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Hot Messes Rule Us “Hot Hollywood” Party

Ciara, Kelly Osbourne & Jennifer Lopez

Us Magazine scored an impressive number of celebrities for their Hot Hollywood party in LA last night—too bad they took “hot” to mean “gaudy and loud.” While Ciara‘s skimpy canary yellow mini-dress looked like a popcorn bag, at least she didn’t go meta like Kelly Osbourne, with her little black dress reading “LITTLE BLACK DRESS” on the back. But despite those flops and other questionable choices like Anna Kendrick‘s sea-blue shirt and skirt and Sheryl Crow‘s sundress (no one’s a hippie at an Us party, Sheryl), we’d have to crown Jennifer Lopez the hottest mess at Hot Hollywood for yet again busting out the J-Lo Face. To be honest, we’re a little tired of Marc Anthony, too. Shouldn’t the mobster be bigger than his moll? Check out these stars and more in the gallery and make your own zings.

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Shanna Moakler Channels Bo Derek, Fails


Oh Shanna, sweetie. The hair is just – it’s just not. It’s not cute, it’s not retro, it’s not hipster, it’s not SoCal and it’s not going to finally be the thing to make you famous. Bo Derek was able to pull it off in the 70s, because she was Bo frickin’ Derek and it was the 70s! Ugly was pretty back then. Today, ugly is just ugly, and your hair is hurting our heart.

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Chloe Sevigny’s Top 40 Craziest Outfits


Chloe Sevigny‘s been a staple of the NY fashion scene since the New Yorker called her “the coolest girl in the world,” hopping from Sassy intern to underground “It Girl” to Golden Globe winner over the last decade and a half. Through it all she’s maintain an inimitable sense of style—inimitable because it’s complete crazy. Whether pushing the au courant envelope or merely piling on layers without a second thought, Sevigny’s guaranteed to stick out. With Sevigny’s confessions about the last season of Big Love causing a stir, we thought it’d be a good time to revisit some of the craziest outfits worn by the self-professed “pre-hipster.” We love you, Sugar Kane!

1. Bow-Tied And Bare-Bellied

2. Chloe SevAnnie

3. Leggy Mary Poppins

4. Keepin’ Warm in a Onesie

5. Beaded Cleav’

6. Earless Wonder

7. Me Thinks It’s Mink

8. Peeved PETA

9. Leather N’ Lace

10. Black and White and Fur All Over

11. Aqua Party Girl

12. Camel Chloe

13. See-Thru Sevigny

14. Scarlet Chinoiserie

15. Hiking Through SoHo

16. Curly Chloe

17. Mix & Match

18. Goth Gal

19. Lacey Lady

20. Holey Chloe!

21. Fringe Fun

22. Sexy Granny

23. Mad Hatter

24. Pretty In Purple

25. Bold In Gold

26. Animal Instincts

27. Preppy In Plaid

28. Blue-tiful

29. Star In Stripes

30. Chloe Loves Patterns

31. Little White Tee Dress

32. Beige Babe

33. I Lost My Buttons

34. Ballerina

35. Crazy Chloe

36. Bedazzled

37. High-Top Honey

38. Ready For Rain

39. Loves Layers

40. Golden

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Liz Hurley’s See-Through Sari Sets Off Fire Alarms At The Love Ball

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley reaffirmed her lack of modesty at last night’s Love Ball, wearing a sheer sari that only hid one of her nipples from the countless cameras. The outrageous affair, part of London’s Fashion Week, hit an absurd peak when a fire alarm forced the attendees—including Kate Moss and Leona Lewis—to stand outside for an hour and a half. Though the dry ice machines were blamed for the scare, we can’t help but wonder if someone just wanted to make Liz stand out in the cold. Enjoy the festivities through the gallery below.

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Kevin Costner: Prince Of Scarves

Kevin Costner

You have no idea how much Kevin Costner loves scarves. The Oscar-winning triple threat (his Dances With Wolves beat Martin Scorsese‘s GoodFellas for Best Picture and Best Director twenty years ago, remember?) has recently set his sights on the music industry, releasing an album, Untold Truths, with his band Modern West in 2008 (why doesn’t he just start a supergroup with Kevin Bacon, Dennis Quaid, and Bruce Willis? Call it The Late Eighties—Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t famous then, but let him drum anyway!). As Modern West tours across Europe, we can’t help but notice that renaissance man Costner (we apologizing for wasting the phrase on a mere musician/actor like the mohawked Jared Leto earlier) likes to wear scarves. All the time. Everywhere. If it’s not a formal affair or time to go on stage, Kevin Costner will have a scarf on. OK, sometimes he wears them on stage too.

