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Robert Pattinson Reveals What Really Happened On Those Golf Outings With Anthony Mackie

When Anthony Mackie first told VH1 News about his playing golf with his “homeboy” Robert Pattinson, we were ecstatic about the image of the two in their best crazy-print pants, tee-ing off and shooting the breeze, or insert some other golf-y thing here. So of course when Kate Spencer got the chance to sit down with Rob at the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 press day last week, she asked him about his game. And then Rob promptly shattered our dreams.

“I don’t understand where this has come from!” Rob said, laughing. “I’ve seen him do another interview as well. I’m like, what is this? He’s really deadpan joking about it. I mean, I would love to, but, uh. Unless this has happened without me realizing it. Which is possible.”

Oh, no! Is someone drugging Rob and placing him on random man-dates with Hollywood’s finest actors? Also, is Anthony pulling our leg about HIS ENTIRE FRIENDSHIP with Rob, or just about the golf thing? Because if those two aren’t friends yet, as the Hurt Locker also claimed to MTV earlier this year, we need to set them up. Their dry sense of humor is perfectly calibrated for each other! OR, maybe Rob is the one messing with us (and Anthony) and he’s making up the fact that Anthony made it up.

On the other hand, Rob’s “incredulous” expression is one of our favorites, so maybe more people should make up harmless stories like this:
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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Talks Maternal Urges, Says “I Know I’m Gonna Be A Mom”

Kristen Stewart plays a mom in Breaking Dawn 2, which IMHO, is even more fierce than being a vampire (but I’m a mom, so I’m probably biased). She totally nails the ferocious, feral mother thing in the film, and told me that it was the “one thing in the story that I took to.”

Says Kristen, “I’ve always thought that I was going to be a mom, but so so so far down the line. I’m not the type of person that’s like, “Oh, I can’t wait!” And I’m not hugely into babies, I don’t melt over the baby thing. But there’s something about protecting your own that is just absolutely ingrained me. I know that I’m gonna probably be a mom.”

As for that instinctive  protective mom vibe, she says, “I definitely felt that. It was one of my favorite thing about playing this part, how animal she gets.”

In true Kristen fashion, she responded to my compliment about her onscreen mothering skills with “Cool! That’s f*cking awesome.”

Kristen also said she currently feels like a mom to her two dogs Bear and Bernie.

More clips from my interview with the Breaking Dawn cast will be up Monday, including Robert Pattinson talking about his alleged golf habit and director Bill Condon on Rob’s vampire sex moves. Thanks for watching, guys!

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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart Feels Like A Mom To Her Two Dogs, Says “Bear Is My Child”

Having seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 (you guys!!!) I was particularly touched by the scenes between Bella and her daughter Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy). She’s protective to the point where she’d sacrifice herself for he daughter’s safety, and Kristen Stewart plays the maternal vampire with raw, realistic emotion. When we sat down to talk at the press junket yesterday, we discussed the she feels maternal about in her own life.

“I do have two dogs,” says Kristen. “I adopted Bernie when she was a bit older so I feel like she’s kind of a roommate. And Bear is my child. I raised him. He was handed to me through a car window with one hand, on this movie actually.”

Cute, huh? Bernie seems to be a new addition to Kristen’s dog family. And a girl, too! (I assumed Bernie would be a dude, but I guess it’s short for Bernice?) On Monday we’ll post the second part of Kristen’s answer to our maternal question, in which she gets serious talking about her mothering instinct and her tangible desire for kids. Stay tuned!

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Live From The Front: Coco Reports On Hurricane Sandy

For more on Hurricane Sandy, let’s throw it over to veteran weather correspondant Coco! The lovely Mrs. Ice-T reported on the historic super storm live from the balcony of her Edgewater, New Jersey apartment yesterday afternoon. The 33-year-old model took to social media yesterday to admit being quite the meterology enthusiast. “I’m obsessed with Hurricane Sandy..” she posted to twitter. “I just LOVE weather! The eye of the storm is coming straight towards me!! So exciting! Am I insane? I’m ready.” Yes, she really loves high speed wind. Like, more than a friend. “I get turned on by extreme weather,” she continued. Hmmm…

So it’s no surprise that Coco couldn’t resist the opportunity to do her own embedded reporting, complete with standard uniform of pink velour track suit and a seriously low cut black tank top. Only Coco could turn a natural disaster into a wet t-shirt contest! “The wind is crazy. The wind is pushing drops in your eyes. I am soaked. It is bizarre,” she screamed as the storm blew her around the deck. “It’s cool but scary at the same time.” After a while, she kind of looked like one of those women on the front of pirate ships. She posted the results to YouTube once safely back inside, apologizing for the poor sound quality due to the wind. We have a funny feeling that people are ok with that.

Coco was truly our definitive storm tracker, posting such evocative tweets as: “In total blackness. No power, streets r flooded. Its kinda creepy. I feel like I’m n Walking Dead show waiting on zombies 2 come out any minute.” Terrifyingly, that was the last thing she tweeted. Coco…Coco, are you out there!? Did the zombies get you!? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear back from her.


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Emma Watson For Prime Minister! Perks Co-Star And Director Launch Her Campaign

We here at VH1 are maybe getting a little election weary, so we decided to spice things up a bit in the last stretch before November 6. Our own Kate Spencer started asking stars at last week’s Hollywood Awards to nominate each other for office, and we absolutely love the response she got from The Perks of Being a Wallflower writer/director Stephen Chbosky and star Ezra Miller.

“You know, believe it or not, Emma Watson,” Chbosky said, nominating another of his Perks stars.

“Emma Watson is such a good choice!” Miller agreed. “I think she would be a brilliant diplomat or something. She’s an incredibly brilliant communicator, incredibly compassionate, too.”

