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WTF Fashion: Rihanna Rocks The Control Top

There are plenty of fashion trends out there that celebrities can rock but us normal folks would look ridiculous in. You’ve got your hair dresses, bird headpieces, and no pants, to name a few. But we have to draw the line at exposed control top pantyhose, seen here on Rihanna. RiRi is shooting a video with Drake for his single “What’s My Name?” in New York City and is wearing the fat-sucking pantyhose as a fashion statement. We spent years of our life trying to conceal our control-top, and now Rihanna, who doesn’t even need it, comes in and makes it a fashion statement? We can’t get behind this. What’s next, sock garters like our Grampy wore? Oh, good lord.

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Is Taylor Momsen Running Out Of Things To Wear?


Awww, look at young Taylor Momsen at the Roxy in L.A. We give her an A for effort. Especially for getting into the Halloween spirit early! Look out those hollowed out vampiric eyes. Consider those I-just-munched-on-some-tasty-human lips. She’s trying, folks!

The only reason why we haven’t upgraded the A to an A+ is… that outfit. It’s something we’ve seen a million times before, Tay-Tay. This is what you wore when you flashed your boobs in a New York concert. How is it any different from what you got on now, in L.A? Yes, it basically consists of a bra and boy shorts with some sort of skank-lace overlay…  but we feel that’s what you always have on regardless of what coast you’re skulking around on. Look, you’ve moved on from black crack-‘ho eyeshadow to a deep, diseased maroon. Now that’s progress. Let’s see a little more commitment in the wardrobe department!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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You Can’t Afford This Hotness


This scene has been brought to you by obscene amounts of money. Apparently the folks over at Victoria’s Secret had an extra $2 million lying around and decided to make this bra. Then they decided to make it even more desirable by putting it on Angel (literally and figuratively) Adriana Lima and sending her out in a classic Rolls Royce to cruise the streets of New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Excuse us while we cry into our lunch of ramen noodles.

According to People Magazine, the Bombshell Fantasy Bra is made from “glittering constellations of white diamonds, topaz and sapphires with bedazzled straps atop a blushy gauze push-up bra.” This geologist’s dream weighs in at an incredible 142 carats. But if you ask us, it still looks a little chintzy next to the $15 million Red Hot Fantasy Bra Gisele Bundchen rocked for Victoria’s Secret in 2005. Then again times are tough, and in this economy we’re lucky to have a multi-million dollar bra at all. So be grateful, people!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Will PETA Please Report To Mischa Barton’s Head


Oh no! Mischa Barton forgot to wear a hat to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic! How embarrassing. Luckily she was able to find something on the side of the road to stick on her head. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be dead. Oh my gosh, get it off, get it off, get it off! Somebody help her!

Okay, Mischa might not have a real live bird on her head. But can you blame us for thinking so? Her dark-feathered headpiece is an eyesore on what’s an otherwise fabulous flapper throwback. When a bird appears to be taking flight on your scalp, it tends to distract the eye no matter what you’re wearing. Next time she should just leave that hat in its cage.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lady Gaga Is Shaggy, Half-Naked And Oddly Fab


What was Lady Gaga thinking about while getting dressed to hang out at The Oak Room last night in New York? How does her mind work? We want to take a peek in her head, for reals. We’re guessing it’s  all one very airy stream of consciousness in there.

I wanna be naked. But it’s kinda cold outside. GLAM. Oh I know, shag. FABULOUS. I’ll get my assistant to raid carpets from an Austin Powers set. FIERCE. I could be Bigfoot. I could be Cousin It. They both got haircuts and turned hipster. AMAZ-O. I sparkle way more than those Twilight vampires. My body is the best. People will drink in the sight of my strips. Sideboob. Flank. Ribcage.  I AM GAGA.

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2010 VMAs: 9 White Carpet WTFS And Other Fashion Disasters


Now this is what the VMAs are really about: fashion trainwrecks trainwrecking around trying to out trainwreck each other. And while it absolutely pains us to include some of our favorites on this list – Rihanna, Robyn, former MTV VJ Kennedy (er, JK) – nothing compares to the suffering they caused our eyes tonight with their wardrobe WTFs.

