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Did Nicole Scherzinger Suffer A Nip-Flashing Wardrobe Malfunction? Maaaaaybe…

Nicole Scherzinger in a sheer dress at the National Television Awards in the U.K.

Ah, how we love the mornings when we find ourselves staring for an hour at a celebrity’s chest and playing “nipple/not nipple.” Today’s subject: Nicole Scherzinger, who wore quite the stunning black William Vintage Ossie Clark dress to the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night. Like many a black gown before hers, this one turned sheer in the glare of a million camera bulbs. And naturally, many of our fellow gossip sites are calling out “wardrobe malfunction!” But we’re feeling a little contrary. Mostly because we have boobs, and our nipples have no reflective quality the way Nicole’s appear to in this photo, and even in the one below, where the flash is a little dimmer.
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Oh My, That’s A Lot Of Thigh! 2012’s Top 15 Ranking Of The Leggiest Celebrity Thigh-Baring Gowns

2012 Top 15 Most Daring Thigh Baring Celebrity Gowns

Sexy, often scandalous, and forever sensational — throw in a thigh-high slit into your gown and you’re going to get completely eyeballed. The more daring the cut, the more looks it’s going to get, so you know that celebrities love this major red carpet trend. 2012 has been the year for thigh-baring gown slits as our stars went all out to show as much leg as possible. Most of your most beloved ladies and ours opted for the style, so we decided to pick the top 15 most incredible leggy gown moments and rank them. We’ll start with number 15 and work our way up to numero uno. Of course, all the photographs, numbered accordingly, are in the gallery below, so have a look and a read and tell us whether we got it right in the comments section.

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15. Sophia Bush: The actress went all out and showed some slinky leg while wearing an orange David Meister Signature dress. She accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, Christian Louboutin shoes, and a Daniel Swarovski clutch. If there’s any place to take the fashion plunge  — or cut — it was definitely at the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards after party at the Boom Boom Room in June in New York City.

14. Kristen Stewart: Kristen rocked it and rocked some leg in a gorgeous golden Elie Saab dress with Christian Louboutin shoes at the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Germany Premiere at CineStar in November, 2012 in Berlin.

13. Jada Pinkett Smith: Jada Pinkett Smith showed just how toned her legs are in a bright orange Atelier Versace gown and Jimmy Choos at the Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted premiere during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in May.

12.  Carrie Underwood: Did we expect to see Ms. Carrie Underwood’s very shapely leg in her Abed Mahfouz couture chiffon gown at the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards in Vegas in April, 2012? Not at all, which is what made it even more awesome.

11. Beyonce: Beyonce isn’t just all about being bootylicious. She’s pretty darn leggy as well, as was proved by her gorgeous Stephane Rolland gown at the 2012 BET Awards held in July in L.A. this year!

10. Miranda Kerr: This supermodel has legs for miles, which is what brough her to the number 10 spot on our list. And her bronzed Collette Dinnigan gown showed them off to perfection at the 2012 AACTA Awards in Sydney in July.

9.  Kat Graham: Kat Graham’s gams were a force to be reckoned with in her Maria Lucia Hohan gown at the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. Angeles, in June, 2012.

8. Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian klassed it up at the 2012 amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS benefit during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in May this year. But not too much, because her mustard Elie Saab gown had a daring double slit that showed off those legs!

7. Nicole Scherzinger: Why hello, Nicole’s leg. Please to meet you. The singer showed off her shapely stems in a Cengiz Abazoğlu dress with Giuseppe Zanotti heels at the U.K. premiere of Men in Black 3 at Odeon Leicester Square in May, 2012 in London.

6. Rihanna: Ri-Ri was all about the leg in her minimal Giorgio Armani custom gown at the Stella McCartney Special Presentation in London in February this year.

5. Nina Dobrev: Nina Dobrev sparkled and showed off major leg through a major slit in her electric Elie Saab gown and Jimmy Choos at the 2012 amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS benefit during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in May this year. Read more…

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Chris Brown, Nicole Scherzinger Makeout: Did It, Or Didn’t It Happen?

