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Jessica Simpson’s Maybe Pregnancy Sort Of Works For New Weight Watchers Ad

Wow, Weight Watchers was so mad about Jessica Simpson (allegedly) getting pregnant again, that they drove her out to the desert and left her there to starve! J/K. The day after Celebuzz reported that JSimps confirmed baby #2 to guests at her dad’s holiday party, the weight-loss company posted the singer’s latest ad on Youtube. Despite all those rumors that WW was pissed that she got knocked up again while under contract with them to lose all her baby weight before our very eyes, it seems like they’re making the most out of Jessica’s situation.

“I didn’t need to be perfect to get here, to lose over 50 pounds on Weight Watchers,” she says as she’s shown driving to the desert in a pickup truck. “I’m only human. I love food, I love life.”

Even the fact that she’s slimmer, but not Hollywood/pop-star skinny works to her advantage here. It all looks like a very calculated effort to make WW not seem like a diet, and more like an easy choice for regular folks who wear flannel shirts and don’t necessarily realize you can get pregnant so soon after having a baby. Hey, they’re only human.

Jessica Simpson looks slimmed down in Weight Watchers ad

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Jessica Simpson Is Your Friendly, New, Super Famous Weight Watchers Spokesperson

Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Spokesperson

Jessica Simpson is on a roll! And by that we also mean that she’s bank-rollin’. Jessica and her adorable baby girl, Maxwell Drew, are on the cover of People magazine this week. The publication reportedly coughed up $800,000 for the precious first photos of her newborn daughter. But that’s just chump change when compared to what Weight Watchers is shelling out for her to become their latest spokesperson. They’re handing over $4 million! You heard correctly.

The news has been circulating for some time now but there were no confirmations till yesterday. Jessica announced the news on her Facebook page, saying, “It’s official, I’m joining Weight Watchers! The cool thing about the program is that it focuses on healthy habits for the long-term (and I can still indulge in my guilty pleasures every now and then too). I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me. You can join me too and we can share our experiences!” She also shared an update on Twitter, writing, “So excited to be a part of the WeightWatchers family!” According to sources, she’s pretty serious about getting back into fighting shape as well. One informant has revealed, “As soon as Jessica heals from the C-section, she is extremely determined to get back in the gym and work out. She wants to show the world and is excited to do it.” We have a feeling she’s going to get back into Daisy Dukes in no time!

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Jessica Simpson Might Get $4 Million To Lose That Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy was only announced a few weeks ago, and already the singer is planning how to shed that post-baby weight. Oh, and how to rake in millions upon millions of dollars doing it. Hey, if people are going to be talking about Jessica Simpson’s weight (which you know they will be), she might as well get that money, yes? Yes. According to Us Magazine, Jessica was allegedly in talks to become a Weight Watchers spokesperson prior to her baby time news. “But then she got pregnant,” their source says. “So this was the perfect compromise.” Like current spokesdiva Jennifer Hudson, Simpson would have a year to “lose a significant amount of weight” before raking in the dough. Wow, can you imagine how motivated we would be to hit the gym if someone danged $4 million in front of the treadmill? We’re not saying we would actually go either way. We’re just saying: wow.

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