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Kim Kardashian Strips Down to Preserve Her Perfect Body, Can’t Stop Having Sex with Kanye West


We had some burning questions prior to Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 10 premiere, but now we’re even more confused. Keeping up with this crazy crew just became a little bit harder thanks to new layers like Bruce‘s other sons (remember Burt Jenner?) and — surprise, surprise — more family drama (you’re not the only one who prefers Reggie Bush to Kanye West). Read more…

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Mini-Boss North West Takes Care of Her Own Bags at the Airport

After a week of slaying and serving face in Paris, the Kardashian-Wests are coming home. On their way out, North West proved she’s not a spoiled rich kid, and not just her mother’s accessory, by rolling her own suitcase through Charles De Gaulle airport. And just like Kendall Jenner, she needs no help from Kim.

North West airport

Nori’s either submitting an early audition for a reality spinoff, or attempting to run away from it all. So who did she get all this bossness from: Mom? Dad? Grandma Kris? I think the answer is clear.

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Which Celebrity Won Their Breakup?

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-Jasmine Grant

It’s quite the feat to step out of the more famous shadow of your spouse, but its certainly possible if you play your cards right. Take Amber Rose for example. After reading her infamous ex Kanye West‘s new in-laws for filth on Twitter, Rose has earned a slew of #TeamAmber fans — proving not only that she can hold her own, but that she doesn’t need to be rapper arm candy (to Yeezy or Wiz Khalifa) to maintain her status as a self-proclaimed “bad bitch.” Read more…

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Kanye West Goes Full Wolf + More of What You Missed on Instagram

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It’s been an unforgettable weekend, especially if you were in New York. NBA All-Star Weekend, SNL 40, New York Fashion Week, and Valentine’s Day all took place, and combined for a weekend filled with celebrity overload, and of course, a staggering amount of selfies.

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