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The Greatest Simpsons Celebrity Cameos of the Past 25 Years

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After 25 years of The Simpsons, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who can’t recount at least one joke from the long-running animated series. From Homer’s “Doh” to Bart’s “eat my shorts,” it’s a show stuffed with more iconic moments than anything else. Some of the best, of course, are courtesy of celebrity cameos. Read more…

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Liv Tyler Is Not Sad — She’s Actually Really Happy

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Liv Tyler is sad — at least, according to the Internet. Thanks to the new HBO series, The Leftovers, and Vulture (see Lindsey Weber’s “The Saddest Faces of Liv Tyler, Who Is Always Sad”), one would think that the actress is upset all the time. But when Tyler spoke to VH1, it became clear that she is, in fact, not miserable. “They just picked every sad face,” Tyler said with a chuckle in response to the story. “I challenge them to make a happy face one.”

Here at VH1, we will not let a challenge go unanswered, so we pulled together the actress’ happiest moments from her 20-year film career to prove that Tyler is a happy person. (Check it out the gallery above.)

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Steven Tyler Drops An F-Bomb, Forgets Where He Is, Remains Our One True Constant On The Today Show

Even in the midst of chaos, Steven Tyler is our rock. A scarf-covered rock that’s constantly swearing on live TV and stripping down to it’s underwear, but still. What a fun rock to have around! The Aerosmith singer was in classic form while visiting the Today show this morning, both forgetting what show he was on and detonating the f-bomb during Al Roker‘s weather report. “Good Morning America!” Tyler enthused, before telling his screaming fans, “Thanks for coming out, you crazy f—s!” As Roker screamed in exasperation. “That’s why they haven’t done morning television! They don’t even know what show they’re on!” Oh Al Roker. May your good-natured frustration be our second constant in this time of tumult.

The gents were more subdued but just as mumbling and frisky while stopping by Big Morning Buzz Live this morning. “I used to work at a fruit stand. How do you like those apples!” he announced. Oh Steven. Dear god, don’t ever change. On an unrelated note, is Joe Perry‘s mustache melting? We’re going to assume yes because that just feels right.

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Steven Tyler’s Shower Spill Not Drug-Related, He Claims

Walk this way…to the O.R. to get dental surgery. In a call to the Today show’s Matt Lauer this morning, Steven Tyler denies that his recent nasty fall was the result of drug use, blaming instead a bout with food poisoning. “I started to get sick, and I just fell on my face. I just passed out,” he explained. When Lauer pressed him, asking, “But you’re clean and sober, that’s not the issue?” Tyler confirmed, “No, it’s not the issue.” It’s never a good sign when the lesser of two evils is severe food poisoning, but considering how intense Steven Tyler’s drug problem used to be, we’ll take it!

Steven Tyler’s shower fall earlier this week left the Aerosmith singer bloody, bruised and missing two teeth, which sort of works for his look, but still! “I get that people think that,” Tyler says, referring to people’s assumptions about his drug use. “It still bothers me a little, but it’s something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life.” Hmm, could Tyler’s fall have something to do with the fact that he weighs 85 lbs soaking wet, not including all those scarves? The second his hair got wet, the man wouldn’t be able to lift his head anymore. That’s must be what happened. Case closed!

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Steven Tyler Collapses In A Hotel Shower In Paraguay

We really hope Steven Tyler is feeling better now. The Aerosmith frontman collapsed in a hotel shower in Paraguay where he was scheduled to perform yesterday. TMZ reported that Tyler had smashed his face pretty badly. News has now surfaced that he was dehydrated and had food poisoning, which is what caused him to fall.

Downplaying the incident, Tyler’s manager said the singer’s injuries were “minor” and that he’s out of hospital. But he lost some teeth! No, seriously. It’s being reported that Steve’s face was injured — which he was treated for — and he lost two teeth. The concert had to be moved to today, and the singer’s rep said that Tyler would like to “sincerely apologize” for having to change the date. Let’s hope it goes down without any further incidents.


Steven Tyler Admits To Relapsing (With Joe Perry!) Before He Joined Idol

Steven Tyler went to rehab after multiple leg surgeries in 2008, but in his new Rolling Stone cover story, the Aerosmith singer says he—and guitarist Joe Perry—actually used drugs together during a scrapped recording session around 2009. “It was just like 30 years before,” he explained. “I whipped out mine, he whipped out his and we got high together again. I say to Joe, ‘Wow, man, how you been, it’s been, what, 17 years since we got high together? Joe, you’ve been f—ing running away from me ever since.'” Unsurprisingly, their relapse affected their work. “Joe was high and he couldn’t play. I couldn’t sing, really, because I was snorting everything, and it f—s up your throat. It was the wrong time.”Aerosmith nearly split in late 2009, when Tyler began working on his upcoming autobiography and the band accused him of relapsing. Perry refused to comment on the new allegations, though Aerosmith will reportedly appear on American Idol with Tyler later this eason.

