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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Gordon Gekko was originally meant to be a villain. But when he told an audience in 1987’s Wall Street that “Greed is good,” a generation of aspiring hedge fund operators took his words to heart. In this long-awaited sequel, it turns out that writer-director Oliver Stone has finally fallen for the old reprobate himself. Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, emerges from jail a changed man—his greasy locks replaced by a more granola-like mane. One person who isn’t buying the reformed act is daughter Carey Mulligan, who blames dad for her drug addict brother’s death. Her boyfriend Shia LaBoeuf, however, starts getting hints from Gekko on how to bring down the evil financier who destroyed his mentor. Does a humbled trader, though, ever really change his suspenders? There’s lots of tut-tutting over the causes and fall-out of our current financial crisis, but Stone’s film is essentially a bull-market melodrama. That means good-looking folks—Josh Brolin and Susan Sarandon are in there as well—getting emotional in big, expensive-looking rooms—no more so than when Douglas delivers a speech that has eerie parallels with the actor’s real-life relationship to his late son. Like the original film, this second trip down Wall Street is a guilty pleasure with just a little moral chastisement.

Extras: Stone provides his usual erudite commentary and there are interviews with director and cast.

– By C. Bottomley

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Ghosts Of Divorce Past Comes Back To Haunt Michael Douglas


OMG! Michael Douglas‘s ex-wife Diandra Luker is Gordon Gekko! So they met in 1977 and divorced in 2000. And now one decade after the divorce, she’s filed a lawsuit against him because she’s gunning for half the money he made on his new film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Greed never sleeps too. Not one decade after. Not ever, as far as some people are concerned.

Diandra claims she’s entitled to Michael’s dough because her divorce pay-out allegedly states she’s supposed to get half of anything Douglas makes on his movies. And this includes spin-offs (the original Wall Street was made in 1987). So now she’s all ‘what’s yours-is-MINE-b*itch!’ Her lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, stood up for her client, telling  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, “It’s the same character, the same title, just years later.”

But Douglas’ attorney says no way, stating the film’s a sequel and not a spin-off, so ex-wifey should get bupkis. Okay Diandra – we’re all for paying your dues, but you got about $45 MILLION in your divorce settlement. Lay off and stop being such a mooch.

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Money Never Sleeps, And Neither Do Stars At Cannes


It feels like the Wall Street sequel has been like 25 years in the making…oh, wait, it has. But now the film that stars Shia LaBeouf as Gordon Gekko‘s greedy financial district protége is finally ready to premiere at Cannes, and there was an abundance of men in light-colored suits there to celebrate. We don’t often visit the south of France, so that look is probably the norm – one person who opted for a burst of color however was the film’s director, Oliver Stone, who appears to be slowly morphing into late 1970’s Marlon Brando. LaBeouf and his Money Never Sleeps co-star and girlfriend Carey Mulligan both looked stylin’ in the tropical heat though, as always Mulligan can do no wrong with her fashion choices.

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