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Rihanna, Gaga, Kim K. & More: Our Ranking Of The 20 Top Fashion Disasters Of 2012

Top 20 Celebrity Fashion Disasters In 2012

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a couple of real fashion doozies this year. Whether they were at any one of the major award ceremonies, premieres or just disasters spotted on the street, our celebrities have made some grade-A worst-dressed choices in 2012. As always, as we look back at it all, we thought we would compile said bad sartorial decisions into one big, bad list. A top 20, to be precise. We’ve also compiled the looks in a gallery for you to pore through. We’re going to break it down for you from number 20 right up to numero uno. Feel free to let us know if you agree with the list, and if we missed anyone.

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20. Jennifer Lawrence: We’re so sad that Jennifer is on this list, but her blue, swirl-printed, boob-squishing, shiny Viktor & Rolf dress worn at the People’s Choice Awards gave us a headache.

19. Jessica Chastain: Jessica Chastain is such a beautiful woman but this Prabal Gurung dress, worn at the CFDA Fashion Awards was anything but fashionable on her. It also completely washed her out.

18. Elle Fanning: She may be young, but she’s a total fashionista. So when Elle wore this random Prada mess with those strange platforms by the same brand, to the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere in L.A. it broke our hearts.

17. Nelly Furtado: The brand of the dress was right — Alberta Ferretti — but the fit was all wrong, as was the crochet, on Nelly Furtado at the Billboard Music Awards.

16. Kourtney Kardashian: A TURBAN? Seriously, Kourtney?

15. LeAnn Rimes: This is one of our least favorite Stella McCartney designs ever, and LeAnn didn’t make it any better by pairing them with those grey shoes at the America Country Music Awards.

14. Chloe Sevigny: This Miu Miu dress worn to the Met Ball felt like a fashion experiment gone wrong.

13. Lindsay Lohan: Too much blush, way fake hair extensions, a cheap-looking satin gown, diamond cut-out with red tear-drops … oh, Lindsay. She could have done so much better to the premiere of Liz & Dick.

12. Katy Perry: This neon green ensemble that Katy wore to the Kids Choice Awards looks like something Kermit threw up.

11. Jessica Szohr: Leopard-print headband? High-tops? Bodysuit? It’s a mash-up of fashion decade trends gone wrong on Jessica at the MTV Video Music Awards.

10. Rita Ora: Rita’s Emilio Pucci jumpsuit worn at the MTV Video Music Awards physically assaulted our eyes.  Read more…

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The Billboard Music Awards Have Their Fair Share Of Worst-Dressed Celebrities

Worst Dressed At The Billboard Music Awards

Where there is a best-dressed, there has to be a worst-dressed. It’s the yin and yang of a red carpet. You’re already aware of the Miley Cyrus tuxedo disaster at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards? She had good bad company at the event, as well. Here’s the thing about Katy Perry‘s flowing lavender Blumarine gown. It would have been great if it had taken it down a notch in the shine department. It looks almost synthetic, and that deep plum lipstick feels wrong with it. Julianne Hough‘s gold sequin Kaufman Franco dress suffered from the same problem. It also looked like an embellished towel wrapped around her body, though we feel a little more makeup may have suited this look.

Sticking to the shimmer department was Julie Bowen‘s Doo.Ri strapless dress. It looked ill-fitting, and that one shining panel down the front didn’t do wonders for her, especially with her clunky heels. We actually liked Zooey Deschanel‘s sparkly Moschino number, even though it was badly fitted, but she ruined the lightness of the outfit by adding those black tights. Lacey Scwhimmer‘s shimmery panelled dress just went straight to tacky — and what was up with those candy-colored hair extensions? Normally, embellished gowns do well at awards shows. Not so much the case at this event, as you can see.

Another misstep came from Nelly Furtado. The label of the dress was all right — Alberta Ferretti. But the white crochet translated pretty badly on her body, making her look boxy, when we know that Nelly isn’t. Sticking to the same color scheme was Amber Rose who really needs to be told that there is no harm in going up a size. Too tight, Amber! Way too tight! She looked like she was about to spill out any moment. But, as always, the final verdict lies with you. What do you think of the ensembles? Take a look at the gallery below and give us your opinions.

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Nelly Futardo Stomps All Over L.A. In Stilts For New Music Video

It’s not like Nelly Futardo’s outfit wasn’t striking enough on its own. Note, we didn’t say “good” or “bad.” We’re being nice today and sticking to striking. Do feel free to come up with your own conclusions when you gaze upon her black mesh and fuchsia piping (especially down those extra-long trousers). Slicked back hair, huge retro earrings and a gash of red lipstick completed the look. What really stood out about her was the fact that she was hitting the skyline … in stilts. Who knew Nelly could even do that? The circus antics were due to the fact that she was filming her new track’s  — called “Big Hoops (The Bigger the Better)” — video in downtown L.A. She apparently didn’t need much help with the stilt-walking at all, so girlfriend’s been practicing. That does not look easy! The song is going to be a part of her new album T.S.I. (it stands for “The Spirit Indestructible”), which is scheduled for release in June. Are you looking forward to the return of Nelly?

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Nelly Furtado To Give Her $1 Million Gaddafi Payday To Charity

Don’t feel too bad, Nelly—the US government has a tendency to belatedly regret supporting despots, too. Nelly Furtado tweeted she’ll give $1 million to charity, which happens to be the amount she got for a 45-minute concert in Italy for the family of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2007. While there has been talk of celebs like Nelly, Beyonce and Mariah Carey performing for the Gaddafi’s family since 2009, recently Wikileaks confirming the parties—plus Gaddafi’s recent violent reaction to protesters—has increased the negative buzz over these high-paying, low-ethics gigs. Will other stars feel pressured to comment after Nelly’s big confession?

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Five Music Videos For Cheaters

There’s been a lot of hanky panky going around in Hollywood lately. It’s been alleged, for instance, that David Duchovny cheated on wife Tea Leoni by volleying private parts with his tennis instructor — a rumor he vehemently denies. It’s also been alleged that he’s divorcing Leoni because she played a similar game with Billy Bob Thornton. Then there’s Balthazar Getty hooking up with Sienna Miller (a.k.a, the SLUT), Paris Hilton shaking her bony ass for Prince William and rumors of Justin “Bobby” Brescia hooking up with Lauren Conrad behind Audrina Patridge‘s back. The nerve!

In light of sneaky sexual relations, we’ve culled together five music videos of the “Me And Mrs. Jones” variety. Watch them all after the jump.

Depeche Mode — “A Question of Lust”

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Hollywood’s 16 Hottest Celesbians

Between Katy Perry kissing girls (and liking it), Lindsay and Samantha pledging their love via MySpace messages, and Penelope Cruz‘s tonsil hockey session with Scarlett Johansson in this summer’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, girl-on-girl action appears to be the latest Hollywood trend. From the obviously out (Tila) to the maybe-the-world’s-just-wishing (Jessica Biel), check out Hollywood’s 16 hottest celesbians.

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