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Kanye West Wins Baby Name Battle

It’s Kanye West versus the Kardashians on The Gossip Table. According to Rob Shuter, the rapper is battling it out with the reality clan over Kim and baby North. And the name is just round one.

“Doesn’t that say to you that Kanye has won round one, because there’s no ‘K’ in the name and Kanye’s name is in it?” Kathy Lee Gifford asked Shuter on Today.

Gifford may be on to something. West was reportedly spatting with Kris Jenner during the W magazine interview. Then there’s all the reality TV. The rapper doesn’t want his child to be on any show. Obviously that’s not how the Kim Klan operates.

Who partied too hard over the weekend? Marianne Garvey has the dish.

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Will You Love North West? 5 Other Celeb Baby Names That Grew On Us

Apple Martin Rumer Willis Bronx Wentz

We definitely need a minute to get used to the fact that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their daughter North West. (Especially since we were sure they were going with Khrist!) But maybe after the initial shock subsides, we’ll learn to love that adorable pun. After all, we’re now totally down with these celeb names that made us go, “Ugh, celebrities” when they were first announced.
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The Kardashian Family Pressuring Kanye West To Put A Ring On It

Before we kick off The Gossip Table, the team wants to quickly remember James Gandolfini, who died of a heart attack in Italy at the age of 51. “We lost a giant today. I am utterly heartbroken,” says Lorraine Bracco, Gandolfini’s co-star on The Sopranos. The actor will be greatly missed by all of those who knew him and his fans.

Are wedding bells in Kimye‘s future? Rob Shuter reports that the Kardashian family is pressuring Kanye West to get married to Kim. They feel now that she’s given birth, he needs to put a ring on it. Additionally, Noah Levy tells us that the Khloe, Kourtney and Scott Disick are concerned about the rapper going on tour. Due to promotional obligations for the release of his new album, Yeezus, Kanye might not be around much during the first few months of the newborn’s life.

Who is chaperoning 98 Degrees while the group goes on tour? Delaina Dixon has the dish.

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Sexy Mama! Kim Kardashian’s 5 Fiercest Maternity Style Moments

Kim Kardashian Maternity Looks

We are nothing if not thorough. Ever since Kimmie announced her pregnancy on New Year’s Eve, we’ve been keeping an exhaustive gallery of all her pregnancy ensembles! Some looks sucked, some were cute but ill-fitting — and a handful were actually dope. Now that the little kutie is born (seriously, what are they going to name this child? Are there any “K” names left?), let’s take a look back at Kiki’s five most winning mom-to-be style moments! 

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Did Kim Kardashian Check Out Of The Hospital?

Another day, another Kimye update. The Gossip Table has quite a few nuggets.

  • Chloe Melas tells us that, unless in need of medical attention, all new mothers are asked to leave Cedars-Sinai Hospital after two nights. If that’s the case, Kim Kardashian may have checked out Monday morning.
  • Additionally, Melas reports there may be an issue over the dramatic reveal of Baby Kimye. Magazines reportedly do not want to feature Kanye West on the cover. They rather just have Kardashian and her daughter. Burn.
  • Finally, the family is reportedly disputing over Baby Kimye’s name. The rapper is rumored to have settled on the name, North as in North West. But wait? There’s no ‘K’ unless it’s silent. So, Knorth West?!

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus may have chosen sides in her parents’ divorce.

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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reveal Their Baby’s Name


A source close to the Kardashian family revealed to VH1 exclusively that Kim and Kanye have named their daughter Khrist.

“The kouple had several ‘K’ names on tap,” our  source tells us, “but because their bundle of joy kame so klose to the debut of Yeezus, they decided to honor their khild with the same name as the khild of God–but with a K. After all, it is a Kardashian tradition and Kanye is God.”

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Kim Kardashian Gives Birth On Time, Not Early As Reported

Kimye‘s baby kicks off today’s Gossip Table. On Saturday, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl about five weeks ahead of schedule. Or did she? Chloe Melas reports that the Kardashian lied about her birth date to throw off the paparazzi. In fact, she was due around this time anyway. So all went according to plan.

And the baby was born in style. Over the weekend, Kim stayed in a $3,000-a-day luxury maternity suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. That’s not a bad way to be welcome into the world.

Meanwhile, celebrity psychic Thomas John tells us what he knows about Kimye’s new baby.

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Kim Kardashian Has Given Birth To Her Baby Girl!!!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Alternative Views

Kim Kardashian has officially given birth to Kanye West‘s daughter. US Weekly reports that Kim was sick last night and delivered her brand new bundle of joy early today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. According to TMZ, Kim had a natural birth. There’s no word yet on the baby’s name or weight, but Kanye canceled a record release party to be there for his girls. He was in the delivery room the whole time.

Keep checking in with for more information as it comes, and until we have a photo of the daughter of Yeezus, enjoy some now retro Kim Kardashian maternity style.

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Kim Kardashian Reacts To The Kanye West Cheating Rumors

Yesterday The Gossip Table debunked the Kanye West cheating rumors, and today Chloe Melas has Kim Kardashian‘s reaction to all of this. According to Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, the reality star has laughed off the rumors.

While Leyla Ghobadi continues to defend her story, Cheban tells Melas that Kim and Kanye spent the evening in question together in their hotel room. The situation for the Ghobadi to have sex with West just couldn’t have happened. Cheban also had some words for the model.

“A real model would never say she’s a swimsuit model,” Cheban says. “I didn’t think Canadians were liars.” Oh snap!


Which aging rapper has some career advice for Justin Bieber? The Gossip Table has the scoop!

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Kanye West Cheating Allegations Are Flimsy At Best

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with a model named Leyla Ghobadi. While the story is juicy, it may be too good to be true. Marianne Garvey reports that the model’s story is flimsy at best.

In an exclusive with Star magazine, the model claims that she hooked up with West two times last year and that he tried for a third time over the weekend. As it turns out, Ghobadi was reportedly paid almost $20,000 for her story. She also never took a lie-detector test to help validate her accusations. In fact, there’s very little evidence of any kind.

Aside from the photo she snapped with the rapper backstage at a concert, she conveniently lost or broke her phone, which supposedly had text messages between the two.

It looks as though this story was just a ploy for attention. But we will never really know, will we? You can bet The Gossip Table will eventually find out.