Without further ado, here are the looks we hated (on stars we – sob – love). Are we being too evil with our fashion eye? Talk back to us in the comments. And yes, we’ll fully admit to being the worst-dressed nobody of the night – yoga pants, a giant purple t-shirt and our one accessory – a medium cup of Haagen Daz. Luckily our cat took paparazzi shots, so we’ll be happy to share. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Emmy Awards 2010: A Baker’s Dozen Of Fashion Disasters


Many of our choices for Worst Dressed at tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards will make us unpopular. Alas, a lovely personality does not always lend itself to the wisest red carpet styling.

Some of the evening’s most hideous frocks were draped on the stars we’d most like to grab coffee with – we’re looking at you Betty White, Christina Hendricks, and Mindy Kaling. While fashion risks were refreshing in a sea of mostly black, white, and navy gowns, January Jones and Anna Paquin looked more silly than chic. Here are tonight’s 13 worst offenses.

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Did we miss any fashion flubs? Let us know in the comments.


Ke$ha Eats A Smurf, Forgets To Wipe Mouth


Continuing her crusade to be the most obnoxious pop star in recent history, Ke$ha got “edgy” with her makeup last night at a Casio event, donning an unconventional (for a reason) shade of lipstick. After a less-than-sexy batch of “brooding” poses on the red carpet, the blue-lipped wonder took to the stage, where she promoted Casio’s Baby G line of watches via her trademark fur hat, body paint, crazy eyes, and equally-glittered dancers thrusting at her from behind. Tik tok, tik tok….are her 15 minutes up yet? [Photos: Getty Images]

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A Look Back At Lindsay Lohan’s Horrendous Finger Nails


We were so shocked by Lindsay Lohan’s manicured message at her court date that we decided to go back through our old pics -Da Vinci Code style- and see if there was anything else she was trying to tell us on her fingers. Sadly the trail went cold, but we did discover one thing: prior to her contempt of court, she showed a clear contempt of hygiene. At least where her chipped, gnawed and mangled nails were concerned. Although we guess it makes sense when you consider Lohan’s signature pose.

We know, it’s been a rough week for Lilo and we hate to kick her while she’s down. Plus we don’t want to trigger a “Leave Lindsay Alone” movement (anyone…? anyone…? Bueller?). So we’ll look on the bright side! Now that Lindsay is going to jail for 90 days, it’s the perfect time for her twin to restart her acting career! You know, the other girl in The Parent Trap? The sweet one, with the cute British accent! Wait, what? Really? That’s Lindsay too? You’ve gotta be kidding…We feel so betrayed.

We didn’t want to have to do this. But that’s what you get for playing with our hearts, Lindsay. Check out her passion for fugly nails in the gallery below.

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Kelis’ 20 Most Bizarre Looks


In light of Kelis‘s new single “4th of July (Fireworks)” dropping just in time for our favorite patriotic holiday, we’ve decided to showcase her most bizarre fashion choices that surely summoned a ton of “WTF are you thinking?” stares.

Her new song couldn’t be more appropriately titled; after her recent divorce with rapper Nas, why wouldn’t she name her first post-breakup single after Independence Day? If you think about it, Kelis’s outfits are actually a lot like fireworks: blindly colorful, extremely loud and potentially dangerous to the eyes of many.

If you gain anything from this collection of crazy, maybe it’ll inspire you to skip wearing the usual boring white linen pants and spaghetti strap tops to this weekend’s 4th of July BBQs and actually be daring for once! Why not wear a bright pink Avatar-inspired leather jumpsuit, a neon mushroom shaped hat, or  a tie-dyed cat suit?  If you do, your milkshake will be sure to bring the boys to the yard!

20. Rainbow Sherbert

19. Kickin’ It Old School

18. Seaweed Chic

17. Kelis in Wonderland

16. The Little Mermaid

15. Blueberry Muffin

14. Grandma’s Patchwork

13. Big Foot

12. Road Kill

11. Flower Power

10. Anything but Mellow Yellow

9. Cockadoodle DOO!

8. Fabulous Fungi

7. Psychedelically Tacky

6. Need a Pillow With that Comforter?

5. Inner Thespian

4. Tie Dye Cat Suit

3. The Mummy Returns

2. A Pink Avatar

1. Bizarrely Normal

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