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Britney Spears is Totally Gonna Bone Russell Brand

Well what do you know – Britney Spears and Russell Brand have palpable chemistry in these promo ads for the VMAs! Brand is a notorious sex addict who penned a book about his appetite for women. “I had a harem of about 10 women, whom I would rotate in addition to one-night stands and random casual encounters,” he wrote of his horniest days. Britney is, well, Britney. And that seems to be a dangerous combination.

Tune in to the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7 at 9PM ET.

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Hef’s Girls Freak Over His New Flame

Yay! We’re excited to post about the latest drama plaguing the Playboy mansion, just so we can stare at slutty pictures of the Girls Next Door. Apparently things have been getting a little crazy at chez Hugh Hefner, due to his recent interest in a Ukrainian model named Dasha Astafieva. The brunette hottie first appeared in a competition to score the cover of the nudie mag, and now Hef is apparently escorting her on photo shoots and holding her hand! You know Holly Madison ain’t having that sh*t. A source tells the National Enquirer, “Dasha’s natural endowments and beauty stunned Hef. Dasha has upset the pecking order by pushing her way into Hef’s heart. The competition for his attention is really intense among the girls because of her.” [PerezHilton]

In other words, it’s cat bunny fight time.

For more of Dasha, feast your eyes on the video of her performing a bizarre backwards striptease, above.

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America Ferrera Hates Blake Lively

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think Gossip Girl is overrated - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 co-stars Blake Lively and America Ferrera appeared together on Good Day LA to plug their movie, and Blake got a little gushy while talking up her hit show, the teen sex-fest Gossip Girl. While she rattles on, America picks at her hands before rolling her eyes and throwing down a serious death stare at Blake. Our new hero America – who’s the star of her own hit, Ugly Betty - belongs on a Wheaties box for her moves. Clip above.

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Isaac Hayes Dead At 65

The King Of Comedy, Bernie Mac, died yesterday — and the King of Soul died today. Isaac Hayes, the Grammy-winning soul legend who exuded sex with his incredibly deep baritone voice, was best known for writing the theme song to the 1971 blaxploitation flick Shaft. “Theme From Shaft” won an Academy Award for best original theme song. More recently, Hayes provided the voice for Chef on South Park.

Hayes’s wife, Adjowa, found him collapsed near a still-running treadmill at his home in a Memphis suburb. Attempts to revive him by paramedics were unsuccessful. The cause of death is not known. On an eerie note: Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac will star together posthumously in Soulmen, a movie with a November 14 release date. [Photo: Getty Images]

After the jump, watch Hayes sing “Theme From Shaft.”

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Paris Hilton for President

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

We had all but forgotten about Paris Hilton – her BFF’s gone off and had a baby, she’s dating a dude with zero Greek ancestry/inheritance and we now get our skin fix from Miley Cyrus. But just when we were about to count her out, she goes and does something kinda awesome. After being called out in a John McCain ad as a “celebrity,” Paris bites back with the help of the Funny Or Die dudes and actually demonstrates that she may just have a sense of humor about the whole thing. And you know what that means – good PR for her. I guess we do still care about Paris after all.


Eva Mendes: Banned In The U.S.

A post-rehab Eva Mendes stars in a new commercial for Calvin Klein, but the ad has been deemed too racy for U.S. TV.

In the risque commercial for the fragrance “Secret Obsession”, Eva rolls around seductively and says, “Between love and madness lies obsession. Love … madness … it’s my secret.” The creative director for the ad told the New York Post that “this country is so messed up … I really can’t believe this is happening.”

Watch the pulled the advertisement, and decide for yourself if it’s too racy for TV.


#99: Pat O’Brien’s Dirty Voicemails

Poor Pat O’Brien. Car accidents, overdoses, violent standoffs with police — these are more-than-acceptable reasons for a lifelong drug addict to finally seek professional help. But the release of pornographic voice mail messages? That’s awfully hard to glamorize.

The host of TV’s The Insider and long-time sports commentator was once associated with awkward attempts at being hip (remember Diddy‘s “Bad Boy For Life” video?), but thanks to some unfortunate drunk dialing in 2005, Pat will go down in history as the guy who wanted to “go f*cking crazy,” inviting his anonymous crush to join him and “Betsy” for a sex romp. So graphic were the messages that “Get another woman up, hire a hooker. Let’s get crazy, get some coke” is the kid-friendly part.