Peep what we’re talking about in the gallery below. Next time you see a graying hipster at your local coffee shop, take a closer look—you may be staring at The Postman.

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All Flavors Of Crazy At The Brit Awards


Today our great country was kind enough to ship two of our nuttiest celebrities – Lady Gaga and Courtney Love – across the pond to join the bizarre fashion parade led by Lily Allen and Leona Lewis at the Brit Awards. Wearing what we hope is a wig, Allen looked matronly donning a dickey made of fabric that’d be better suited for a sofa. Lewis was out-of-her-league edgy in a slick silver number with an artsy, oversized shoulder. A vacant-eyed Courtney Love roamed the red carpet in what would have been a pretty dress, had she not paired it with part of a dress shirt embroidered with nude women, and crafty floral necklace. Sigh.

Not to be outdone, Gaga honored deceased designer and friend Alexander McQueen in a triple-tiered white gown, complete with a Marie Antoinette-inspired updo. In the last couple days, Gaga reportedly revamped her entire Brit Awards performance to pay tribute to McQueen with more somber, slow versions of her songs.  [Photos: Getty Images]

More shots from the Brit Awards below.

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Bai Ling’s Top 30 Zaniest Outfits


Actress and model Bai Ling‘s fashion choices are no less insane than her repeated statements that she hails from the moon and her grandmother still resides there in her childhood home. Known more for her barely-there, attention-grabbing ensembles than her acting work, 43-year-old Ling has become a mainstay on Hollywood’s worst-dressed lists.

We’ve rounded up 30 of Ling’s most out-there outfits, donned on every red carpet from the Grammys to charity fundraisers. Her crazy accommodates all occasions. [Photos: Getty Images and Splash News Online]

1. Neon Nightmare

2. Murder on Sesame Street

3. Bow on the Bottom

4. Leopard and Lace

5. Buttoned-Up and Bizarre

6. Swimsuit with Saddlebags

7. Nipples A’blazin’

8. 24K of Crazy

9. Sequins N’ Suede

10. Pouting in Polka Dots

11. Bai and the Beast

12. Tutu Catastrophe

13. Airport Casual

14. Earless and Bedazzled

15. Out of Control in Overalls

16. Orange You Going To Fix Your Bangs?

17. World’s Skankiest Turtleneck

18. Cutoffs and Kittens

19. Kimono Kerchief

20. Cuckoo For Coral

21. Head-to-Toe Horror

22. Glitter, Sequins, and Fur – Oh My!

23. Floral Fright

24. Hollywood Safari

25. Scaring The Homeless

26. Mini Menswear

27. S&M in the Shower

28. Walk the Plank in Platforms

29. Oops, Bai Did It Again

30. Run, Kitty, Run!

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Rihanna’s Sexy Super Bowl Suit


Lady Gaga isn’t the only fashion-forward pop singer and don’t you forget it! Rihanna took the stage at last night’s Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam in an outfit that split the difference between lingerie and shoulder-padded bodysuit, tastefully accessorized with goggles and a sword. Click here to watch her sing “Russian Roulette” and other hits at last night’s concert, as well as performances by Justin Bieber and Timbaland.

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Pamela Anderson Launches Fashion Line, Cleavage, Only 20 People Show

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was left with egg on her boobs when only 20 people attended a launch party for her A*Muse fashion line in Miami Beach yesterday. Why the lack of enthusiasm? Was it designs like the dress she wore to the event? Come on, what lady doesn’t want to wear a dress that magically hikes its skirt up and curls its neckline down for you? Imagine the time you’ll save on that weekend bender! It only cost $25 to see the show, and for a measly $19,975 to $49,975 more, you could get the “VIP Penthouse Package” and party personally with Pamela! You wouldn’t have to worry about getting her attention, either—there apparently wouldn’t have been much competition for it. No wonder she’s thinking about moving to the UK.

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