When Harry Met Sally

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Happy New Year! Celebrate With The Best And Worst New Year’s Movies

It’s New Year’s Eve — time to get out the bubbly, steal a midnight kiss, watch the ball drop in Times Square, and hope the pressure doesn’t build too much to have the most epic night ever. Maybe instead you want to leave the partying to the amateurs and spend the night in with one of these great (and terrible) movies about what can be the best or worst night of the year. From all time classics like The Apartment to not so great movies like New Year’s Eve, here are five flicks to get you through to 2013.

When Harry Met Sally – It’s the rom-com that begot all rom-coms of our time, this Rob Reiner classic is filed with so many one liners and memorable moments, I find myself reenacting this scene every time I’m at Katz’s Deli in New York. But seriously, Mindy Kaling isn’t the only one who was fed on Nora Ephron films. Of course, the final New Year’s Eve scene is the climactic moment when Harry furiously runs through the abandoned streets of New York as “It Had to Be You” plays in the background has set the standard for every romantic scene in every movie we’ve seen since then.

The Poseidon Adventure – The classic action film starring a very young Gene Hackman follows the passengers of the SS Poseidon after their ship has been overturned from a massive tsunami. As the clock strikes midnight, guests are drinking, dancing and celebrating the New Year as usual. The next moment, their lives are literally turned upside down, as the guests try to find a way safely out of the capsized ship. Now that’s a way to start the new year!

200 Cigarettes – Even though this film takes place in 1981 in New York City, 200 Cigarettes could not seem more like a ’90s Gen X film. Courtney Love? Check. Janeane Garofalo? Check. Cynicism? Check. Kevin, played by the never-aging Paul Rudd, laments how New Year’s Eve creates “an obligation to enjoy oneself.” We have to admit, this is pretty true. As much as we are excited about 2013, there is always pressure to make the night of the most memorable event as possible. But if Paul Rudd were at our party, we would not be complaining.
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Nora Ephron Passes Away At The Age Of 71; We Remember Her Most Memorable Film Moments

Nora Ephron Died; Nora Ephron Best Movie Moments

According to the Washington Post, the prolific screenwriter, director and author Nora Ephron died of leukemia today at the age of 71, hours after her representative reported that the author was “gravely ill.”

Whether it was through her classic rom-coms like Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail, dramas like Silkwood or her essay collection I Feel Bad About My Neck, three-time Oscar-nominee Ephron almost certainly pulled at your heartstrings at some point in the past two decades. It’s just statistics. To commemorate her amazing heart and wite, we gathered a few of our favorite Ephron movie moments. You know you’re going to cry anyway, so just go ahead. We know we will be too.

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