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Superhero Chris Pratt Raps “Forgot About Dre” Better Than Eminem

In addition to saving the world, Chris Pratt unveiled yet another super power this week when he rapped the entirety of “Forgot About Dre” for DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood radio show. The story goes like this: the Guardians of the Galaxy star spent a lot of time listening to Eminem when he was a down and out actor in Maui — before Everwood, The O.C., and, yes, Parks and Recreation. So much so that he still can perform the 14-year-old song on command. Read more…


The Most Colorful People in The Tanning of America

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Last night, the four-part television event, The Tanning of America, made its debut on VH1. The first installment of the series focused on hip-hop’s origins on the streets of New York City. As the program continues, we’ll highlight the genre’s path to the White House and detail its emergence as the most culturally significant movement of our time.

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Forbes Ranks Diddy The #1 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist. Can You Guess The Rest?

It’s probably no surprise that a man who drapes himself in fur and hosts an annual White Party would come in at number one on Forbes‘ Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists list for the second year in a row. How do they all avoid getting ketchup all over themselves? It just doesn’t add up.

With a net worth of $550 million dollars, Diddy is currently living large off Bad Boy, Ciroc, Sean John and a host of other ventures. Forbes projects that Diddy’s Comcast cable channel Revolt might make the rapper a billionaire in 2013, and make us want to weep into our hands after paying our student loan bill. Who are the other rappers at the top of the (financial) game, you ask? Click through to find out. We’ll give you a hint: it’s probably exactly who you’d think it would be.

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Dr. Dre And Oscar De La Renta Team Up To Design Headphones

This is one collaboration that we would never have dreamt up. Dr. Dre is expanding Beats by Dre, his ubiquitous brand of headphones and loudspeakers. The Doctor has gone high fashion and teamed up with designer Oscar de la Renta to create a limited edition pair of headphones called, what else but Beats by Oscar de la Renta which you can see on the right. These can be yours for a mere $695, which we know you just have lying around in spare change. For that tiny amount of cash you will have the luxury of silver fox fur lining your ‘phones, much like ear muffs. Silver fox fur headphones for $695. Hey, Oscar. PETA called, and they’re pissed. The economy called too, and it said — WTF?

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Snoop Dogg Celebrates His 40th Birthday With A Forty Cake

Snoop Dogg turns the big 4-0 today, and to mark the occasion he got a cake shaped like…a forty. The rapper celebrated at Hollywood’s Rolling Stone Lounge last night with a cake featuring a bottle of Colt 45 malt liquor made out of fondant icing. Some sparklers also adorned the top, because something had to be blazin’ on his cake. We hope he washed it down with some gin and juice. Fellow guests include hip hop luminaries like Dr. Dre and Bootsy Collins. Check it out in the gallery below!

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Dr. Dre To Perform Live At The Grammys With Eminem

Dr. Dre has been a background player in the music business for the better part of the last decade, choosing to act as producer rather than performer during that time. But Dre has announced that he’ll be performing live with Eminem at the Grammy Awards this Sunday, his first television appearance in over ten years and his first Grammy performance ever. Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine is also reportedly joining  the pair during their performance. Dre’s appearance is just one of many in the pretty amazing Grammy night lineup—dare we say that the scheduled performances are actually a pretty good representation of “cool” music this year, with acts like Mumford & Sons, Florence And The Machine, Cee-Lo, Lady Gaga and Arcade Fire taking the stage.

The Grammy Awards air this Sunday, February 13 on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.

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Dr. Dre Walks Out On Ice Cube Without So Much As A Goodbye


In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!” The scenario could not be more different from the Tanner household, but the sentiment is the same: Ice Cube was ditched by Dr Dre midway through a recording session.  This obviously caused some major problems because they had to scratch the whole track they were working on for Ice’s new album I Am The West which drops today. Says Cube, “We did the records, but we didn’t finish them. So, I felt like I didn’t wanna put them out unless they was finished. Or what’s the use? I’ll get ‘em finished sooner or later, and put ‘em out.”

We’re not talking about a “I’m just heading out for cigarettes” walkout, either.  We’re talking a call-the-F.B.I-’cause-he’s gone scenario. The abandoned rapper explained, “Dre went M.I.A.; I don’t know where he at. If y’all find him, tell him to give me a call.” And we gotta say he’s being most gracious about it to, probably because he knows he’s not the only one to get that treatment. Ice Cube added, “It’s cool, he went M.I.A. on Snoop [Dogg] too. Everybody wanna work with him, so it’s up to him on who he wants to work with, who he don’t wanna work with.”

Ice reckons that there’s frost between them ever since he left N.W.A in the late ’80’s. (We still have the Straight Outta Compton album lying around somewhere, FYI). He revealed, “It’s a distant relationship. It’s been distant ever since I left N.W.A., so I don’t expect that to change. We all went our separate ways back then, we was youngsters. We’re grown now.”

Point made, but Dre going M.I.A still seems totally sketchy. You don’t just walk out of a project without so much as an explanation. Call Ice, Dre!

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Rap’s Top 20 Richest Artists Revealed


First things first: Do people still say the word “bling”? Or is that term a relic of a bygone era? Either way, it’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made by becoming a global hip-hop icon these days. So much so, in fact, that a normally hoity-toity magazine like Forbes has been putting together lists of the Top 20 Hip-Hop Cash Kings since 2007. To that end, the high-falutin’ magazine is putting its fawning coverage of Wall Street robber barons in a temporary holding pattern as they focus their efforts on counting down which rappers are making the most cheddar in 2010.

While you most certainly won’t be surprised to find out that Jay-Z currently holds the title as hip-hop’s wealthiest mogul — he raked in some $63 million last year, no big whoops — you might be surprised when you hear that Lil Wayne places fourth on the list, this despite the fact that he’s been behind bars since March. Hilariously, Weezy’s actually on track to earn more money this year ($20 million) than he did last year ($18 million).

Check out our gallery below to find out who else made the list (and how much they took home). Only one question remains: If hip-hop’s wealthiest don’t spend money on “bling” anymore, what do they spend it on?