“This is not red carpet stuff,” Chbosky assured us.

“Man, but she couldn’t be president ’cause she wasn’t born here,” Miller noted. But Chbosky reasoned, “Prime minister! There are other countries.”
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Kerry Washington Is Serious About Supporting Obama, But Would She Ever Run Herself?

Maybe we’re giving most of our attention to the celebrities using humor to promote their candidate of choice, like Lena Dunham and Joss Whedon. And the ones whose political opinions we’re not sure we ever really wanted (ahem, Stacey Dash). We’ve been neglecting the stars who are taking this election very seriously. Kerry Washington, for instance, who gets serious about the ins and outs of D.C. every week on Scandal, and then spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Last week, she wrote an essay for the Daily Beast about why she’s voting for Obama, the same day she also chatted with our own Kate Spencer on the red carpet of the Hollywood Awards.

“In general, I’m very moved by the political process. I feel like we’re very blessed to be living in a country [like this],” she told us. “That’s part of why I’m so involved. But this president, in particular — I think it’s pretty extraordinary that we have a president who really cares about all Americans and not just a special few or a special interest. Not just the wealthy. He’s really invested in all Americans. Men, women, students, workers, everybody, black, white, Latin. It’s an exciting time for us to support him the way he’s been supporting us for the past four years.”

So, would Washington channel all that passion into a political career of her own someday?
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Rihanna Goes Public With Chris Brown At Qubeey Party, Considers Getting A Boob Job For Him

Rihanna and Chris Brown get close at a club in LA

Here comes a big score for Team Breezy. Rihanna and Chris Brown took their romance public on Saturday night as they attended the Beverly Hills launch party of Brown’s new fan website Qubeey. The two were caught getting cozy in a booth at the Playhouse nightclub, and this time it’s on camera!

According to witnesses, Chris was quite the Prince Charming during his private time with Riri. “He made her feel like a princess just by the little things he was doing,” one guest told Hollywood Life. ” He opened doors, pulled out her chair, you know, being charming Chris. He was being a gentleman and it was cute. They had a few kisses and some drinks…” Although they seemed very affectionate towards each other, Rihanna didn’t want their controversial reunion to steal headlines and tried to downplay her presence. “She loves him and anything she can do to support him she will. She wants to be by his side and show up for him and last night she did.”

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The Pitch Perfect Cast Reveals The Song They Hated Singing Most In The Film

It’s one of the best song of the ’90s, but when you have to sing it over and over again, Ace of Base‘s “The Sign” gets old realllll quick. This according to the ladies of Pitch Perfect, who had to sing it constantly as part of the Bellas’ routine in the movie’s a cappella competition. Adorably, a few of the stars are still into the song, but most of them Never.Want.To.Hear.It.Again.

“There are two different scenes that we sing those songs,” Anna Kendrick told VH1 Celebrity. “So the second time we had to shoot that sequence of songs for a couple days in a row, when we had already done it for a couple days in a row, I really wanted to pull my eyes out.”

Brittany Snow, on the other hand, said “Eternal Flame” was her least favorite song. “I’m still all right with I saw the sign,” she said.

“You’re a sick puppy,” Anna replied.

“I know. I liked it.”

After you go see Pitch Perfect, come back and tell us which songs it got stuck in your head forEVER.

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Which Pitch Perfect Star Got “All Aguilera”? Anna Kendrick And Brittany Snow Tell All!

Make no mistake, the appeal of Pitch Perfect is mostly in its funny moments — Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Adam Devine and others had us clutching our sides — but what makes it a great movie, rather than a collection of jokes, is the fact that the actors playing these college a cappella singers are actually really talented. When VH1 News’ Kate Spencer sat down with Anna Kendrick, who got her start as a kid on Broadway, and Brittany Snow, whose part in Hairspray showed off her singing gift too, she asked if they were nervous to sing for each other when shooting began.

“We bonded really quickly so I think that we weren’t nervous,” Snow said. “I think its just a nerve-wracking thing to sing in a movie in general.”

Kendrick admitted to feeling some pressure, though. “I remember being nervous to get my harmonies right,” she said. “I didn’t want to be the one who was like, ”Uh, Anna’s screwing us up again, thanks!’ … ‘Cause if my note’s wrong, your note’s gonna sound wrong. … Everybody has to be on it, and you have to be that piece of the puzzle, so I definitely felt pressure to learn my music. It wasn’t like we were getting all Aguliera on each other.
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Bar Refaeli Makes A Kickstarter To Fund Her Sex Tape…But It’s Just For Funny Or Die

The website Kickstarter has helped people from all over the world fund raise for their passion projects, and now international supermodel Bar Refaeli is getting in on the action. And we do mean “action.” This year’s #1 woman on Maxim’s Hot 100 List is apparently aching to make a sex tape, and through the magic of the Internet and the kindness of strangers, she’s determined to make that dream a reality. Just check out the video above!

OK, so the whole thing is actually joke video posted by the folks at Funny Or Die. But it is pretty priceless. And elaborate! They even set up a fake Kickstarter page for the project, which seems to be pretty successful so far: Bar has raised to over $159 million fake dollars. Nice job, everyone! As if the though the promise of a supermodel sex tape isn’t enough to get you to dip into your pocket, there are some pretty nifty perks if you donate. According to the site, $200 gets you a backstage pass to the set where Bar plans to have sex. “If you have time, obviously,” it says. And if you pony up $1,000, you get something extra special. “I’d put you in the running to be the lucky guy. Or girl.” Interesting…Check out the hilarious video above! It’s so funny that it almost makes up for the fact that it’s fake.