What’s Your Number?

by (@hallekiefer)

Anna Faris Is Terrible In Bed, Says Anna Faris

This is exactly why we’re going to love Anna Faris in her upcoming movie What’s Your Number?  What other gorgeous blond leading lady would promote her sexy new rom-com by talking about terrible she is at the art of lovemaking? Very, very few. “I’m not a very good lover,” Faris apparently told Marie Claire‘s Joanna Coles at a screening of the film this Tuesday. “I’m so nervous about my sexuality.” Now, are you going to get gold like that from a Katherine Heigl or a Reese Witherspoon? Not on your life.

To illustrate another way in which she is distinctly unlike the protagonist of her upcoming film, the House Bunny star makes it clear that she is nowhere near the 20 partner limit set forth in the movie’s plot. “I’m at five,” Faris, who is married to Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt, explained. “Don’t you think five is kind of low? I’m 34!” And she admits her actual age! This woman is so great, we’re going to give her a pass on Scream 3 and 4. Well…at least 4.


Anna Faris’ What’s Your Number? Trailer Full Of Funny Hunks

Anna Faris‘ romantic comedy What’s Your Number? doesn’t come out in America until this fall, but the international trailer—despite a visual quality that suggests it was found on a VHS tape from 1998—should definitely get you excited. Among the ex-boyfriends Anna hunts down to see if she missed “the one” are Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, Joel McHale, Anthony Mackie, Thomas Lennon, Martin Freeman and real-life husband Chris Pratt, with Chris Evans playing the helpful cad next door who probably winds up being Mr. Right.

Despite the predictability of the plot, Faris (who was an executive producer on the film) clearly holds her own against this formidable line-up of funny guys—we want to see more of when her fake English accent slips into “full Borat.” Plus Number, based the novel 20 Times A Lady and written by Seinfeld/Simpsons scribe Jennifer Crittenden and Scrubs writer Gabrielle Allen, looks way more enjoyably Apatow-ian than your usual movie about a woman afraid to face 30 on her own. Now you just have to wait until late September to see it!