Tyler also talks in the interview about nearly joining Led Zeppelin in 2008  (“I decided, ‘Well, I know that I’m mad at [Aerosmith], but I’m not that mad'”), planning his first solo album (one track is titled “Bobbing For Piranha”!) and his time on Idol (apparently he beat The Who’s Roger Daltrey—known Simon Cowell basher—for the gig!). “You know what, out of the 20 kids you saw tonight…if you could just sprinkle 10 years of smoking pot, getting f—ed up, getting laid, getting f—ed, and 10 years of just life, which one of those people wouldn’t be a star?” Somehow we don’t think we’ve seen the last Steven Tyler f-bomb on Idol.


Aerosmith To Perform (With Randy?) On American Idol

Guess Joe Perry doesn’t think American Idol is “one step above Ninja Turtles” anymore. Judge Steven Tyler confirmed that his band Aerosmith will be joining him on Idol for a performance later this season. “I thought it was a big secret. I guess the cat’s out of the bag!” said Tyler, with co-star/ex-Journey bassist Randy Jackson adding, “I’m gonna judge, and then I’ll jump on and perform with them!” Jennifer Lopez is also set to hit the stage this season, though that a) was pretty much guaranteed from day one and b) is nowhere as exciting as The Aerosmith-Randy Jackson Experience.

Though Joe Perry is just behind Slash in the Guitarist Who Will Stand On Stage Next To Any Pop Star At Any Time sweepstakes, it’s still surprising to learn he’ll be on the show after Joe’s harsh words about Idol last year. “[Idol] is a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising,” he told the Calgary Herald, adding he doesn’t want Aerosmith “associated with the show” and, yes, that it was “it’s one step above Ninja Turtles.” Sure, this was back when Joe and Steven were fighting over Aerosmith’s future, but we still feel like sending him some nunchaku.

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Steven Tyler Shows Off His Sobriety Chips

Steven Tyler

Who says sobriety can’t be sexy? Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, in Maui with girlfriend Erin Brady, has found an interesting way to flaunt his clean living in character (Tyler went to rehab late last year for painkillers).  Aerosmith will hit the road this summer, having put aside the drama that nearly found them seeking a replacement for the singer (we still can’t believe guitar Joe Perry made the threat on Twitter). You’re still the rainbow, Steven!

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Aerosmith Reunited! European Tour Scheduled With Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler & Joe Perry

The world has been saved from the threat of a Steven Tyler-less Aerosmith—the boys have patched up their differences and are heading back on the road. The drama started last November when Tyler began making noise about a solo career, sending guitarist Joe Perry into a twitter snit (yes, even Aerosmith members tweet). Though Tyler showed up onstage with his fellow Toxic Twin days later (memorably announcing, “Joe Perry, you are a man of many colors, but I…am the rainbow!”), the band was soon threatening to hold auditions for a replacement if Tyler, allegedly working on his memoirs, continued to ignore the band and refuse to tour.

With band members questioning whether he’d fallen off the wagon, the long-sober singer scooted off to rehab for painkillers around Christmas (dude was aching long before that stage fall in Sturgis). Despite any lingering questions that would follow Tyler serenading a Home Depot last month, the band has welcomed back their prodigal prancer. “I just auditioned and I got the gig,” Tyler joked in a video announcing their summer jaunt through Europe. “The rumors are true…I think,” says Perry in the clip. Aside from a brief, drug-stained period in the ’80s, the band has performed in its classic line-up for almost 40 years.

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Steven Tyler Gives Solo Performance…At Home Depot


Aerosmith might be broken up at the moment, but Steven Tyler still wants to rock any time, any place. And that includes the times when he’s out shopping for home repair essentials. TMZ reported this week that while shopping at a Rancho Mirage, CA Home Depot, Tyler commandeered the intercom system to give an impromptu performance of “Dude Looks Like A Lady” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Why does this sort of thing never happen to us when we go shopping?

Actually, maybe Tyler is on to something. Aerosmith’s music does seem to lend itself to construction-inspired remakes. We have some suggestions for new song or album titles he might want to consider:

  • “Janie’s Got A Caulking Gun”
  • “(Sump) Pump”
  • “Toys In The (Newly Insulated) Attic”
  • “Permanent Vacation Home”
  • “Eat-In Kitch”
  • “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Contractor’s Lament)”

Tyler’s been hanging out in California while in rehab for his painkiller addiction. And we clearly have problems of our own.  [Photo: Getty Images]