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Quvenzhane Wallis: 7 Reasons To Love The Youngest Best Actress Oscar Nominee

Quvenzhale Wallis is the youngest nominee for a Best Actress Oscar

“In a million years, when kids go to school, they gonna know: Once there was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her daddy in the Bathtub,” Quvenzhane Wallis says at the beginning of Beasts at the Southern Wild. And now, we hope kids a million years from now will also know that once there was a Quvenzhane Wallis, and at 9 years old, she was the youngest person to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination. If you’ve seen her breathtaking performance as the fierce young girl living in the untamed swamps of Louisiana, you probably aren’t surprised by her nomination. That’s not the only reason to love her, though. Here are seven more:

1. The girl knows how to accessorize. Especially with her signature animal purses:

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2. She’s not gonna compromise on that name for your sake. It’s pronounced Kwe-VAWN-zhan-ay, by the way. Her mother, Qulyndreia, told Deadline that the name is a combination of her own name, Quvenzhane’s father’s name, Venjie, and the Swahili word for fairy.
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Kanye West Planned To “Take Over The World” As A Baby, His Mom Said – Will Babye Follow?

By Melissa Smith

With news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bun in the oven, we can’t help but wonder just how powerful their offspring is going to be. Just take the case of Blue Ivy, who reached number 7 on our list of celebs who dominated 2012 … just by being born! When it comes to Kimye’s spawn, the baby might actually be genetically primed for world domination, at least if he/she is anything like Kanye’s mom says he was as an infant.

Before Donda West tragically passed away in 2007, she sat down with VH1 News to talk about raising her son. Apparently there were very early signs of his powerful personality — even indications he’d like to rule the planet!

“I never saw that blank stare in Kanye’s eyes,” she told us. “Some babies come here, and it takes them a little bit longer to focus. It just seems like he came here knowing something, maybe something that I didn’t even know. … I looked into his eyes, and he had those two fingers in his mouth, and it just seemed like he was saying, ‘OK, I’m a few months old now; let me plan how I’m going to take over the world.’ ”
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Kat Graham’s Diva Move: Two White See-Through Gowns In One Night – Which Is Your Fave?

We’ve made no secret of the fact that Vampire Diaries witch and pop star Kat Graham is one of our favorite triple threats on the scene. And though she was only at the VH1 DIVAS concert to present Metric, she pulled at least one diva move — changing her outfit between the purple carpet and the stage. She showed off her first gown, by Alpana Neeraj, to VH1’s guest correspondent Jackie Christie — and the two shared a cute moment over their side-swept hairstyles in the video above.
Kat Graham on the purple carpet

But we haven’t yet heard who designed the second one, which was sheer on the bottom instead of the top, showing off her gams the way the good witch Bonnie never gets to do.
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Taylor Swift’s Perfect Birthday Gift? “Harry!” Says One Direction’s Liam

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! I hope you don’t mind that our presents get to you a little late. We’ve been having a hard time coming up with what to get the girl who has everything. That’s why we asked some of the guys performing with you at the Jingle Ball last week. They gave us some great ideas!

“Harry!” suggested Harry StylesOne Direction bandmate Liam Payne. But it looks like you’ve already got that one. Here you are, earlier today celebrating your 23rd bday with Harry in the Lake District of England:

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles feed birds in the Lake District of England

How about a Golden Globe nomination? Oh, you’ve got that too, thanks to your collaboration with the Civil Wars on “Safe & Sound” for The Hunger Games. Read more…

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Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Next Big Thing? Keira Knightley And Joe Wright Weigh In

Maybe you know Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the guy who got his ass kicked, and then saved, by Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass. Maybe you know him as the guy who got engaged to his 23-years-older Nowhere Boy director Sam Taylor back when he was just 19, and now has two daughters with her. Or you could not know him at all. Yet. We’ve been keeping our eye on him lately, as he seduced us into sitting through all of the otherwise awful Savages and then as he seduced Keira Knightley into abandoning her son and society for his Count Vronsky in Anna Karenina (out today). And we think that those bedroom eyes and luscious locks will be gracing our screens a whole lot more often. When VH1 got to speak to Knightley and their AK director Joe Wright, we asked what’s so seductive about the 22-year-old Brit, and where they think he’ll go next.

“He’s a good mate, so no, I don’t think I could find anything seductive [about him],” Knightley laughed. “He’s a really lovely guy, got amazing hair. He’s wearing a wig in this film, but he actually has amazing hair. Very curly and brown. I’m quite jealous of his hair.”

She’s a fan of his acting, too, of course, but had more to say about Aaron as a family man. “He’s very funny in real life, a real sweethearts,” she said. “He is one of the best dad I’ve ever seen. He is so great with his girls.”

Wright offered this assessment of his young star’s career: “I think Aaron can do whatever he sets his mind to,” he told us. “At the moment he’s being an extraordinarily wonderful husband and father. I don’t know what he’s going to do next. It will be exciting to see.”

At the moment, Taylor-Johnson is shooting Kick-Ass 2, but we’re crossing our fingers for even more from him in the future. In the meantime, enjoy a look back at his beauty in film and on the red carpet.

