White House Down

by (@hallekiefer)

Channing Tatum Dancing Excitedly On The White House Down Set Just As Cute As It Sounds

Did you already suspect that Channing Tatum acting nervous and doing a nerdy happy dance was even cuter than regular ol’ Channing Tatum? You did, didn’t you? You are so ahead of the game. Did you also realize that “Tatum Channing” is also a totally plausible name for him to have? Yeah, we just figured that out today. Wisdom comes to each of us in time, though you don’t have to wait another second before eye-learning about Tatum’s adorable celebration.  “Was that the first one? Am I done?” he gasps after nailing a scene on the set of the Roland Emmerich-directed action flick White House Down on the first take, thrusting his fists into the air and bouncing up and down. We’re going to go ahead and assume Channing then broke into some elaborate choreographed end zone dance after that, but they had to edit it out due to time constraints.

Entertainment Tonight did us all a huge favor by capturing Channing’s wriggling, as well as his uncharacteristic sweaty awkwardness. “If I have a couple bad movies, it all goes away,” Chan says of his career, admitting “I get nervous because I’m supposed to be nervous in the scene.” Wow, we find Chan even more charming now than ever. Though that vest…that vest probably doesn’t hurt.