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Hunter Parrish, Where Are You?

Weeds fans can get a tiny Nancy Botwin fix in R.I.P.D., in which Mary-Louise Parker plays a foxy police chief of the afterlife. But whither her on-screen son, Hunter Parrish, who once taught us the true meaning of the word “cougar”? He was rumored to be up for Peeta in the Hunger Games — along with a dozen other popular roles we’ve fantasy cast since Weeds ended last year.

Parker seemed just as eager for Hunter to do big things as we are. She had just spoken to him two days before she sat down with VH1.
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20 Pictures Of Hunter Parrish Being Adorable And/Or Sexy (Because He Is Both)

Well internet*, you win. We didn’t really pay attention to Hunter Parrish until we caught wind of his massive fan base tweeting and Tumblring every naked picture imaginable of the guy. Rest assured, Weeds is now number one on our Netflix cue, thanks to the many, many screen shots we’ve seen of this dude doing dirty things to ladies (in character, of course). Hunter has was worked steadily for a while now, but hisĀ  popularity rose even further this year when he became the obvious fan favorite to play Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games. (Josh Hutcherson ended up landing he role, a topic that’s still sensitive for some fans to dwell on.)

The coolest thing about the guy is that he’s just a sweet, loveable Texas dude at heart, who seems to be taking the Hollywood thing in stride. He’s super playful on Twitter, and even tweeted a picture of bread during The Hunger Games casting drama — an obvious nod to Peeta, the baker’s son. (And if there’s every a remake of The Babysitter’s Club movie, he’d totally be the front-runner to play Logan Bruno, amirite ladies over 25?)

The thing with Hunter is that one minute he’s golden retriever cute with that big ol’ smile, and then all he has to do is frown and squint his eyes a bit and he’s suddenly rocking the best “f–k me” face known to mankind (okay, maybe he comes in second after Robert Pattinson, but still). Thank you internet, for dropping us off in Hunterland. We never want to leave. Here are 20 of Hunter’s Most Adorable And Sexy Pics just for you.

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