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Jackson Rathbone Really Hopes No One Spoils The Breaking Dawn Ending For You

At this hour, only one member of the VH1 Celebrity team, Kate Spencer of course, has seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and she has dutifully avoided spoiling that big old surprise twist at the end for the rest of us. Except when I was watching her interviews, she couldn’t help alluding to a few spoilery things while talking to some of the Cullens. I tried to hold my ears and sing over that part, but it made transcribing a little difficult. And during Monday night’s big premiere live stream, it seemed to me like the Yahoo! reporters were hinting a little too hard at what goes down. If I’m nervous about the big surprise getting leaked, I can’t imaging what it’s been like for the cast, who’ve managed to hold their tongues about it for almost two years now.

“It just terrifies me that one report might ruin it for someone out there!” Jackson Rathbone told us. But here’s what he could say to tease the mood of this ending, which is something of a departure from the book: “What [director Bill Condon] really brought to this final film is a romantic aspect of just looking back. It really speaks [to me] as an actor … it really kind of brought a lot of fond memories.”
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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Prep: Watch Every Time Edward And Bella Have Looked At Each Other In The Twilight Saga

The moment has finally arrived, Twi-hards. We are armed with boxes of tissues to take with us to the theater tonight for probably the first of many viewings of Breaking Dawn – Part 2. But despite all our preparation, and our vows to move on to new obsessions, we’re not entirely ready to say goodbye to Twilight. And we’re pretty sure you aren’t either. Which is why we’re so happy to have found the above supercut of Edward and Bella giving each other all those looks, from Twilight through BD1. From that first awkward sniff in biology and that one time in Volterra, to their honeymoon and that gruesome childbirth scene, there are so many ways these two can look at each other and send shivers down our spines.

We think you’ll agree, it’s the perfect thing to watch when you need just a little fix of epic romance to tide you through the day. And much less expensive than tattooing quotes on your arm, too.

By the way, if you love supercuts, head over to our sister sites:’s got a very silly one of Robert Pattinson staring, while MTV’s “Save Bella” video had us in stitches.

The romantic Twilight supercut ever made.

[Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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Why Does Keira Knightley Keep Getting Sent Back In Time?

You may have missed this amid all the Breaking Dawn noise, but there is another beautiful book adaptation hitting theaters this weekend that we’re very excited about — maybe you can make it a double feature? Anna Karenina marks the third collaboration between Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright, after their acclaimed work together in Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. It’s also about the thousandth time a director has chosen to cast Keira in a movie set in another time/far-off place, usually in the past, with the exception of Star Wars: Episode I. Early in her career, she appeared in TV adaptations of Oliver Twist and Doctor Zhivago. More recently, she’s worn all sorts of corsets and headpieces for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, A Dangerous Method and The Duchess. After looking through this collection of work, we turned to Wright to explain what it is about Keira that makes people love to send her into the time machine.

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“She has a kind of otherworldly beauty,” he told VH1. “It doesn’t feel like such a face could really exist walking down the street. And the way I see period movies is more like fantasies. Setting it in a time other than our own allows me to create all kinds of images and scenarios that might not be so believable if they were tethered to the contemporary world we have outside of our windows.
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Jackson Rathbone And His Cowboy Boots: A Breaking Dawn Love Story

We need help, Jackson Rathbone fans of the world. When Jackson and Nikki Reed sat down with VH1’s Kate Spencer to talk Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Nikki quite entertainingly teased her vampire brother about the fact that she was totally thrown off by him not wearing cowboy boots that day.

“I’ve been staring at your feet all day thinking, ‘What’s different about you?’ ” she said, just as the cameras began rolling.

“It’s the shoes,” he admitted.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” she continued.

“Don’t. Let’s not call it out.”

“I mean, you don’t understand … Jackson goes to the gym in cowboy boots,” Nikki explained. “Jackson does everything in cowboy boots. Jackson showers in his cowboy boots.”

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“Those are specific showering cowboy boots!” he protested.

But here’s where we need your help: Through that whole exchange none of the cameras in the room panned over to the non-cowboy boots in question! So frustrating! So, Team Jasper, if you guys have seen any photos of Jackson’s feet on the BD2 press day (November 1), send it our way. We’re dying to know what he was wearing. Were they these lace-up shoes that he wore to Ellen?

Jackson Rathbone without his signature cowboy boots

To be fair, we’ve combed through photos of Jackson and found plenty of instances in which he’s not wearing his favorite type of footwear. But we’d say on two out of three occasions, he’s in some kind of boots. Check out the evidence in the gallery above.

[Photo:’s Twitter, Getty Images]

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Taylor Lautner Understands Why You Might Still Be Asking About This Whole Imprinting Thing

Even the most loyal of Twi-hards remembers probably did a double take when they read about Jacob’s packmate Quil imprinting on a 2-year-old. And then we squirmed even more when it hit closer to home and Jacob seemed to forget his romantic love for Bella in favor of an attachment to her newborn baby, Renesmee. We can’t imagine what it was like for Taylor Lautner. Only so much of the werewolf phenomenon can be taken care of by montages. In the end, he feels like he grasped the concept enough to convey his protective, non-icky attachment to the rapidly growing vampire-human girl.

“They did such a good job with that relationship, and it’s such a big part of the movie, and I had to fully understand it,” Taylor told VH1’s Kate Spencer. “It was helpful because we had Stephenie Meyer on set for that movie. I think it comes across great. I think Jacob fans will be happy with that relationship onscreen.”

But really, is Taylor tired of people asking about imprinting — and of co-stars (*cough* Robert Pattinson) teasing him about it?
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