Ye Shiwen

by (@seapeaz)

The Top 10 Olympic-Sized Scandals Of The Summer Games

Olympic Scandals of all time

Let’s be real, we can’t make it through an entire Olympics without a scandal or two surfacing, but that’s what happens when you gather thousands of perfectly sculpted and hard-trained athletes from around the world and have them compete for ultimate bragging rights — best in the WORLD! And as someone who races strangers up the subway platform daily for no reward at all, I understand competitiveness. But sometimes the intense pressure drives professional athletes to do stupid things and with so much at stake, Olympians are scrutinized and closely watched even when they are playing fair. We’ve gathered 10 Olympic Scandals in the last 20 years (we had to narrow it down somehow!) including two very recent Olympic controversies.

10. Ye Shiwen, 2012 Summer Olympics, London

After setting a world record winning the women’s 400-meter individual medley on Saturday, Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen caught the eye of many. The 16-year-old swam the final 25 meters of the women’s race faster than Olympic champion Ryan Lochte swam the final 25 meters of the men’s individual medley to win the gold. On Monday, Ye swam in the 200-meter individual medley scoring the fastest qualifying time, setting yet another world record. So it should be of no surprise (unfortunately) that the teen is facing accusations of using performance enhancing substances. At this time, Ye maintains her innocence saying, “There’s absolutely no problem with the doping.” We hope not, Ye, we love a good clean fight.
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