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Nip Slips And Flapity Flaps: The Most Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2013

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The wardrobe malfunction is no stranger to the world of celebrity, and 2013 was no exception. With nipples and vaginas flying about willy nilly, you’d think these people didn’t have millions of dollars with which to adequately cover their private parts.

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Did Nicole Scherzinger Suffer A Nip-Flashing Wardrobe Malfunction? Maaaaaybe…

Nicole Scherzinger in a sheer dress at the National Television Awards in the U.K.

Ah, how we love the mornings when we find ourselves staring for an hour at a celebrity’s chest and playing “nipple/not nipple.” Today’s subject: Nicole Scherzinger, who wore quite the stunning black William Vintage Ossie Clark dress to the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night. Like many a black gown before hers, this one turned sheer in the glare of a million camera bulbs. And naturally, many of our fellow gossip sites are calling out “wardrobe malfunction!” But we’re feeling a little contrary. Mostly because we have boobs, and our nipples have no reflective quality the way Nicole’s appear to in this photo, and even in the one below, where the flash is a little dimmer.
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Pure Genius: JWoww Responds To “Vile” NYE Butt Photo With Extremely Flattering Butt Videos

JWoww posts butt video

We’re honestly surprised it took this long for a celeb to refute an unflattering wardrobe malfunction with yet another wardrobe malfunction. It feels right that it would be a Jersey Shore alum, doesn’t it? JWoww was apparently enraged by the less-than-flattering photo someone snagged of her behind during New Year’s Rocking Eve, and wanted to clarify that someone must have Photoshopped the pic. “My real booty lol make fun of mine not a fake one,” the Snooki & JWoww star tweeted along with two videos she posted to Keek, a site we’ve literally never heard of before. Is it a social media platform solely for butt videos? Oh, how we hope so!

“I know it’s not Victoria Secret but it’s mine and it took a lot of donuts and cheeseburgers to get this!,” JWoww declares while showing off her butt at great length and in great detail. While we don’t know if the original photo was Photoshopped or if it was just a bad angle combined with the reflection of a million sequins, JWoww’s videos definitively prove that she has a booty that would make Victoria Secret’s models weep. Hats off to you for silencing the pervs, Jenny! And hats off to you for ushering in a brand new area of celebrities showing off their butts twice. We hope!

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The Top 25 Most Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2012

Top 25 Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2012

Holidays or not, for those of us that work to rake the muck in the celebrity gossip world, wardrobe malfunctions are the gift that keep on giving. Next year, the Big Bang of wardrobe malfunctions, Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl event, turns nine-years-old, but the paparazzi show no signs of slowing down when it comes to catching celebrities with their pants down (sometimes quite literally).

2012 was a banner year for carelessness in the clothing department, one in which even genuinely classy celebs like Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson ended up showing off body parts only their significant others typically get to see. And, of course, not all celebs are unwilling participants in the Wardrobe Malfunction game; exhibitionist types like Coco, perpetual offender Lindsay Lohan, the chronically blazed Rihanna, and evil genius momager Kris Jenner all saw their profiles rise after strategically-timed slips. And don’t think we just picked on the ladies — we’ll #NEVERFORGET Kanye West‘s low-hanging drawers after a backseat romp with Kimmy K.

So whether these moments were intentional in nature or accidents, VH1 Celebrity’s gallery of the Top 25 Most Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2012 captures them all for your viewing pleasure.

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Wardrobe Malfunction Faceoff: LeAnn Rimes’ Nipslip Vs. Elizabeth Reaser’s Upskirt

LeAnn Rimes and Elizabeth Reaser suffer wardrobe malfunction

Do you remember that scene in Billy Madison where the kid wets his pants, so Adam Sandler sprays his crotch with water so it looks like he did too? You know, just so the little guy doesn’t have to suffer the embarrassment on his own? We think something similar is going on in the entertainment world sorority at the moment. That’s the only explanation we have for why Elizabeth Reaser and LeAnn Rimes both suffered wardrobe malfunctions last night: They wanted to make Anne Hathaway feel better about her “devastating” flesh flash at the Les Miserables premiere in New York on Monday! That’s really sweet, ladies.

Elizabeth fell victim to her super short lace mini-dress yesterday during a Breaking Dawn Part 2 news junket in Hong Kong. She revealed a little more than she bargained for as she sat down, but luckily she was able to readjust and laugh the incident off. Meanwhile, LeAnn had a problem “upstairs” when she wore a blazer and nothing else to the NOH8 Campaign 4th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles. Was it hot? Yes, but double-stick tape might have come in handy. Head to the gallery below and see what you think!

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Does Anne Hathaway Have The Wrong Idea About Wardrobe Malfunctions?

