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Taylor Swift Reveals “Crash-And-Burn Heartbreak” In Vogue

Taylor Swift’s musical oeuvre would look a lot different if she just found some nice boy to settle down with. Luckily she hasn’t, and it’s the rest of us who are reaping all the benefits! “There’s just been this earth-shattering, not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak,” the “Mine” singer admits in the latest issue of Vogue, “and that will turn out to be what the next album is about. The only way that I can feel better about myself — pull myself out of that awful pain of losing someone — is writing songs about it to get some sort of clarity.” Awwwww. Here, let these millions of dollars and thousands of screaming fans soothe your troubled soul, Taylor.

Back in 2010, there were plenty of rumors swirling about the male inspiration for Swift’s Speak Now album. While “Dear John” was allegedly about her relationship with John Mayer, “Back to December” was rumored to be about her ex Taylor Lautner. Seeing as how Swift allegedly canoodled with Jake Gyllenhaal, Garrett Hedlund and Chord Overstreet in the past year, which devastatingly handsome man do you think broke Taylor Swift’s heart this time … only to have her turn it into artistic greatness?

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Meryl Streep Is The Oldest Woman To Cover Vogue At 62

Ugh, we hate to focus on a woman’s age because it ain’t nothing but a number, you know? But we’re still pretty psyched to see the doors of fashion slowly creaking open for ladies queens who deserve some serious cover time on prestigious fashion rags like Vogue. After all, their editors and art directors are often over 50 – so why not their cover girls cover women?

Enter Meryl Streep, who is the oldest woman to grace the cover at 62 – her first time!  She’s not just America’s greatest actress, as the mag declares, but America’s greatest person as well. Okay, so that just our opinion, sure – but how can you not love Meryl? She’s regal, confident, humble, classy, funny and talented. Remember when she kissed Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Critics’ Choice Awards? We do; it was glorious. Plus, as her Vogue cover story details, she drinks Chardonnay at 4 in the afternoon. Meryl, you complete us.

Streep next stars in Iron Lady, a biopic about Margaret Thatcher with a trailer that made us cry. It comes out in January.

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Florence Welch Ushers In The New Year At Vogue U.K.

We’ve always thought that Vogue U.K. was far ahead of the pack, and they’ve proved us right by putting our girl crush, the generally amazo Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, on their January 2012 cover. And the shot, by Mario Testino, has her looking like herself (or as much as a Vogue cover could allow) in a pleated silk Chloe gown. By that we mean, they haven’t styled the f— out of Flo, and she looks as statuesque as ever. Of the experience, she told the magazine, “It was really fun. It was quite energetic, ’cause I had to do lots of … We were kind of going for an Isadora Duncan meets Patti Smith thing and so it involved a lot of jumping … and wind! That’s kind of good for me ’cause it keeps your energy going so I got to just run around a lot.”

There’s also a shoot inside the magazine, and they’ve stuck to a whole bohemian-hippie chic vibe. It’s all radically different from the October 2011 cover she did for Vogue Nippon, which was shot and styled by Karl Lagerfeld and was a lot stronger and more androgynous. Click after the jump to check out that photograph and tell us which cover you prefer. Read more…

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Is That Kate Moss … Or Ziggy Stardust?

Vogue France has gone completely retro with the December-January cover. That’s Kate Moss totally channeling Ziggy Stardust, and she’s spot on, especially when you compare her with David Bowie as Ziggy. This isn’t the first time Kate’s — who is a hug fan of the singer’s — done a cover as Bowie. She was on the cover styled as Bowie’s Aladdin Sane in the May 2003 Vogue UK issue.

What do you think of French Vogue‘s cover? Do you think they’ve taken a step backwards with their homage, or is their vintage style actually fashion forward?

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Vogue Cover Girl Charlize Theron Talks Kristen Stewart And Snow White

The second we saw Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart in the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, we’ve been obsessing. We think the fact that they play mortal enemies onscreen, does not mean that they shouldn’t be BFF in real life. And by that we mean that in our heads, these two are besties. Charlize’s December Vogue cover interview is responsible for that. We’re not even going to get into how amazo she looks because it’s not like all of you aren’t aware that she’s a 5-foot, 10-inch knockout.

A fair amount of the interview deals with her new film, Young Adult, but then segues into her relationship with Kristen and what it was like working with her. “She just turned 21. She’s a child,” says Charlize. “When I think about myself at 21, I had just done The Devil’s Advocate, and Keanu [Reeves] had paparazzi following him and Al Pacino said this thing to me: ‘If I knew that my life would be under this kind of scrutiny, I would have never become an actor.’ And Kristen is just living this to the max and still has a sense of humor about it.”

