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Angus T. Jones Could Always Follow In The Footsteps Of Bettie Page, Stephen Baldwin, Other Christian Celebs

Angus T Jones could join Bettie Page, Stephen Baldwin and other celebrities who made second careers out of their Christianity

Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones apology statement released yesterday makes it pretty clear that someone quite firmly reminded him that no matter what new opinions he holds of his hit sitcom, that “filth” pays him a whole lot of money. Money he could probably put to some good Christian use, if he chooses. Hence the contrite words: “I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed.”

But if exec producer Chuck Lorre and company decide to send Angus the way of his former onscreen uncle Charlie Sheen, that doesn’t have to mean the end of the 19-year-old’s career. He could join these five other celebrities who turned their born-again Christianity into brand-new gigs:

1. Stephen Baldwin
The Baldwin bro visited Good Morning America today and voiced his support and sympathy for Jones, as someone who’s experienced a backlash against his outspoken ways (seriously, this guy called Obama a “cultural terrorist” once). “As a Christian, I had a casting director come up to me two years ago and say, ‘I’m really sorry because I’ve brought your name up in castings for a while now and they all just kind of look at me like I’m crazy,” he said. Now, he’s gone “full-blown faith-based,” acting in Christian themed movies like Loving the Bad Man, about a woman who forgives her rapist. Ick. And then he’ll be back on Celebrity Apprentice soon, which is full-blown … something else.

2. Kirk Cameron

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Kimmel: “Nick Jonas Says Bob Dylan Can’t Sing”

Nick Jonas stuck his foot in a big pile of classic rock poopie last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he joked about Lil’ Wayne taking Bob Dylan‘s part in the recent re-recording of “We Are The World.” “[Wayne] said, ‘I can’t sing,'” Lil’ Nicky told the talk show host. “And I’m like, ‘Exactly. Perfect.'” “Nick Jonas says Bob Dylan can’t sing,” responded an amused Jimmy Kimmel, picturing the headlines guaranteed to appear the following day (Jonas also said Vince Vaughn can’t sing, but we’ll let that one slide).

Dylan’s voice is definitely an acquired taste, and we should remember that the younget JoBro was four when a grizzled Bob won Best Album at the Grammys for Time Out Of Mind—remember Soy Bomb? This kid probably doesn’t. But we’re still surprised a music nerd like Nick, who worships Elvis Costello and hired Prince‘s old band to back his solo album, would be so flip about one of rock’s biggest icons. While plenty of teenyboppers probably think Dylan’s a gross old man, Dylan’s flock wouldn’t be quick to call Jonas’ yelping music to their ears—and it’s adults this aspiring artist should be trying to impress. It probably won’t be long before Nick starts kissing the old guy’s shoe, but we wouldn’t expect a number together at next year’s Grammys either way.


Flashback Lunch: Bob Dylan Gets Soy Bombed

What was the most memorable performance in the history of the Grammys? We’re tempted to go with 1985’s batshit “Synthesizer Medley,” which finally put Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder on stage with Thomas Dolby and Howards Jones (don’t ask), but it’s really all about Bob Dylan‘s “Love Sick” from 1998. Not only was Dylan unfazed by the spastic gyrations of a shirtless stage crasher with “Soy Bomb” written on his chest, the Album Of The Year winner dropped a searing guitar solo once the interloper was removed from the set.

What took security so long, anyway? Did they think his interpretive dance was Dylan‘s idea? Sadly, Soy Bomb’s interruption meant we’ll never see rows of hipsters snapping their fingers behind a band at the Grammys again.

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