Pat followed his rehab stint with a Dr. Phil primetime special, but the self-help guru’s advice wasn’t enough to keep him from heading back less than three years later. Though the mockery of his sexploits continues (“I am so f*cking into you. You have to pay attention to Betsy, but let’s have fun!”), Pat’s career hasn’t taken too much of a hit. He’s still hosting The Insider and recently announced plans to marry his girlfriend of five years … Betsy. The couple that goes f*cking crazy together stays together!


#86: David Hasselhoff’s Drunken Hamburger Viral Video

Fame’s a bitch. One minute you’re riding high in red trunks, sharing screen time with Pamela Anderson on the nation’s biggest television show. The next, you’re drunk and shirtless and eating a cheeseburger on the floor of your Vegas hotel room, being videotaped by your 16-year-old daughter.

In May 2007, while starring in a Vegas production of The Producers, David Hasselhoff had little else to boast about besides a rabid fan-base in Germany. Since his starring roles on Knight Rider and later Baywatch, the Hoff’s career had taken some hits, and in addition to mostly playing himself in cameos, he’d also developed a drinking problem. And then he found himself in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from his wife of 15 years.

This viral video, which his daughter shot with intent to show Dad the error of his ways, features him slurring his words and gnawing on a burger (when he can get it up to his mouth, that is). As his daughter pleads with him to stop drinking, the Hoff can only murmur, “I have trouble in my life,” and chew with eyes half-lidded. “This is a mess,” Hoff sputters as he drunkenly drips Secret Sauce all down his bear-rug of a chest. You said it!

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#84: Whitney Houston: Crack is Whack

We all knew Whitney Houston wanted to dance with somebody, we just had no idea she’d end up waltzing with a crack pipe. The singer had barreled through the ’80s and ’90s racking up #1 hits and the occasional flop (like marrying the dysfunctional Bobby Brown). After selling over nine million copies of The Bodyguard soundtrack and stockpiling six Grammys, she decided to move on to something more, uh, super f*cking illegal.

In early 2000, Whitney was busted lugging weed through a Hawaii airport. As if that wasn’t bad-ass enough, she inspired Lohans everywhere by skipping shows and losing enough weight to scare even Nicole Richie. Chatting with Diane Sawyer in 2002, she admitted to, well, everything. “My business is sex, drugs, rock and roll … I partied a lot.” When asked by Sawyer about her drug of choice — “Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is it cocaine? Is it pills?” — Whitney answered, “It has been at times.” Sawyer: “All?” Houston: “At times.” But even Whitney had her limits: “I make too much money for me to ever smoke crack … crack is whack.” Whack enough to send the fallen songbird to rehab in 2004. She has yet to make a solid comeback — unless having her husband yank a “doody bubble” from her ass counts — but at least she’s made headlines dumping Brown for Ray J., brother of Brandy and on-camera lover of Kim Kardashian.

Whitney’s daughter is possibly continuing the family addiction tradition. Pics of then 13-year-old Bobbi Kristina exhaling what looked like marijuana smoke popped up on the Web in 2007. So much for teaching children well and letting them lead the way.

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#81: Madonna And Britney Kiss

Let us journey back in time, to a world where Britney Spears was beautiful and her golden locks were real (maybe). The year was 2003, the girls were decked out in white wedding dresses better suited for streetwalkers, and they only had eyes–or lips–for one lady: the Queen of Pop and Pointy Bras, Madonna. That September, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera joined their idol onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and turned a regular performance into headline news when they each took turns tongue-kissing Madge while singing her timeless tramp anthem “Like a Virgin.”

The timing of their tonsil hockey was perfect, providing a much-needed jolt to Brit’s suffering career. It had been a tumultuous year of disappointing record sales, a high-profile breakup from Justin Timberlake (which inspired his #1 hit “Cry Me a River”), her disastrous film flop Crossroads, and the closing of her restaurant NYLA after just seven months. Plus she had a new album to promote, packed with horny dance tracks celebrating masturbation and other hot ‘n’ breathy behavior. Yup, a girl kiss is just what she needed. Britney later claimed she had “never kissed a woman before” — even though they had seriously rehearsed the smooch before the actual performance. (Sadly, an ass-slap from Madge was canned before they went live.) Still, that one sultry, same-sex lip-lock freaked the pundits and titillated our whole nation. And our girl finally became a (bi-curious) woman.