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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart “Doesn’t Play By Anyone’s Rules” Says Snow White Director

Just what makes Kristen Stewart the perfect Snow White? Director Rupert Sanders‘ answers may surprise you. Though the fairytale is all about beauty (and his leading lady is admittedly very stunning) he was moved by what he found inside the actress. “She’s very vital,” he told me at the film’s press junket in the UK last week. “She’s very on the edge and very rebellious, which I like. She doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. She’s just got all those things that make a very modern and intoxicating Show White.”

Rupert said he didn’t want this film to be about “damsel in distress waiting for her prince,”  but rather a “leader” who inspires her people to follow her into battle for the greater good. He found his heroine in Kristen. “When I first met her with the producers,” said Rupert, “we all saw something really raw and primal in this girl, and we really liked that.”

So do we!

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Exclusive: Charlize Theron Wants To Reprise Her Role As Rita Leeds In Arrested Development Movie

Here’s something cool I’ve learned about Charlize Theron: She’s really funny. She was hilarious through out our interview at the Snow White and the Huntsman junket in England last weekend, and she spent the entire press day cracking jokes and doing bits with everyone. I’ve always wondered why she doesn’t do more comedy, especially because her story arc as MRF Rita Leeds on Arrested Development (one of the greatest shows of all time, IMHO), is so.damn.funny. If you haven’t seen it please stop reading this blog post immediately, run to Netflix, and thank me when you’re done.

After years of will they or won’t they, it was recently confirmed that an Arrested Development movie is in the works, for reals, after a brief run on TV. And so of course I had to dork out and ask Charlize if she’d consider reprising her role as Rita on the big screen. Good news, AD fans! The actress calls her time on the show “one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had” and says she’d love to be a part of the film. Also she describes herself as “a nerd,” which gave me a serious case of heart explosions. Clip above.

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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart: Making Movies “Is An Addiction” For Me

The tough thing about interviews with talent is that you go in with a huge list of questions and never enough time. Such was the case during my sit-down with Kristen Stewart this past weekend at the Snow White and the Huntsman junket. By the time I got around to bringing up her new producer position on the upcoming film Cali, the nice dude keeping track of my allotted time was telling me to wrap. And I never got to ask her about wearing the vampire contacts in Twilight! Just kidding, guys. You know I’d never ask that.

But we did get a minute to discuss what it is about making movies — besides acting — that really moves her. One thing I personally admire about Ms. Stewart (and her better half, I might add) is that she’s a movie person, through and through. It’s her art form; she eats, breaths and sleeps film, and loves every aspect of the business. I was eager to hear more from her about why this is. The actress cites her parents for sparking her interest in the behind-the-scenes element (as I’m sure you know, mom Jules is a script supervisor/director, and dad John is a stage manager) and says that without movies, “I’d be a completely different person.” Hard to imagine!

She also adds, “There’s this really contagious energy that happens, that passes between people, that is really unique. And when you can find people that you can share that artistic energy with, it’s an addiction. You always want to get back to that feeling.” Kristen told our friends at Celebuzz that she wants to make more movies with Rob — we can only imagine the artistic energy and connection they share!

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Which Glee Star Did The Best “Freaky Friday” Character Swap? Jenna Ushkowitz Weighs In

The second we saw Mark Salling and Cory Monteith dressed as Blaine and Kurt on last night’s Glee, some of us crossed our fingers that the whole two (!) hours would feature this silly stunt.

“It would have been a little bit of overkill [to swap characters for the whole episode],” Jenna Ushkowitz, whose character Tina set off the whole “Freaky Friday” sequence, told VH1 Celebrity this morning, when she stopped by for Big Morning Buzz Live. We were thrilled to see Tina get to show off her chops in full Rachel diva-mode, even if it was all just a dream, and hope that the actress gets more to do as a senior at McKinley next season.