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My first reaction when I saw Anne Hathaway’s response yesterday to Matt Lauer’s question about her wardrobe malfunction was a, “Damn straight!” That’s because, as a feminist, I immediately love sentences like, “I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants.” But then I thought about it a little more.

Disclaimer: I’m not just deciding to disagree with Anne because I am a paid participant of said commodifying.
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Anne Hathaway Talks “Devastating” Wardrobe Malfunction With Friend, Recovers On Fallon

Anne Hathaway was overheard telling Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy all about her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, another diner was, er, kind enough to relay this info to the New York Daily News. “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” the Les Miz star said over lunch at the Four Seasons. “It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

Anne Hathaway recalls her devastating wardrobe malfunction
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Jennifer Lopez Suffers The Nip-Slip You’ve Been Waiting For Since The Oscars

Jennifer Lopez suffered a wardrobe malfunction in Italy

Remember during the Oscars this year, when people were searching on Jennifer Lopez’s nipple” almost as much as they were looking for Angelina Jolie’s leg? (You are forgiven if you forgot, February was a long time ago.) Back then, we determined that it was just wishful thinking and shadows that some saw. But now, their patience and eagle eyes have been rewarded at last: As you can see above, JLo suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage as she performed in Bologna, Italy.

According to E! Online, Lopez didn’t act the least bit embarrassed. She simply adjusted her skintight bodysuit (with the help of her backup dancers) and went on with the show. Also, it’s worth noting that all of Europe did not explode upon glimpsing said nipple — we’re pretty sure they just shrugged and laughed to themselves about what a big deal we’ll all make of it here in the U.S.

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Robert Pattinson’s Fly Was Down At TimesTalks, But He Stayed Zipped Up About Kristen Stewart

Psst. PSST! Hey. Hey Rob! Your fly’s down. Robert Pattinson has been making the rounds these past few days, going for a full media blitz in the wake of the Category 500 sh-tstorm surrounding his breakup with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. On the surface it’s merely to publicize his upcoming Cosmopolis film, but the romantic split is obviously on everyone’s mind. So far he’s hit up The Daily Show, GMA, and last night he attended TimesTalks alongside director David Cronenberg. With so many places to be and so many people to talk to, it’s no surprise that you get kind of fried and little things start to fall through the cracks. Like zipping your pants, for example.

But one thing he did stay zipped up about was the drama with Kristen. New York Times journalist David Carr broached the subject during the live interview, which was also broadcast online. Comparing Robsten to the English royal family, Carr asked “So if you and Kristen have trouble it’s like Charles and Di having trouble?” To be fair, Rob himself had brought up the subject of monarchy, blaming American’s addition to fame on its lack of a royal family. So Carr took the opportunity to swoop in with the K-Stew question, and reaction from the crowd was not kind. According to the Daily News, the room filled with boos and shouts of “Next question!” were heard. Rob seemed caught off guard and gave a lengthy pause before responding “Well, uh, Charles…No, I wouldn’t go that far.”

On the other side of the relationship ring, Kristen is apparently seething over her portrayal in the media. Sources tell TMZ that while the actress obviously feels intense guilt and remorse, she’s furious that Rupert Sanders isn’t facing anywhere near the scrutiny and criticism that she has dealt with in the past few weeks. With rumors of being kicked out of a Snow What And The Huntsman sequel, K-Stew is concerned about her reputation and feels that she’s being punished far to heavily for a mistake. Although she’s taken responsibility for her actions, friends say Kristen is angry that Rupert -who is 19-years older with a wife and children- isn’t being painted as a bigger villain. Friends like Jodie Foster have stepped up to show their support, but Kristen is reportedly (and rightfully) tired of taking the heat for a mistake that was caused by two people.

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Exposed Breast In Olympic Water Polo Match Stirs Controversy? Calm Down, America

Women's water polo swimsuit grab exposes breast

I didn’t even have to use my primitive Photoshop skills to blur out the above shot, so either this says something about American TV viewers’ propensity to be shocked, or about the media’s propensity to blow Olympic controversy out of proportion as we patiently wait for Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte to live up to all that “rivalry” hype. Anyway, the “controversy” is over the fact that yesterday’s women’s water polo match between the U.S. and Spain actually aired live on NBC, and so no one was able to edit out the barely visible flash of boob when American Kamie Craig snatched at a Spanish player’s suit. Maybe this is just the poor quality of video I have available to me at this point, but I can’t make out any detail whatsoever, and I’m pretty sure you’d have to pause-rewind-pause the DVR on purpose to get anything shock-worthy out of it. (BTW, the game ended in a 9-9 tie.)

Conspiracy theory: The outraged complaints NBC supposedly received after the boob-flash were actually from water polo supporters. Because now you just know all the teenage boys of the world will be tuning in for the next women’s matches tomorrow. U.S. plays China at 2:40 p.m. ET. Here’s the rest of the schedule.

[Photo: NBC]