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Nicolas Cage Lashes Out At Son Weston’s Mother: “Get Some Help”

Weston Cage may have been hospitalized after attacking a trainer reportedly sent by father Nicolas Cage to find him, but as far as dad is in concerned, it’s the 20-year-old’s mother, former girlfriend Christina Fulton, who isn’t well. “I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help,” said Nic after learning his ex was seeking conservatorship of Weston. “Weston is a man. I have complete faith he will weather this well.” Weston himself said he wanted “no contact” with his mother, stating. “[I] will never undergo the torment she put me through ever again.” The actress blamed Nic for Weston’s emotional problems when talking the media last week.

Nic’s rebuke not so coincidentally came the same day he settled a lawsuit with Fulton, who sought $13 million from the megastar after he failed to provide the promised title to her and Weston’s home, removing Weston from the property when he turned 18 and evicting her. She also accused the elder Cage of emotional and physical abuse. The details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

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Weston Cage Bans Mom From Hospital, Father Nic Searched For Him Before Fight

Christina Fulton may blame Nicolas Cage for their son Weston’s meltdown, but the 20-year-old must not share the sentiment. TMZ says Weston won’t let his mother visit him in the hospital, claiming the pair (who hit red carpets together until about 2008) are estranged and that he’s furious Fulton talked to the media after his arrest.

Speaking of Weston’s arrest, it turns out he may have been upset about more than what his trainer would let him eat when he tried to roundhouse kick the man in LA last week. Kevin Villegas was reportedly sent by the elder Cage to find Weston after he went missing, and that Weston quickly grew violent once discovered. Nic told Kevin to call 911, which sparked the scuffle between the handled and his handler. Weston is reportedly considering pressing charges, though that would probably depend on whether he’s as mad at this father as he is at his mom.

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Weston Cage’s Mom Blames Dad Nic Cage For His Emotional Problems

If you thought being Nic Cage‘s son must be hard, Christina Fulton agrees with you. Weston Cage, her son with the famous actor, remains hospitalized after attacking his personal trainer at a restaurant yesterday, and Fulton is lashing out at Nic to the press. “My son is in trouble, he’s in the hospital right now and he’s under some really good care so that makes me very happy,” she said  “But I’m pretty pissed off because his father, um, he’s affected by his father and that’s why he’s in that hospital.” Nic was in the ambulance with his son at the scene, with Weston strapped to a gurney after police feared he was still unstable after the incident.

While Fulton hasn’t made any specific allegations yet, it won’t be hard for her to get sympathy, especially after Nic Cage’s arrest in New Orleans this April, following a series of bizarre public breakdowns culminating with Nic daring police to arrest him after he argued with his wife over which house they were staying in.  So far the elder Cage has yet to comment on yesterday’s drama.

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Nicholas Cage’s Son Taken To Hospital For Mental Evaluation After A Fight

Nicolas Cages‘s son, Weston Cage,  just got married less than two months ago. Shouldn’t every thing be stress-free and honeymoon like right now? Apparently not, because TMZ is reporting that an angry Weston was taken to hospital yesterday for a mental evaluation! He completely flew off the handle because his trainer told him not eat a particular item at The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood yesterday. We don’t know how the conversation went or whether there was some sort of nasty history between the two, because Weston got hopping mad and started pushing his personal trainer around. He went ballistic and some more people, including the trainer, tried to hold him down, but no one could stop him from raging.

Consequently, the police were called and warned him of a possible tasing if he didn’t stop. That worked! They then handcuffed him and then strapped him onto a gurney because he was that belligerent. So now, he’s at the hospital getting evaluated is allegedly in a 5150 psychiatric hold. Sources are saying that he had a massive argument with his wife, Nikki, that morning. That’s a possible reason, but they’re still going to test him to see it its more than that. Drugs or alcohol, perhaps? Whatever it is, we hope it’s not serious and can be treated.

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Nicolas Cage’s Son Says “I Do” On The High Seas

Well, not quite, but that had a nice ring to it. Rings were actually exchanged on a beautiful yacht in New Orleans when Nicolas Cage‘s son Weston Cage married Nikki Williams yesterday. It looks like such a pretty ceremony, and it’s nice to see the actor all cleaned up after his messy brush with the law last week. Cage was arrested for disturbing the peace and domestic abuse. The first charge is polite way for saying that he was completely hammered. Cage’s mugshot (blood-shot eyes closed) is the classic example of the moment when a monster hangover strikes.

But back to happier news: there were no arrests at the wedding. Congratulations, Cage family! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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