Mark Salling as Blaine and Harry Shum Jr. as Joe on Glee
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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Is Learning To Speak French, Still Teaching Herself The Trumpet

There are really no words to describe my trip to the U.K. last week to interview the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman. “Awesome” just doesn’t do it justice. It was thrilling, a bit nerve-wracking and so, so, so much fun. Thanks to everyone who chatted with me over Twitter, to Universal for a great weekend and to the stars and director of the film, who were amazing to talk to. (And to my fellow press-mates, who didn’t once make fun of me for all the nerdy things I said over our 72 hours together.)

So let’s get to it, then. Here’s the first clip from my chat with Kristen Stewart. She was my first interview of the morning, and I was, quite frankly, crapping my pants with nerves. Seriously, even my eyelids were sweating. For some reason, the combo of the gorgeous castle, the jet-lag, my personal KStew adoration and her super-cool jacket just got my stomach churning. The actress was absolutely lovely — both in demeanor and looks — and seems so excited about this film. (And with good reason; it is awesome.)

It was great to check in with her again about her newfound love for the trumpet. Turns out she’s teaching herself how to play, which seems impossible, but if anyone can do it, it’s Kristen. As if that weren’t adorable enough, the ambitious star is also teaching herself French with the help of Rosetta Stone CDs, because, as she told me, she knows “a lot of Frenchies.” And yes, I’m still kicking myself for not asking her to demonstrate her new language skills. I blame my nerves, and I’ll make up for it at Comic-Con if she’s there, I promise. Or should I say, “Je promet.”

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Tyson Beckford’s Sex Tape: Does It Co-Star His Motorcycle Too?

There are many reasons one might be hypothetically interested in maybe possibly getting one’s hands on the rumored Tyson Beckford sex tape that is being shopped around, per TMZ. Not only does this alleged tape feature 45 minutes of the model pleasuring himself during a video chat with an unidentified woman, according to “sources,” it also features the chatty 41-year-old talking about how much he hates being confused with fellow model Tyrese Gibson. Which cracks us up, but also, even though they don’t look or act alike at all, we have to admit their similar first names trip us up once in a while. And another reason we’re, um, intrigued: the hints Beckford gave VH1 News about his sex life with girlfriend and Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik in the interview above last fall.

Does this motorcycle also guest-star in the video? Is Shanina the woman he’s chatting with? Or is Tyson in even bigger doo-doo than when he told the U.K.’s Evening Standard that he “created” her.

Tyson Beckford

Tyson’s rep told the site they haven’t seen the footage and won’t comment until they’ve done so.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Carmelo And La La Anthony Reveal Who’s The Bigger Diva At Met Costume Gala

Who would’ve thought it takes Carmelo Anthony longer to get ready than his always well-put-together wife La La? These two, blowing up stereotypes all over the place. One of the cutest basketball couples ever stopped by the annual Met Costume Gala last night looking amazing in blue and black. La La’s custom-made Zac Posen gown was the perfect royal blue, and it accentuated her curves in all the right places. Carmelo was spiffy in his black Rag & Bone tux, paired with wide frame hipster glasses.

When VH1 News asked who took the longest, La La revealed, “He always takes longer than I do, absolutely,” she said. “When it comes to getting dressed, he is so slow.”

What takes the NY Knick so long? “I don’t know. I procrastinate,” he said. “I got to play the music, I got to take my time. I don’t like to be rushed.”
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The Brights Trend Continues On The Met Gala Red Carpet

Brights, Orange, Yellow Gowns At The Met Gala

We love the brights trend and we love the women who dare to wear the shades even more. The Met Gala had its fair share of examples and some of the stars scored top marks and made it to the best-dressed list. Like Solange Knowles in a sunshine, peplum Rachel Roy gown. Or Emma Roberts who also wore a semi-peplum Escada number, only in a color that comes between orange and yellow. Katherine McPhee was also part of our best-dressed roll call, wearing a stunning Elie Saab tangerine column.

