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Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kat Graham And More: Which Celeb Inherited Lady Gaga’s Crazy Style Throne In 2012?

10 celebrities who inherited Lady Gaga's crazy fashion throne

For the past few Decembers we’ve looked forward to doing a round-up of singer/fashion lunatic Lady Gaga’s weirdest and wildest looks from that year. But as we started looking for 2012, we realized a scary fact: Mother Monster has kind of really toned it down lately. Eek! Sure there was some mighty sideboobs every now and then, But that was pretty much the best (or worst) of it. What were we to do!? Who is going to fill the void left by this  insane style void? Which celebrity is the rightful heir to Lady Gaga’s crazy fashion throne!? We’ve looked high and low for the rightful successor and came up with a pretty killer list of contenters, from singers like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna to the Vampire DiariesKat Graham.  Head down to the gallery below and see which celeb toppled Gags as the nuttiest fashionista (or fashionisto) of 2012. Enjoy!

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Has Rita Ora Reached Lady Gaga Levels Of Fashion Lunacy? Check Out Her 20 Craziest Outfits And See!

Rita Ora's 20 craziest outfits of all time

We can’t be sure, but it looks like Rita Ora is making a grab for Lady Gaga’s insane fashion throne! Mother Monster has been laying relatively low lately where the WTF styles are concerned, save for a few side boob flashes here and there. So who’s going to pick up the crazy clothes slack? Enter Rita, who has certainly been doing her part for fashion freedom over the past year. The “Hot Right Now” singer celebrated her 22nd birthday last night at a Big Sean gig in London before hitting the town. Her evening even featured a costume change from a massive charcoal fur coat into a sheer white onesie. The jury’s still out on which one is weirder.

The birthday girl also had another reason to party: she’s snagged her first movie role in the next installment of The Fast And The Furious! The part was reportedly ear-marked for Rihanna, who had to back out due to touring commitments. Hence the spot going to Rita, who has often been accused of jacking Riri’s steez…even by Rihanna herself! Or is it Gaga’s, with those bizarro outfits? Or maybe it’s Gwen Stefani with her peroxide blonde hair. Lay off, haters! She’s definitely her own unique brand of DGAF*-ery. Head on down to the gallery below to check out our 20 favorite examples of her fashion insanity. Enjoy!

*”Don’t Give A F—”

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Lady Gaga Side-Boobs All Over Her Fans In Buenos Aires

Lady Gaga greets fans in revealing shirt

Lady Gaga. Side boob. Those are the only words that we’re able to conjure up after looking at these pics. Let us shut our eyes for a moment and refresh. There we go. Mama Monster greeted fans in Buenos Aires looking like a living breathing American Apparel ad, complete with high waisted acid-washed jeans and absurdly revealing elastic day-glo top. But she managed to work it, as always! Gags has been working her way through South America while on tour, having recently left Rio de Janeiro where she got a new Brazilian themed tattoo. “Its amazing how small films i made became cult gems for you and even made there way to countries I’ve never been to,” she tweeted. “SA really is inspiring.” It’s definitely inspiring her to make some bold fashion choices! Or on second thought, maybe she had that all along. Get a closer look in the gallery below!

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Christina Milian, Why Is Your Dress Open — On Purpose?

Christina Milian Wears Sexy, Bra-Baring Dress

This is what Christina Milian wore to a birthday party at Mr. Chow’s for a birthday party. When you compare it to, say, Christina’s hottest outfits ever, or a list of her sexiest swimsuit looks, it doesn’t seem to be deviating from her normal course of action. Which goes without saying, is as sexy as she can go in public without getting arrested. Having said that, this photograph still makes us ponder over a couple of burning questions that came rushing up at us in no particular order.

1. What exactly was the theme of this party? Can it be discussed in polite society?

2. Why is her dress open?

3. That dress actually is super cute had her torso not been popping out.

4. Must have those shoes, as well.

5. Is her “bra” leather or spandex?

6. We’d like to have a chat with Christina’s stylist about not ripping her bodices open.

7. What’s in the suitcase?

8. Why is she carrying a suitcase?

9. Man, we wish we had her body.

10. Oooo, birthday! Wonder if they had cake? Want cake now!

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Heidi Klum Debuts This Year’s Epic Halloween Outfit, Take A Look At The Rest Of Her Crazy Costumes

Heidi Klum unveils her Halloween costume for 2012

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past decade, it’s that Heidi Klum is really into Halloween. Like, possibly to an unhealthy extent. And this comes from someone who’s just compiled a list of 75 different sexy Halloween costumes! So yeah, she’s pretty intense about it. The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s annual spooky bash gives her an excuse to go all out with the dress-up and make everyone else look like they threw a damn sheet over their heads and went as a ghost. In past years she and her then-husband Seal teamed up for some pretty epic couples costumes. They’ve gone as Eve and the Forbidden Fruit, the god Kali and a warrior, some kind of killer Transformers, and last year as a pair of gorillas! There’s no rhyme or reason to their choices, just that they’re Hollywood-level elaborate!

This year the  newly single Heidi is striking out on her own, and last night she unveiled her latest costume on Twitter. The golden girl of the modeling world is getting literal, glamming up as a sultry Cleopatra! “Cleopatra comes 2 life!” she wrote. “Bill Corso & Martin Izquierdo are amazing! Wait until #heidiklumhalloween night 2 c the final!” What, there’s more!? Today we officially dub Heidi Klum the winner of the planet-wide costume contest, and the winner of Halloween in general. In second place, is VH1’s own Halle Kiefer as Mama June.

Check out all of Heidi’s past costumes in the gallery below!

