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Amber Rose’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Amber Rose is known for two things: struttin’ as Kanye West‘s main squeeze and squeezin’ her curves into ultra-revealing and often-eccentric ensembles. The 27-year-old bombshell’s go-to outfit is an unforgiving unitard, but we’ve got to hand it to her, she’s got the body for it. Her feminine physique has always paid the bills; formerly an exotic dancer, she signed with Ford Models last July and starred in a Louis Vuitton ad for West’s line of sneakers. Always rockin’ her trademark bleached buzz, Rose is no shrinking violet on the fashion scene. Check out her Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever. [Photos: Getty Images]

1. Nearly Nude

2. Snake in the Grass

3. When Curves Collide

4. Phallic Knight

5. Blinding Beauty

6. Night of the Living Latex

7. Ruby Wonder 

8. Shady Lady

9. Vegas Vixen 

10. Fur-get About It

11. Denim Duo

12. Fresh Princess

13. Sweatin’ It Out

14. Keep It Coral

15. Va Va Velvet

16. Snow Leopard Massacre

17. From Danny Zuko’s Closet

18. Mo-hawt

19. Street Casual

20. Champagne Shimmer

21. Gun Metal and Lace

22. Gold-Plated Goddess

23. Head-to-Toe Glam

24. Furry Fanny Pack

25. Hot Pink Pumps

26. Just Gym Buddies

27. Tied Up and Pushed Up

28. Backless Black

29. Vested Smoker

30. Belly Out and Bespectacled


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Rihanna Poofs The Pre-Grammy Party


What a difference a year makes. Last year, Clive Davis‘ annual pre-Grammy bash was Rihanna‘s prelude to a horrific night of domestic violence with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. It has since been a year of ups and downs for the stunning pop star, but thankfully she has emerged a stronger woman, and we can now shamelessly shred her fashion choices. So let’s get to it.

Though it’s impossible for RiRi’s face to look anything but gorgeous, it was hidden behind that veil of aqua tulle! The monstrously starched sleeve resembled a sea sponge and completely distracted from her natural beauty. We’re hoping she opts for something more simplistic and flattering at tonight’s main event.

Despite her questionable ensemble, Rihanna seemed to have a good time at the party sharing laughs with pal Katy Perry and her fiance Russell Brand. She also hung out with UsherFergie, and Taylor Swift, and Ciara, who hilariously coordinated in an equally-oversized outfit. [Photo: Getty Images]

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JWoww, Wwhat The Eff Is On Your Legs?


MTV’s “Jersey Shore” graciously exposed a tanned pocket of America that we quickly came to love. It’s a glorious world filled with “gorillas,” “Guidettes,” “poundin’,” and “poofs.” Perhaps the creators of the complex Seaside lexicon can tell us what to call the disaster happening south of cast member JWoww‘s waist. We’re flailing in an uneasy place somewhere between “shants,” “capri pants,” and “pedal pushers.” We won’t even discuss the gaping holes (but seriously – those holes!).

If you’re not running out to find yourself a pair of “tall girl ankle jeans,” maybe you’d like one of JWoww’s “sophisticated” (she said it, not us) boob hammocks. Silicon not included. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Bai Ling Blends In At LAX


Bai Ling really hates the paparazzi and confused stares, so she threw on this snoozefest ensemble for her flight out of LAX today. We probably would have added a splash of color– just sayin’.  [Photo: Getty Images]

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Fergie And Rihanna: Bare-Backed And Bizarre


In hideous fashion news, Fergie and Rihanna attended the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes over the weekend in downright mind-boggling ensembles. Both went for a high-glitz look sans fabric on their backs. It’s not the backless thing that bothers us; they both have great bodies. What bothers us is everything else about their outfits. Between the wacky fabric combinations, clashing textures, and over-shimmered skin, we’re wondering if they lost their minds on the flight over. [Photos: Getty Images]

Take a closer look below.

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Style Wars: Deux Disasters For Kanye And Amber Rose

Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose have been gallivanting all over Paris Fashion Week in some atrocious ensembles. At yesterday’s Louis Vuitton show, “Kamber” matched in full-length fur coats. Hundreds of skinned little animals aside, it’s tactless to wear something the cost of a car in these economic times.

Today at the Yves Saint-Laurent show, the pair didn’t do much better on the fashion front. Amber Rose wore the most pointless dress of all time, a shredded mess over a nude leotard that left little to the imagination. Kanye accompanied her in leather pants and studded slippers. You tell us – which day was worse for the buzz cut duo? [Photos: Getty Images]

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9 Trends To Leave In ’09


Just as the seasons come and go, so do trends both good and bad. 2009 saw harem pants, shoulder pads, and the no-pants-dance. No hot celeb is immune to bad style choices, from Lady Gaga to Blake Lively to Rihanna. Here are the top nine fashion low-points that we hope stay in the closet for 2010.  [Photos: Getty Images]

9. Uggs

8. Half-shaved Heads

7. Slitted Black Dresses

6. Leather Hats

5. Leggings As Pants

4. Shoulder Pads

3. Fish Lips

2. No Pants Dance

1. Harem Pants

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Ashley’s Lips Scream “Look At Me!”


“Hey! Yoohoo! Over here! Yes, it’s me, Ashley Greene, star of the Twilight movie, and, well, that other Twilight movie! Yes, I know you’d rather be staring at Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart right now, but they’re off in a bunker somewhere reading indie scripts and making out with each other in a pile of their own hair grease. But I’m here! Two years ago I was a coat-check girl, and now I’m strolling the red carpet at the Sherlock Holmes premiere, hunting down Jude Law to try to get in on that sweet baby-daddy action. Just kidding, guys! Kind of. Anyhoodles, I know this amorphous white sack doesn’t show off my curves, but my stylist told me that’s what fashion is all about. And check out these lips, mo-fos! They’re pink! Hot pink! Looklooklooklooklooklooklook! Mememememememe! I’m famous! I’m unforgettable! I’m destined for a career of Lifetime movies alongside Tori Spelling! Wait, did I just say that?

[The above monologue is imagined, of course.]

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Rihanna’s Furry Hat Fetish Strikes Again


For Rihanna, it’s not a question of whether to wear your gigantic winter hat—it’s a question of which gigantic winter hat to wear. The singer zipped from Paris to London today, stepping on and off the Eurostar with a black furry monster of a cap and carrying what appears to be the pelt she slapped atop her skull the other day in NYC (or some other slicing from the same animal). Is this some kind of promotional tie-in or does she just really, really want to keep her head warm? If stylish young ladies start strutting around with dead Muppets on their dome, we’ll know who to blame. The newspaper print pants she wore in Paris? We’re not too worried about those catching on (give them a look in the gallery below).

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Coco Pumps Iron


Now this is how you work it out. The bride of Ice-T shows us a thing or two about how to pump iron. The class act known as Coco posted this photo on her Twitter and said, “This is how you do squats in the gym! With stripper heels! Haha – Coco’s workout secrets!” Giving Shauna Sand a run for her money!