Yogi Bear

by (@hallekiefer)

New Zealand Tourism Deparment Apologizes To Anna Faris

Given how sweet she seems in real life, Anna Faris is the last actress we’d imagine would piss off an entire nation. However, the New Zealand Tourism Board apologized to Faris today for her unpleasant experience with the men down under…and, um, for making fun of her in the press. Apparently Faris spoke to Lopez Tonight about two carloads of Kiwi men who screamed “F–k you, a–hole!” and “Show me your t–s you stupid b—h!” at the Yogi Bear actress. “Ms. Faris spoke about disrespectful behavior she experienced during her stay in New Zealand and as a consequence her impression of New Zealand men is, to say the least, poor,” a rep admits. Yeah, doesn’t exactly make us want to pack our bags for a nineteen-hour flight either.

While the tourism board didn’t exactly send the car full of jerks after Anna, they did bad-mouth Faris to the New Zealand Herald, insinuating the actress might be lying.  “She accepts an award for being a pothead stoner of the year… I don’t think she has any credibility,” their spokesman scoffed at the time. Apologizes the rep today, “The inference that Tourism NZ did not take Ms. Faris’ comments seriously is very much regretted and was certainly not intended.” Now if Anna will only apologize for Yogi Bear, we’ll be that much closer to world peace.