Water Polo

by (@shalapitcher)

Exposed Breast In Olympic Water Polo Match Stirs Controversy? Calm Down, America

Women's water polo swimsuit grab exposes breast

I didn’t even have to use my primitive Photoshop skills to blur out the above shot, so either this says something about American TV viewers’ propensity to be shocked, or about the media’s propensity to blow Olympic controversy out of proportion as we patiently wait for Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte to live up to all that “rivalry” hype. Anyway, the “controversy” is over the fact that yesterday’s women’s water polo match between the U.S. and Spain actually aired live on NBC, and so no one was able to edit out the barely visible flash of boob when American Kamie Craig snatched at a Spanish player’s suit. Maybe this is just the poor quality of video I have available to me at this point, but I can’t make out any detail whatsoever, and I’m pretty sure you’d have to pause-rewind-pause the DVR on purpose to get anything shock-worthy out of it. (BTW, the game ended in a 9-9 tie.)

Conspiracy theory: The outraged complaints NBC supposedly received after the boob-flash were actually from water polo supporters. Because now you just know all the teenage boys of the world will be tuning in for the next women’s matches tomorrow. U.S. plays China at 2:40 p.m. ET. Here’s the rest of the schedule.

[Photo: NBC]