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Rihanna’s Butt Vs. Kim Kardashian’s Bra: Who Had The Weirdest Skin Flash This Weekend?

Rihanna’s been pretty good about wearing pants lately, considering the fact that she spent most of 2011 totally without them. But the pop star started to slip back into her old ways this weekend as she ventured out in a tiny skirt with peep holes around her upper thighs. Great for that pants-free feeling, but without breaking any indecent exposure laws! Riri and her entourage hit up LA’s Eden nightclub last night, while her infamous ex Chris Brown reportedly partied at The Sayers Club next door. Despite the proximity, the two apparently did not meet up at any point during the night on the town.

Kim Kardashian on the other hand was all business when she stepped out on Friday to a work-related meeting in New York City. Although you wouldn’t know it based on her outfit. Leather miniskirt and a weirdly Victorian see-through top showing off a lacy bra? To a business meeting?! Is this part of Kanye’s wardrobe makeover, or are the Kardashians launching a turn-of-the-century burlesque show? Whose attention seeking skin-flash do you think is the weirdest? Let us know in the poll!

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Missy Elliott Returns To Music With 2 New Singles! Celebrate With Her 30 Craziest Looks

The iconic rapper Missy Elliott is ready to make a triumphant return to music today following a four-year hiatus. It’s been way too long since “Shake Your Pom Pom,” and we’re counting down the minutes until 7 p.m., when she drops not just one, but two new singles! In honor of her comeback we’ve decided to give you a look into the influential rapper’s closet of Supa Dupa Fly looks. Whether it was wearing a big black latex balloon as jumpsuit or full-out Adidas outfit, Missy has always brought us some of the most outrageous clothing the entertainment world has ever known. Today we see the insane looks from Nicki Minaj, but let us never forget about Missy E’s flamboyant jumpsuits and out-of-control costumes. We’ll be reminded of how she can push the limits and “Work It” soon enough with the new album that’s on its way.

Missy has made a few appearances on songs in the past few years like on Demi Lovato’s “All Night Long,” Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (Remix),” and J. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect.” Let’s hope we get more looks to add to the Missy’s craziest looks repertoire with this new era of her solo career!

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Teen Choice Awards’ Worst-Dressed: We Hate To Include Darren Criss, Demi Lovato And More

Worst styles at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

The timing and mood of the Teen Choice Awards make the show a great place to see young Hollywood and music stars show off their relaxed, beachy best. Unfortunately, it seems like too many of these stars seem to think it’s a good time to give their stylists the day off and get a little TOO relaxed. A lot of the celebs you’ll see in the gallery below are not offensively dressed, necessarily. It’s just that we wish Selena Gomez, Nikki Reed, Darren Criss and the like would have taken bigger risks and had more fun with their outfits. Others, especially lesser known stars like Crystal Reed or frequent risk-takers like TCA co-hosts Kevin McHale and Demi Lovato, took their risks a little too far. We don’t want to punish you for trying, guys. It’s just that someone had to make this list.

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Kim Kardashian Spills Out Of Her Top … For A Whole Weekend

Kim Kardashian, Miami, Shows Off Bra, Swimsuit

We know that it’s pretty hard to kontain Kim Kardashian‘s kurves (sorry guys, we couldn’t help ourselves), but she really took it to the max this weekend. The photograph you see in the middle was tweeted by her — of course it was — less than a day ago, with the caption, “Good morning Miami.” Which translates into — Hello, Miami World … look at me look at me look at me! On another note, we really want those shoes. As far as swimsuit shots go, it’s pretty hot, but we’re wondering how you think it compares to that other untouched bikini shot she tweeted last week? They are both completely different vibes — one glamorous and one natural — but what side of Kim do you prefer?

The pictures on the left and the right were taken while the Kardashian babe accompanied boyfriend Kanye West to a music studio, in Miami still. Yeezy’s apparently recording with the Palestinian DJ Khaled on a music video. Now while those Christian Louboutin’s are intense and gorgeous, are they really daytime wear, Kim? A little too OTT, innit? But what really don’t understand is that outfit. Leather skirt with mesh panels? With a stringy tank-top that wouldn’t stay put and ended up flashing Kim’s mesh bra to the whole world. We don’t get it. But we do find it hilarious that the paparazzo is clearly hiding in the foliage around the studio to get these shots, because that definitely isn’t an artistic green filter in the shot on the left. Kim … it maybe time to actually cover up, girl. The mesh bra is too much, even for us. Miami really got a taste of the Kardashian-kleavage this weekend. We wonder how long it’ll take for them to recover.

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Rihanna Steps Out In A Totally Sheer Top Again, That Body’s All Her, Haterz!

Rihanna, pink sheer top in New York

The timing of this is hilarious. Yesterday, we posted how The Sun alleged that the Armani campaign with Rihanna actually had shots of a body double — an Irish model Jahnassa Aicken. RiRi made her feeling perfectly clear on Twitter yesterday, saying, “Who is Jahnassa,” among other things. The fact is, Rih’s body is banging and she really doesn’t need someone to pose as her body, torso or bum, because they’re pretty boss. It’s almost like the singer was making that point as she strolled around New York  yesterday. She also took a picture of her outfit and posted it on Twitter before she headed out. It was a pink bandeau top, a pleated skirt and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor high tops. In the sepia light of the photograph, the ensemble seemed innocent enough. But then she walked out and bam! The top looked like this — completely and totally NSFW sheer! The shot you see on the above right is her covering up as she noticed paparazzi around. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ri and Ri in public, if you know what we mean. Remember when she went to Da Silvano’s in that bizarre transparent black top? Point made, Rihanna. Jahnassa, who?

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