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Courtney Love’s 20 Craziest Looks


For months, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have been competing to see who can don the kookiest duds, while Tila Tequila and The Situation are still locked in a battle to see who can flash the most orangey-day-glo skin while crossing the red carpet. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are trying to see who can be the first to make their liver flee their body in fear and, weirdly enough, Tom Cruise is cool again. There’s no denying it, being crazy is “in” this season! We even hear that it’s impossible to even get a table at a good restaurant in L.A. these days without dressing in a leather gimp suit, speaking Swahili, and tipping the maître d’ with bits of string. Hollywood is locked in an arms race of “crazy.”

So “crazy” is the new “black.” But while each celeb has their own go-to gimmick, Courtney Love outshines them all. As evidenced in the latest installment of Behind The Music, she is a true renaissance woman of crazy, not limiting herself to any one cheap shuck. And she’s been doing it wayyyy before it was cool. Yes, Courtney does “crazy” more, and she does “crazy” better. That’s why we love Courtney Love. Check out the salute to our favorite moments!

20. Flamenco Fatale

19. Mz. Frizzle

18. Sexy Substitute

17. The Morning After

16. First Lady Of Grunge

15. Super Sweet Sixteen

14. The Seven Year Itch

13. Penny Lane

12. The Situation

11. Esmeralda

10. Maypole Mama

9. Stop, Drop, Rock ‘n’ Roll

8. Zombie Cowgirl

7. Queen of Hearts

6. Gold ‘n’ Glittery

5. Velveteen Dream

4. Disney World Nightmare

3. The Malfunction

2. Royal Smoking Break

1. Psychedelic Puke

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Ahoy! There Be WTF Fashion At Yves Saint Laurent P-arrr-ty

There be some pirate-looking fashions at the Yves Saint Laurent Bell D’Opium Fragrance Launch yesterday, specifically on the head of Ashley Olsen. Wearing a head scaarrrf and waterproof trench coat, Olsen looked both prepared for inclement weather and ready to dig for doubloons.

Fortunately for our eyes, there were plenty of other people taking fewer fashion risks who looked amazing, like Maggie Gyllenhall and Whitney Port who both looked lovely and chic. To see them, plus  a close-up of Ashley channeling Jack Sparrow, check out our gallery.

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Katy Perry Does Her Part For US/UK Rubber Relations

Katy Perry topped her beef with Lady Gaga‘s blasphemy (so “cheap!”) for cluelessness on Twitter this weekend by fretting over an “important dress” that was held up en route to London by a pesky little death. “Another amazing race for a dress has happen again. Important dress. It’s on a plane now, but plane had 2 emergency stop cuz someone passed away mid flight! So sad! So we’ll see if the dress makes it in time…If not, my world cup convo is gonna take a beating on the chat show.” Frankly, we’re impressed she had the perspective to stick that “so sad!” in the middle of her concern for the fabric (though maybe she would have been better off not saying anything at all).

Looks like the dress made its way to Perry after all, as the star was spotted wearing this rubber Stars’n’Stripes/Union Jack combo in London after her Twitter torment. Hope it was worth it! See more photos of the red, tight and blue in the gallery below.

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Gaga Goes To Sister’s Graduation, Shows Usual Restraint

Lady Gaga

It was awfully nice of Lady Gaga to tone it down yesterday at her sister Natali‘s high school graduation—after all, it was the 18-year-old’s day in the limelight. The singer walked unnoticed through the crowds in a tasteful black veil, scarf and cone hat, draped in sheer white fabric and sporting those heelless platform shoes everyone’s wearing these days. You’d think she’d feel the need to show off returning to the Convent Of The Heart, where she spent her own adolescence, but Gaga (or rather, Stefani Germanotta) knew, for once, this event wasn’t about her. See more photos of big sis in the gallery below.

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10 WTF Fashion Moments From The 2010 MTV Movie Awards


The 2010 MTV Movie Awards included some style highlights (Kristen Stewart‘s D&G mini, Sandra Bullock‘s mile-high Louboutins, Whitney Port‘s Yigal Azrouël yellow dress), but for every perfect 10, a belly flop lurked within arm’s reach. What was Katy Perry thinking?! Who let Lindsay Lohan out of the house? And would the real Christina Aguilera please stand up?! Here are our Top 10 WTF fashion moments from the star-filled evening.

10. Katy Perry


Offense #1: Katy Perry’s bright blue wig clashes with her bright yellow nails. Add hundreds of shiny rhinestones to the equation and you get something resembling a human sparkler.

Plus Side: She still looks hot!

9. Snowboarder Shaun White


Offense #1: We know the 60s and 70s are in style, but do we really want to see man nipple on our MTV Movie Awards red carpet? Leave the bare-chested vest to the gang members of 1979’s The Warriors.

Offense #2: We respect that Shaun’s hair has become iconic, but it was iconic for Robert Plant too

Plus Side: We’d like Shaun’s vest if there were a shirt underneath it. 
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Style Wars: Eva Longoria Vs. Victoria Beckham

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham co-hosted a “Night Of Fashion And Technology” in LA yesterday, and the ladies sure did look a little cyborg. While Posh stuck to a simple silver slip and heels, Longoria added a sheer white top and some black ribbons to the aesthetic—not to mention some intense make-up. Whose look do you like more? Check out the gallery (also featuring Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Anna Kendrick, Vanessa Hudgens and Selma Blair) and let us know in our TheFABLife poll. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Five On The Fence: WTF Or Way Hot?


There was no shortage of indisputably gorgeous gowns at the Met’s Costume Gala last night. Everyone can agree that Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, and Kate Hudson looked drop-dead. What’s still irking us this afternoon are five starlets we love that got caught somewhere in between the best and the worst. 

1. Tina Fey: It’s quite plausible that our love for Tina in general has fogged our fashion critique. Her zipped jumper isn’t hideous, but is it appropriate for a gala? 

2. Eva Mendes: When you’re as stunning as Eva Mendes, it’s a feat to look bad. Big florals are usually a big risk for the red carpet, but we kind of love her form-fitting mermaid gown. 

3. Blake Lively: Yes, her legs go on for days. Yes, she’s radiant. But doesn’t this barely-there get-up look a little too Dancing with the Stars

4. Kristen Stewart: We can’t picture KStew’s edgy Chanel frock on anyone else in young Hollywood, but somehow her badass attitude, twiggy legs, and a pair of sky-high pumps made it work. 

5. Naomi Watts: We love Watts’ pairing of red lips with her dark pink satin gown. Is the giant ruffle on her shoulder too much or tres chic?  

Help us, readers! We won’t be able to sleep tonight without deciding if this quintet of ladies rocked or flopped.

For further comparison, check out our monstrous gallery of every woman in the biz at the Met last night.

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