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James Woods Says Kristen Stewart Is “One Of The Best,” Compares Her To Brando

Talk about the compliment to end all compliments. We spoke with uber-iconic, Academy Award-nominated actor James Woods at the Welcome to the Rileys screening and he gushed – GUSHED - about Kristen Stewart (photos).

The pair may be working together on the movie American Girl (he’s directing), and he could not say enough nice things about the actress. You know, like comparing her to Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro and calling her “one of the best of her generation, if not the best.”

No pressure or anything! Do you think Kristen Stewart is the best actress of her generation? The next DeNiro? Oscar-bound? Share your thoughts in the comments and check out pics from the screening below.

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Kristen Stewart: Producer?

Kristen Stewart (photos) is just 20 years old, but she clearly has a knack for picking varied, interesting and challenging projects to work on. Let’s review, shall we? High school rape survivor (Speak), terminally ill teenager trying to lose her virginity and experience love (The Cake Eaters), iconic rocker Joan Jett (The Runaways), an angst-filled teen prostitute (Welcome to the Rileys) and a clumsy vamp-lover (Twilight)… to name a few. Her obvious interest in exploring unique, character-based stories has left us wondering for a while: when is this woman gonna produce her first movie? WHEN, god damn it!?

Co-star (and, er, brother?) Robert Pattinson (photos) has been quietly producing some of his films recently, and we wanted to find out if and when Kristen was gonna do the same thing. Here’s what she told us Monday night at the Welcome to the Riley’s screening. “Sometimes you have ideas or you read a book or something and you go like, ‘I don’t want to give that away to somebody else, I’d really like to do that myself,'” says Kristen, “but the more you work with people you really respect and that are incredibly talented and smart the more you realize you should probably wait to do that. But eventually, definitely.”

Clip above! And be sure to check out Kristen talking to theFABlife about being a mom in Breaking Dawn and relating to her character Mallory from Welcome to the Rileys.

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Regis Philbin Gets Creepy With Kristen Stewart

Regis Philbin did his best creepy old man impression today while interviewing Kristen Stewart (photos) on Live with Regis & Kelly. He just couldn’t stop oogling at the actress and bringing up stripping. Sure, she plays a stripper in Welcome to the Rileys, but come on Reg! You’ve been around long enough not to be phased by six-inch heels and some fishnets. Kristen, naturally, takes it in stride and even jokes around with America’s favorite grandpa.

Clip above.

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Kristen Stewart Gets Thoughtful About Her Connection With Stripper Character

We talked to Kristen Stewart (photos) at the Welcome to the Rileys screening last night about her connection with her teen stripper/prostitute character Mallory. Her response, in the clip above, is a must-see. You’ll notice that she actually takes her time to process our question and work through her response. Director Jake Scott told us that she’s “all instinct” when it comes to acting, and we’d agree this is a quality that permeates other aspects of her life, including the thoughtful and sensitive way she deals with us nosy reporters and our prying questions.

While some celebs tend to answer red carpet questions by reciting memorized PR talking points, Kristen actually seems to think about her answers and puts a lot of care into how she responds. She is not a Hollywood robot, and for some reason people seem to find that a bit unnerving. We, on the other hand, find it majorly refreshing and we desperately hope it’s something that never changes as her career progresses. She’s fun and interesting to talk to and she looks great in red lipstick. Not a bad combo, right?

Check out the clip above and be sure to visit theFABlife tomorrow for one more exclusive clip from our conversation with Kristen. It’s a good one! And be sure to watch Kristen discuss playing a mom in Breaking Dawn – only on theFABlife!

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Kristen Stewart On Playing A Mom In Breaking Dawn: “I’m Gonna Look To The Books”

We interviewed Kristen Stewart (photos) last night at the Welcome to the Rileys press screening (also known as, the event to which Kristen Stewart wore a really hot dress) and we couldn’t resist sneaking one lil’ Breaking Dawn question into our chat. Because while much focus has been placed on the sex scenes between Edward and Bella (unf) and their sweet lil’ wedding, and Bella’s gruesome post-birth transformation into a vampire, no one’s asked Kristen about how she was going to tackle on of her toughest roles yet – playing a mother.

Was MamaStew offering her lessons in daughter-raising and wolf-dog rearing? Was Kristen baking loquat pies for the entire state of Louisiana? Did she need our help learning the ropes (we’re 8 months pregnant after all, we’d be happy to volunteer)? Nope! Girl’s got it under control. Kristen trusts the Twilight books to guide her, telling us, “Luckily it’s written very well, and from her [Bella’s] perspective once the kid comes. So there’s really no way to prepare for that, to be honest.”