Some celebrities also made it to out fashion-forward list, wearing ensembles that are risky and not cut-and-dry. January Jones was on the list wearing a neon yellow, futuristic looking Versace gown. Taking the time capsule way back, was Kirsten Dunst who wore a pumpkin colored Rodarte number that looked like it was from the ’40’s. Sadly, landing up on our worst-dressed list was Eva Mendes who wore a terrific punchy shade of orange, but the Prada peplum gown itself was downright frumpy on her. Rounding up this brights post are Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Bell, both wearing tangerine. Ginnifer wore a lovely cap-sleeved Monique Lhuillier, while Kristen chose a Tommy Hilfiger halter-necked version which she rocked. See for yourselves!

View Photo Gallery

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Who Were The Best-Dressed Ladies At The Met Gala?

This is going to be a long list, folks, so get some popcorn ready. There was so much material to choose from, from this year’s Met Gala that we drove ourselves into a tizzy. We weren’t ever fans of, say, peplum (gowns with an overskirt), but Solange Knowles‘ sunshine-yellow Rachel Roy number made us fans. Keeping up the bright trend was Katharine McPhee whose low-cut, unforgiving tangerine Elie Saab column was stunning. Emma Roberts wore a brighter shade of orange, and also incorporated peplum in her gorgeous Escada strapless gown. Moving toward red territory was a surprise entry: Chelsea Clinton. She wowed us in a cherry, lace-overlay strapless gown, and she totally needs to reveal who the designer is.

Other fab outfits were worn by Ashley Greene who picked a dreamy, Grecian Donna Karan gown and Amy Adams, who also wore white Giambattista Valli, with a cheeky gold bow detail at the waist. It was completely old Hollywood glamour. Another one of our red carpet favorites choosing that vibe was Amber Heard, a knockout in a dusty rose Zac Posen fishtail. The Glee gals represented and chose completely different looks. Dianna Agron went for elegant, romantic glamour in an emerald green Carolina Herrera gown. while Lea Michele picked a sexy, slashed navy blue Diane von Furtsenberg dress.

Our picks for best-dressed also include supermodel Jessica Stam wearing a pastel blue, almost gladiator-esque John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture dress number with gold detailing, and Hilary Swank in a burgundy, halter-necked Michael Kors gown. There are a total of 16 looks to choose from in our gallery below, so check them all out, and tell us whose gown you like best.

View Photo Gallery

[Photos: Getty Images]

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The 10 Worst-Dressed Celebrities Who Really Failed To Impress At The Met Gala

worst dressed fashions at the Met Gala

We do love it that plenty of celebrities were fearless enough to try out really avant-garde fashions at the Met Gala. But here’s the thing: there’s a big difference between avant-garde and just plain bad. A lot of reasons why the designs failed on some of these stars was because they were ill-fitting. Eva Mendes peplum tangerine Prada gown may have looked great on her, had she paid more attention to the silhouette. She just ended up looking boxy because of the bottom half of the gown. It’s the same with Mary-Kate Olsen. She looked completely swamped because of her heavy black, long-sleeved The Row gown. Christina Ricci, also as tiny as Mary-Kate, also had the same problem. Her Thakoon dress looked like it was eating her alive. Then there was Jessica Biel whose Prada cocktail frock was not just ill-fitting, but completely boring.

Then there were some designs which were just … no. Chloe Sevigny in her Miu Miu frock, for instance. It looked like the whole thing was mad of vinyl discs sewn together. Perhaps, a black slip underneath would have rescued it. Florence Welch wore an Alexander McQueen which we can’t describe. It looks entirely made of poufs. And then there was Anja Rubik in a white-slashed Anthony Vaccarello. This is not the setting in which to reveal your hip-bone, lady! The piece de resistance was Marc Jacobs, whose entire outfit consisted of a pair of silk boxers, a long black lace sheath and buckled shoes. You’ll have to head on to the gallery to see for yourself.

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