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by (@shalapitcher)

Was Quitting Twitter Paulina Gretzky’s Cleverest Move?

Taking a page out of the Miley Cyrus playbook, Paulina Gretzky is making more headlines this week because of quitting Twitter than she ever did while she was on it. Well, that is to say, she was making headlines on sites like Coed Magazine before quitting, thanks to her many sexy Twitpics. But now that the 22-year-old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky shut down this font of cleavage-tastic photos, she’s an even hotter commodity. We chalk this up to supply and demand.

While she’s not posting any more pics on Twitter, you can go to her official website (from 2009), and learn about her music career. Oh, look! Her song “Collecting Dust” was featured on Laguna Beach. And her much more innocent album cover makes her look like a Beverly Hills, 90210-era Jennie Garth. You can also go super old-school and visit her MySpace page for more of her music and photos. See how this worked? Now we are all aware of her work. Good move, Paulina. (We like this theory better than the one that Papa Wayne made her take it down ’cause it made him look bad.)

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