Tell us about it, girlfriend! [Does imaginary secret mom-to-be high-five handshake with Kristen.] Her solution? “I’m gonna look to the books.”Makes sense, seeing as author Stephenie Meyer is a mom of three. Clip above; two more to come!

Got advice for Kristen on how to play a vampire mother? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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Kristen Stewart Goes From Glam To Grunge And Looks Great Both Ways


Only Kristen Stewart (photos) could go from wearing Valentino to shoving a green cap on her head and a flannel in her back pocket and look equally adorable in both outfits. The actress showed up at the Welcome to the Rileys screening in NYC last night in red lips and towering Brian Atwood heels, and she stunned up close. Yes, we Tyra-ed out and told her she looked “fierce” at the end of our interview, because, well, LOOK AT HER. Guys, she is the hottest.

But our favorite part about Kristen Stewart is that she has no qualms getting the hell out of her uncomfortable press-friendly outfits the second she steps off the red carpet. She hit up the after-party and a dinner at Nobu in the same outfit we saw her in earlier at the WTTR press junket. She’s just keepin’ it real, one knotted t-shirt at a time.

Oh – and those new sunglasses she’s wearing today leaving Regis and Kelly? She had them hanging off of her jeans in yesterday’s press conference. We like!

Photos from the Welcome to the Rileys screening, after-party and Kristen leaving Regis and Kelly today, below!

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Kristen Stewart Says “Anal” In New Clip, But We’re Too Busy Watching Her Act To Care

We’re seeing Welcome to the Rileys tomorrow and while we’re loving this clip of Kristen Stewart (photos) as Mallory, casually dropping words like “anal” and “p*ssy,” we’re genuinely curious and excited about what awaits us in the indie flick. Sure, some might find it shocking that the same girl who plays a virginal vamp-lover is rocking stripper heels and making jokes about nailing German Shepherds in this Jake Scott-directed flick, but die-hard KStew fans know the actress is all about pushing herself out of her comfort zone with every role she hooks under her belt.

WTTR looks no different, and  it might be Kristen’s riskiest part to date. What’s more, she shot it in the Fall of 2008, right after she spent months tripping over things as Bella Swan in Twilight. After seeing WTTR, Roger Ebert called Kristen “an important new actress,” while USA Today gushed, “For an actress like Stewart, it would be easy to play it safe. Knock out a romantic comedy or a Nicholas Sparks weepie while the vampire cash keeps rolling in from Twilight sequels. Instead, Stewart is challenging herself, and moviegoers, too.”

Our point? Kristen’s got chops. She can go from biting her lip in the biggest franchise movie in the world to convincingly portraying a somber teen stripper in an indie flick, all within a blink of her (to die for) eyes. She doesn’t take the easy road, instead she prefers the road less traveled by her limelight-loving peers. Say what you will about Twilight, her personal life, her refusal to flirt with the paparazzi like Paris Hilton – but don’t tell us this girl can’t act.

Welcome to the Rileys opens on October 29th; which is when you’ll find our full review of the movie here on theFABlife.

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10 Random Thoughts We Had While Watching The Welcome To The Rileys Trailer

Hey guys, Kate Spencer here. I cover the Kristen Stewart (photos) beat for TheFABlife and like all of you I eagerly sat down at my desk this morning to watch the new Welcome to the Rileys trailer and count how many times my pretend BFF KStew bit her lips (answer: 0!)*. The flick revolves around a couple – played by Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini - who lose a daughter and later take in a teenage stripper, played by Stew-pants. It looks a bit cliched and sappy, but I trust these actors to bring it and will definitely give it a watch, and not just because I’m a brainwashed Kristen loyalist and think she can do no wrong. Which she can’t.

I chronicled my emotional journey through the the 2 minute and 26 second trailer and have documented my varying reactions for you, dear, Stew-fans, below.

Let’s just say I ended up in tears. Don’t tell anyone. More importantly – what did you think? Would you camp out for 4 days for WTTR?

  • :10 – Melissa Leo doesn’t even have to talk and she’s f*cking amazing.
  • :16 – I’m still sad they killed Adriana on The Sopranos. Also James Gandolfini with a Southern accent = LOLs.
  • :35 – What do they use in movies to make fake pills?
  • :46 – Kristen’s old hair! I still love you! Come back to me!
  • :47 – Where can I get a meatball po’boy?
  • 1:02 – I bet Kristen took those bright yellow Keds home with her after shooting wrapped.
  • 1:34 – Wait a second, Kristen just half-bit her lip. Does that count?
  • 1:45 – The make-up artist should win an Oscar for making Kristen’s perfect skin look so nasty.
  • 1:52 – And…Kristen just made the most classic Stew face ever. Be still, fluttering heart of mine.
  • 2:17 – Oh crap, I’m crying! Why am I crying?!

* Lip-bite count updated to .5 after re-watching the trailer.

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