Joss Stone Targeted For Murder/Robbery, Two Suspects Arrested

Two men were arrested yesterday after traveling over 200 miles from Manchester to rural Devon, England, apparently with plans to rob and murder singer Joss Stone. Police found the duo with swords, rope, a body bag, maps and aerial photos of Stone’s property, after neighbors reported a car cruising slowly around the area. Stone did not appear to be home at the time of their arrest.

Stone, 24, achieved her commercial breakthrough with The Soul Sessions in 2003 and has remained one of the most successful women in British music. A close pal of Prince William & Kate Middleton, Stone was recently announced to be a member of Mick Jagger‘s new group Super Heavy, which also features Eurythmic Dave Stewart, producer A.R. Rahman and Damian Marley. Her next album is scheduled for release in July.

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Keira Knightley’s Sexy New Short Film For Chanel

We’ve fallen head over heels in love with Keira Knightley‘s new short film for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume. It’s been directed by Keira’s director of our favorite Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright. We’re also very grateful because this film has introduced us to a certain actor-Greek God hybrid called Alberto Ammann. Joss Stone‘s totally surprised us as well. She’s not in the film, but she sang the ‘soundtrack’—a cover of James Brown’s It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World—and she nailed it. Watch Keira zipping around Paris, giving us breathtaking shots of sights like Place Vendome and the Place de la Concorde. She’s wearing a beige motorcycle jumpsuit designed by Karl Lagerfeld, which she takes off later to seduce Alberto. Hot! Hot! Hot!


Idol Gives Back, And One Goes Home


Idol gave back last night and while the show definitely had it’s fair share of awkward moments (George Lopez and his whole tired “comedy” bit, Alicia Keys’ off-key-ness), in the spirit of the show, we’ll charitably overlook those and just say that Idol Gives Back certainly seems like a worthy cause. More than that though, the show also meant the elimination of someone we’ve grown so fond of making fun of, the gloriously be-banged Tim Urban, and in an extra charitable move, they didn’t not make him sing an exit song. Vote for the worst, your reign is over.

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Harry Potter And The “Huge Spliff”

OMG! In a huge “scandal,” Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has allegedly been revealed as a totally normal young adult a drug-taking heathen.  The Mirror claims that Daniel was at a party at a high-rise flat in Camden (how very Amy Winehouse) when he was spotted smoking spliffs and going around saying “I love weed.” Aww.

“He looked spaced out and didn’t look like he knew what was going on,” guest Wadia Tazi told the paper, as Daniel had a “comedy” mustache drawn on his face. Double awww. Hardly the dark drug stuff of Amy legend, but maybe we should introduce him to Joss Stone in the meanwhile? They’ve obviously got quite a lot in common.


Joss Stone Riffs On Drugs, Amy And Being A “Diva B*tch”

Joss Stone has opinions, people, and don’t we know it. The singer opened fire on Lily Allen last week and has now made that ill-advised dis look tame. In a journalist’s dream interview – it’s stuffed full of fantastic quotes – Joss holds forth on just about everything. Including Amy Winehouse (as if she doesn’t want to make any more friends, thanks).

  • On avoiding the drugs trap: “You’ve got to have a lack of intelligence to do that to yourself. I think it’s stupid. Amy’s music is beautiful, her lyrics are f**king great, but she has to start loving the music more than she loves herself and the drugs.”
  • On, er, taking drugs herself: “I smoke weed, but I don’t think it’s really a drug. It’s more of a herb. I don’t regret saying that at all. I think everyone smokes weed and people who say they don’t are lying! Weed has been given this evil stamp, but how is it dangerous? It’s going to make you laugh your arse off? You might go to sleep? I think alcohol is much more harmful.”
  • On her ex-boyfriend, Beau Dozier: “He was a bad choice. I was 16, just a kid. It makes me angry because he wasn’t a kid, he was 25. It strikes me as weird that a 25-year-old man would even find a 16 year old attractive. I was a child.”
  • On her public persona: “[People] say: ‘Joss Stone – isn’t she that horrible diva bitch?’ Kenny, my guitar player, goes around and does surveys about me and people say: ‘Isn’t she crazy?’ But when he asks them why, they don’t really know.”

Actually, whatever we think of Joss’s pronouncements (where do we even start?), it’s sort of refreshing to see another star refuse to join the media-trained-into-oblivion ranks of certain other celebs.  Long may she talk herself into trouble! [Photo:  ]


Joss Stone: Lily Allen’s Not A Singer

Joss Stone fell out of favor in the UK a few years back when she appeared on stage at the Brit awards with a ludicrous American accent and tried to upstage Amy Winehouse by singing “Rehab.” And now about to relaunch herself with a new album, she’s doing no further favors by slating Lily Allen‘s recent attempts to clamp down on illegal file-sharing. By condescendingly stating it’s because Lily’s not a real singer. Riiiight.

“She needs to sell records because she’s not a singer, and that’s not an offence to her because I think that she knows that too… I think it’s probably harder for an artist like Lily and any other pop acts. It’s really about the track and about their personality and their celebrity and that’s how they make their money is selling those records,” she said. Lily’s not known for taking things lying down, and although she’s abandoned Twitter, we can soon see foolhardy Joss at the end of a verbal smackdown. Round two!


Guess Who’s Knockin’ Boots At LFW?


Hey, does anyone remember Mukluks? Famous for about ten minutes five years ago, they were some horrific Ugg/fur boots hybrid. Now if you imagine the fur is taken off them, some laces have been added and (yikes) given a peep-toe and a heel, you’d come close to achieving this unholy alliance in footwear. But who would wear such a thing? Those kookily-painted different toenails are a clue… Find out after the jump!

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Idol Recap: America, What’s Your Deal?

Some things just boggle the mind. Like for instance, how that Nicolas Cage movie beat that Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie AND Watchmen AND I Love You, Man at the box office last weekend. Sometimes we just don’t get people’s taste. Right now, we are questioning how America could put Matt Giraud in the bottom two last night and didn’t automatically eliminate Megan Joy or Scott MacIntyre.  Enough is enough, people! We’re stunned. Luckily, Matt was safe and the Texas oil-rigger with a hard candy shell but a soft center, Michael Sarver, went home. (But we don’t have to cry about it, all these people are going on tour this summer, let’s not forget that.) Here are our favorite moments from the show:

5. Smokey Robinson’s Anti-Aging Miracles

Yesterday a friend asked us where Smokey Robinson gets his youth serum and after last night, we’re starting to wonder too, the man is just not aging. Plus he acts like he’s one of the kids — the way he performed with Joss Stone made it look like the two were besties who were going to get a beer after the show. He was a great mentor this week who seemed genuinely interested in each contestant and we love him even more now than we did before.

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