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Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ryan Lochte: Check Out 20 Celebz Who Rock Grillz

20 celebrities who wear grills

It’s grillz gone wild these days in Hollywood! We thought it was over back in ’06, but lately the teeth bling thing has been making a comeback in a huge way. We blame Ryan Lochte, who famously accepted his Olympic medals wearing an American flag-inspired grill on the stand. Just last night Rihanna stepped out to dinner wearing some metallic vampire fangs and crazy purple lipstick. Sure we’re used to seeing some extra gleam in Flavor Flav and Lil Wayne’s smiles, but that’s not all. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and even Jessica Simpson have experimented with the bold look over the years. Yes, grills aren’t just for badasses and Bond villains anymore, but they’ll still probably give you trouble at a medal detector. We wish they’d been in the 90s, because it would have totally made our braces years a lot more bearable! Oh well. Head on down to the gallery below to see 20 stars who’ve been rocking the gold in their teeth!

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Pam Anderson To Kim Kardashian: PETA’s Love-Hate Relationship With Celebs

PETA has always had a love-hate relationships with celebrities. Some star studs like Justin Bieber have won the hearts of animal lovers by gracing PETA ads. Some celebs have even stripped down to step up for the cause of animal rights. However, there’s always those celebrities who blaze their own fur trail and send PETA in a hot rage like Kim Kardashian most recently did.

On the good side of the controversial organization are Pamela Anderson and Bob Harper, who recently teamed up with PETA to launch limited-edition U.S. postage stamps featuring famous vegetarians. From Gandhi to Ellen DeGeneres, now your bills and birthday cards can all feature Hollywood’s top 20 herbivores. But without even buying any stamps (snail mail, what’s that?), you can peruse our eye-popping, yet informative list of celebs who made PETA’s It list and hit list, along with the famous offenders who’ve since changed their ways.

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Nas Owes Almost $6.5 Million In Taxes

Another year, another couple million dollars in the hole. In December 2009, we reported that Nas owed $2.5 million in back taxes—one reason he was whining about ex-wife Kelis‘ child support. But it looks like 2010 wasn’t any kinder to the dude: according to the Tax Watchdog blog, Nas now owes $6.4 million to the government, with the last half-mill or so tacked on earlier this month. Adding insult to injury, his condo association wants $3,860 in unpaid assessments on his Queens crib. Get in line, guys! Get in line.

It is really a shame that Nas and Kelis couldn’t work out their differences and fight their money problems together (a maid recently accused Kelis of owing her $900 and a hair stylist sued the “A Capella” singer for $5,000 in March). How do you go from buying a secluded mansion for “loud sex” to this financial heartbreak? Oh, right—by not figuring out how to pay for the secluded mansions.

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Kelis’ 20 Most Bizarre Looks


In light of Kelis‘s new single “4th of July (Fireworks)” dropping just in time for our favorite patriotic holiday, we’ve decided to showcase her most bizarre fashion choices that surely summoned a ton of “WTF are you thinking?” stares.

Her new song couldn’t be more appropriately titled; after her recent divorce with rapper Nas, why wouldn’t she name her first post-breakup single after Independence Day? If you think about it, Kelis’s outfits are actually a lot like fireworks: blindly colorful, extremely loud and potentially dangerous to the eyes of many.

If you gain anything from this collection of crazy, maybe it’ll inspire you to skip wearing the usual boring white linen pants and spaghetti strap tops to this weekend’s 4th of July BBQs and actually be daring for once! Why not wear a bright pink Avatar-inspired leather jumpsuit, a neon mushroom shaped hat, or  a tie-dyed cat suit?  If you do, your milkshake will be sure to bring the boys to the yard!

20. Rainbow Sherbert

19. Kickin’ It Old School

18. Seaweed Chic

17. Kelis in Wonderland

16. The Little Mermaid

15. Blueberry Muffin

14. Grandma’s Patchwork

13. Big Foot

12. Road Kill

11. Flower Power

10. Anything but Mellow Yellow

9. Cockadoodle DOO!

8. Fabulous Fungi

7. Psychedelically Tacky

6. Need a Pillow With that Comforter?

5. Inner Thespian

4. Tie Dye Cat Suit

3. The Mummy Returns

2. A Pink Avatar

1. Bizarrely Normal

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Nas Owes Kelis $100k, Both May Owe IRS A Lot More

Nas & Kelis

The good news for Nas? He no longer has to pay the $13k mortgage on ex-wife Kelis‘ LA home. The bad news? He lost his bid to stop paying $50k a month in spousal and child support. The worse news? He also has to pay Kelis’ legal fees—another $50k. The worst? The Illmatic rapper apparently owes $700,000 to his manager and $2.5 million in back taxes. Nas’ lawyer is enthusiastic about that mortgage win but if Nas starts showing up on TV more often rapping about tacos and sneakers, we’ll understand.

Though Kelis may have that support (and her new contract with Interscope Records) to rely on, the court battle revealed she hasn’t filed a tax return in a long time. Too bad they couldn’t make their attempted reconicilation last September work—they’d probably be better off pooling their resources.

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Nas: No Money For My Babymomma


Nas does not want to give any money to his babymomma Kelis. Although a judge previously ordered the rapper to pay Kelis $55,000 per month in spousal and child support, on Monday Nas filed a legal bid to decrease that number to only funds for his newborn son. Nas is reportedly also seeking joint custody. This divorce started in April and looks like it is still heating up. These two really don’t like each other! [Photo: Getty Images]


Keli$ $core$ $upport For Her $pawn


Nas and Kelis‘ new little bundle of joy may have been through a lot already in his first few hours of life, but it looks like the litle man will be well taken care of. Kelis was awarded $55,000 per month in combined spousal and child support today and Nas also must pay the mortgage on their Los Angeles home. Nas must shell out additional money for the baby nurse, prenatal expenses, and medical insurance – and the expense he probably liked most of all – $35,000 to Laura Wasser, Kelis’ divorce attorney. [Photo: Getty Images]


Nas and Kelis’ BabyDrama


Nas and Kelis‘ brand spankin’ new baby boy Knight has already been through a lot in his first few hours of life. Reportedly, Kelis’ labor was a long and arduous process, and little Knight took almost three days to pop out. On day two, Nas reportedly tried to cruise by Kelis’ hospital room at 1 am after performing a show, but the rapper was turned away because he was too wasted! The new parents have been feuding over money since announcing their split, and now another item that they will have to fight about is their new son’s hospital bill — which allegedly has not been paid. After seeing the chaotic circus of drama he’s been born into, little Knight is probably screaming at the doc, “Put me back in there!!!! Put me back!!!!” [Photo: Getty Images]


Nas Announces Birth Of Baby Boy

Divorcing couple Nas and Kelis welcomed a baby boy today and Nas announced his son’s debut in a video.  “My son is born today! Shout out to my son Knight,” Nas declares of his newborn spawn. This baby is indeed born at quite a hectic time: Kelis was set to attend a child support hearing yesterday, but missed it when she went into labor, and the former couple have been feuding over finances since they announced their split.


Kelis In Labor!


A little bundle of joy is about to enter the world in the middle of his parents battling out in a nasty divorce. Kelis, who was scheduled to appear in court today  to discuss child support, reportedly wasn’t able to make it because she went into labor. Her soon to be ex-husband Nas, who Kelis accuses of not paying child support, is reportedly not with her. Welcome to the world, little man, it’s about to get ugly! [Photo: Getty Images]