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Diddy Flips Out At Club Dude For Drinking Non-Diddy Endosed Vodka

Diddy apparently has strong feelings about vodka, as one club go-er learned the hard way over the weekend. The incident began last Saturday night after the 2011 BET Hip-hop Awards in Atlanta. Diddy and his entourage rolled over to the nearby Compound club after the show, where a reveler named Ricky Parker was apparently drinking Grey Goose vodka. Whether he was doing this to intentionally piss Diddy off remains to be seen, but the rapper/Circoc Vodka spokesman definitely wasn’t happy. We’re sure he meant to express his displeasure at Ricky’s beverage choice in a sane, calm, and rational manner, befitting a man of Diddy’s stature. However, it came out of his mouth as: “B-tch ass n—s! Put that s–t down before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass!”

Things got even worse as Diddy reportedly threw ice at the man, then began screaming racial and homophobic slurs. Good thing fellow rapper T.I. was on hand to step in as the voice of reason. “Let them n—-s drink what the f–k they want man,” he begged his buddy Diddy over the club’s PA system. “I’d go to war with you, but come on man, let’s go.” T.I.’s an experienced negotiator, having already talked down a suicidal jumper, so we’re glad he was around to calm Diddy down.

It took Diddy a few days of chilling out to realize his over reaction, but last night he took to his twitter account to apologize for how he acted. “I’m sorry for the ignorant way I repesented [SIC] myself,”  he typed. “I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better.” One dude who won’t be forgiving the rapper anytime soon is Ricky Parker, who tells TMZ that he feels “humiliated and disrespected” by Diddy. “You won’t ever hear me support him from this moment forward.” Maybe Diddy should buy him a drink? Check out the vid of the incident under the jump!

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