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Lady Gaga Poses As Jo Calderone For Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson have teamed up before, and their latest collaboration features Lady Gaga’s drag persona Jo Calderone, who smoke and sauntered through Sunday’s VMAs. Especially with Terry’s glasses on, we begrudgingly admit that we’d hit on Calderone if we saw him in a bar. In all honestly, we probably already have.

If these pics are gender bending enough for you, according to Us Weekly, Lady Gaga’s VMAs outfit not only came equipped with stubble, a Brooks Brothers suit and a menacing leer; it also had a prosthetic penis hidden in her Armani’s Men’s underwear. Did it matter that no one on the planet knew it was there except for Lady Gaga? What do you think? Frankly, we love the new look, but we do have one teeny tiny complaint: you’ll go through the trouble to cram a fake wiener in your pants, Gaga, but then you’ll shave your armpits? Seriously, what drag kings have you been taking tips from?

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

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VMA Host Chelsea Handler Plans “Kanye & Taylor, Round 2: Revenge Is Sweet”


Chelsea Handler has big plans for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Plans that may or may not cap off the VMAs with Kanye West and Taylor Swift locked in a grudge match to the death. Handler, the recently announced host of the 2010 VMAs, hopes the two music super stars will be agree to appear within 20 feet of one another for a potential bit, explaining “I’d like to get them together. We’ve never really seen them together since then. They were supposed to be together on SNL, but then that didn’t end up happening. We’ll try to think of something clever to do with them, because that would be really fun”.

We cannot fully express what a great idea this is. In case you’ve been living in a cave your whole life (which, if you have been: Hi! Congrats on getting out of that cave, and good job figuring out how to turn on a computer and read the FabLife. You’re already making good above-ground choices), you’ll remember the epic drama that began when Kanye launched himself onstage at the 2009 VMAs and yanked the mic out of Taylor’s hand during her Best Female Video acceptance speech. Kanye then shouted that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was “one of the greatest videos of all time”. Which, to be fair to him, it was. Luckily for us, if Kanye’s Twitter is any indication he is more of a diva than ever. We also heard that Taylor has been doing stiff-leg deadlifts to bulk up for the event, as well as investing in a carton of fake microphones to deploy as needed.

In addition to helping our revenge fantasies come true, the possible reunion has the added benefit of  making us incredibly excited to see Handler as the host. We will admit, at first we may have looked at the choice of Handler as VMA host and said, “Wha?” or “Huh?” or “Oh, I hope she brings that little person! What’s his name? Chuy?”. And, while we do very much hope Handler brings Chuy, we can now also look forward to all the insane celebrity interactions that she will  make a reality. With any luck, Lady Gaga won’t be the only singer bleeding out of his or her stomach this year!  [Photo: Getty Images]