The next part is what convinced us that these two are homies. Charlize summed Kristen up with, “There’s this really lovely quality about her that just doesn’t give a f—. A lot of people say they don’t, but then they go home and cry and pop a Xanax. Kristen actually doesn’t give a f—. That’s what’s so refreshing about her. I’m looking forward to killing her and taking her beauty. That’s what happens, right?” Yeah, we know. Soul mates.

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Charlize And Kristen Fierce Off In The Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

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Rihanna Goes Super Blonde For Vogue UK

Woah! Check out Rihanna on Vogue UK’s November cover! She’s so blonde, she’s almost platinum! It’s a wig, though, so it’s a one-time thing (unless she decides to give it more of a whirl). We’re loving how sculpted she looks in Armani Prive couture, but we’re still trying to get used to that hair! Very Marilyn Monroe, right? There’s also a sexy shot revealing those fabulous Ri-Ri legs to look forward to. We’re so going to get ths issue, but in the meantime, we’d like to know what you think about Rihanna‘s new ‘do.

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Michelle Williams Transforms Into Marilyn Monroe For Vogue Cover

Sorry Lindsay, but Michelle Williams’ Marilyn Monroe Vogue cover is all the modern Marilyn we need. Starring in the upcoming biopic My Week With Marilyn about the tumultuous filming of Monroe’s 1957 film The Prince and the Showgirl, Michelle looks eerily similar to the Some Like It Hot actress for the magazine’s cover. So much so that Megan Fox is currently sprinting to a tattoo parlor with a copy as we speak.

In addition to looking gorgeous as a platinum blond (which we already knew) and revealing how she had to wear padding to create the Seven Year Itch stars’ curves (Michelle pragmatically notes, “So at some point it became a question of, Do I want my face to look like Marilyn Monroe’s or my hips?”), Williams’s Vogue cover is also a reminder that the woman is nothing if not a consummate actor. “It felt like being reborn,” Williams tells her interviewer about playing the film icon. “It felt like breaking my body and remaking it in her image, learning how she walked and talked and held her head.” Feel free to start your Oscar nomination countdown clocks…now. Wait…okay, now.

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Nicki Minaj Makes Gumballs Glam At Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj looked like she stepped off the Candy Land game board when she showed up at the Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 fashion show in New York City this morning. With Fashion Week is in full swing, we knew Miss Minaj had to up her usual bizarro steez. But she definitely outdid herself in her Amazing Technicolor Gumball Coat, aka “The Coat Of Many Flavors”. OK, it’s not actually made of candy, but it’s still pretty awesome/insane. And she even had the guts to wear it next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour! Damn, that takes some serious gumballs. Luckily the prickly fashionista didn’t chew out Nicki’s gummy ensemble, but seemed to hit it off with the rapper. Check out the gallery below for more!

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Adele Scorches The Cover Of Vogue UK

Check out Adele‘s Vogue UK October cover! How smoldering does she look? She’s fully the sloe-eyed vixen in this shot!  It’s no secret that we love her here at the FABlife and could not be happier seeing this awesome woman taking on Vogue. We also love her interview inside because it sounds like vintage Adele — no holds barred!

The singer reveals her pre-show prep and it sounds pretty messy. “I puke quite a lot before going on stage“, she shares. “Though never actually on stage. But then, I sh—t myself before everything …The bigger the freak-out, the more I enjoy the show!”  That’s a pretty extreme case of nerves and not particularly healthy, so we hope she overcomes the stage fright.

We also like the fact that she takes the very dodgy question of diets head-on in a fashion magazine. It feels like she’s politely giving them a piece of her mind! Adele says, “I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I don’t want that in my life. I have [body] insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.” And you ask us why we adore this woman? Who wouldn’t?

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Kate Moss Does The Cover Of Vogue Right In McQueen

Please give a listen to a little Montell Jordan while viewing this amazing shot of Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue‘s September issue. Because this, my friends, is HOW YOU DO IT. Mario Testino shot the iconic British super-super-model, who perches delicately yet confidently in Alexander McQueen. Inside is a massive spread filled with pics from her bo-ho-y wedding to Jamie Hince, which included tee-pees, fifteen bridesmaids and one smiling Paul McCartney. Yep, exactly like our wedding.

See all the pics at Vogue.com.

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