Zack Kehayov

by (@hallekiefer)

Tara Reid Admits Marriage Technically “Not Legal”

Tara Reid’s marriage has somehow become so unnecessarily confusing. First, Tara Reid’s engagement only lasts about as long as it takes to read this sentence before she gets married that exact same day. Fine. Then reports claim that Tara Reid’s husband was her recent ex Michael Lilleund, when the groom’s name is actually Zack Kehayov. Okay. An honest mistake, we’re sure. Now we find out that Tara Reid’s wedding might not even have been legit? “We were never really married,” the American Reunion star informed TMZ while exiting a flight at LAX. “No, it was never legal.” Why is there so much information about Tara Reid’s love life, and yet all of it so contradictory? You better get your story straight, Reid, or we’re going to demand those monogrammed tea towels back. You know we don’t know another TR and ZK, but we’ll do it anyway!