squeezing in the renewal of her wedding vows. Is she a woman? Or a machine?

Video after the jump. — By Liz Black and Danielle Cook
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Mamma Mia! Goes Rocky Horror

Mama Mia
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It seems like Universal is aiming to turn Mamma Mia! into a cult hit among the sing-along crowd. In order to boost the film’s profile (and box office grosses) over Labor Day, the studio plans to present Mamma Mia! The Sing-Along Edition in select theaters nationwide so you can finally let your inner Pierce Brosnan out.

While it’s not as campy as Rocky Horror or as beloved as, say, the now-defunct Buffy musical, this could just be the hook the film needed to take it beyond its moderate summer hit status. No word on what the audience participation might include, but we suggest that S.O.S. pads get in on the product tie-ins during the aural massacre that is Pierce Brosnan’s rendition of that ABBA song. [Source: Reuters]


Bar Refaeli: Bitch Has It All

Israeli model Bar Refaeli has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Maxim and Elle, but most likely the work that you’re most familiar with is her role as Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend. This fall, though, her profile will get a boost as she becomes the face of sport brand Hurley International. The campaign, shot in Brazil, “illustrates a theme of a young woman’s journey and discovery,” which sounds a lot like the plot to Seinfeld’s favorite movie “Rochelle, Rochelle”, but we’re betting it will be a smidge hotter.

She’ll be wearing the brand’s bikinis, sheer Ts and denim shorts from the Spring 2009 line and will appear in their runway shows as well. Says Hurley exec Lyndsey Roach: “Anyone can hire a model. We wanted to do something different. She lives this lifestyle,” which only rubs it in our faces that not only does she have Leo as a boyfriend (though they’ve allegedly been on and off), but she is a professional beach-going skinny bitch who gets free clothes.

After the jump, watch a clip of Bar Refaeli modeling.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kanye West Channels Kermit the Frog

Kanye West is a blogger, a fashion designer and now a f*cking puppet, apparently. His new video for “Champion” features a cloth Kanye competing against human runners in some sort of Olympic-like competition. In other words, it’s kinda creepy, and Kanye’s got nothing on the Muppets. [Via MoneyCashHos]


Shelley Malil, 40-Year-Old Virgin Actor, Arrested For Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend

Character actor Shelley Malil, best known as Haziz in The 40-Year-Old Virgin (“Hey, Will and Grace! Back to work!”), has been arrested for violently assaulting an ex-girlfriend. The woman, suffering multiple stab wounds and cuts, was found by police in San Marcos, CA, Sunday night, after neighbors heard screams for help and breaking glass. Malil was arrested Monday night after taking a train to San Diego to meet with his lawyer. The woman’s condition was listed as critical on Monday morning, with no update since. [AP]

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