Nicole Scherzinger, Chris Brown Alleged Kiss At Nighclub

Brain exploding! Right now, the interwebz is going bananas over this alleged Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger alleged hook-up. X17Online broke the story with photographs of the two at the Supperclub in L.A. with a source adding, “They were dancing close for a while and being all touchy-feely and finally Chris leaned into her. She put her head on his shoulder and they started kissing! I couldn’t believe Chris was being so obvious about it!” The problem is that the photographs are slightly grainy and while they do look like there’s some intimate action, we’re not sure if they were kissing or just talking really closely to each other. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. What about the supposed Rihanna reunion right? The singer just tweeted support for her ex’s court hearing, and supposedly offered to defend Brown at a hearing in November that will determine whether or not her violated his parole. Plus, there was that maybe kiss at the VMAs. Hell, we’ve been expecting Ri-Ri and Brown to go public at any moment. So how did this apparent Nicole and Chris thing happen? For the most part, Nicole’s spokesperson is denying the hookup, saying, “There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story regarding Nicole and Chris Brown. The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club. I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing. This is a non-story. ” Brown’s people have also stated, “No story here. They were not kissing. They are friends, have been for years and they were talking at a club with loud music playing.” But then, that’s what they would say. And there are these pictures. So — what do you think? Makeout or fake out?

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25 Pictures Of Beyonce, Willow Smith, Elizabeth Banks And More Embracing The Summer Brights Trend

25 Pictures Of 2012 Summer Brights Trend

If there’s one trend we’ve been spotting taking over red carpets in 2012 alone, it’s been the juicy summer brights look. We’ve been happy to see every shade of orange and yellow seep onto a variety of silhouettes over the year, from the very start of January. The Oscars, the Met Ball, the Golden Globes and the big premieres — hello, The Hunger Games — all had these shades represented by actresses who are not afraid to embrace the bright side. The Met Ball alone really took care of this huge trend with a number of actresses choosing orange like Kristen Bell and Emma Roberts. Solange Knowles and January Jones really took care of the yellow spectrum. Some celebrities have been more courageous than others, wearing brights on numerous occasions. Like, Viola Davis, Nicole Richie and Elizabeth Banks. Each of those lovely ladies is represented in our exhaustive gallery of 25 pictures below. This collection comprises our favorite looks — all worn this year, from January onwards — which are all either orange or yellow, keeping the trend in mind. You’ll also see where exactly they were worn, in case you want to do a little digging on your own. Knock yourselves out on these punchy shades and tell us whose design you liked best!

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Nicole Scherzinger Auditioned “Fair And Square” For Her Men In Black III Spot

Nicole Scherzinger in Men in Black III

“Don’t be late for the movie, because then you’ll miss me!” Nicole Scherzinger told VH1 News of her part in Men in Black III. That’s not to say she wasn’t thrilled for her first movie role to be in none other than a major blockbuster franchise, especially since she doesn’t feel like she was just a stunt casting. “I auditioned for the role fair and square.”

This isn’t the former Pussycat Doll’s first foray into acting, mind you. “I actually grew up doing theater and my major in college was thea-TRE,” she said, with dramatic flare. “But I have a whole new respect, because I’m used to being onstage — doing film is a lot different.”

Nicole, if these faces you made for us are any indication, you should be onscreen a whole lot more:

Nicole Scherzinger MIB3

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On Britney Spears’ First Day On X Factor, We Have Advice From Ex-Judge Nicole Scherzinger

Britney Spears arrives to her first day as an 'X Factor' judge

And so it begins. Britney Spears showed up to her first day of work as an X Factor judge today, armed with a hot pink mini dress and bizarre fiance/conservator combo Jason Trawick. Despite rumors of nerves, she looked confident and composed as she made her way to the first round of auditions in Austin this afternoon. In fact, we think she looks great! Looks like fellow reality judge Howard Stern isn’t going to get the train-wreck he was hoping for.

Maybe Brit got a call from former X Factor judge (and Pussycat Doll) Nicole Scherzinger! Our very own Janell Snowdon recently caught up with the lovely Nicole, and the singer offered some soothing words on how Britney and Demi Lovato can make the most of their time on the show. “Speak from your heart,” she says. “Just be you. That’s what Simon always told me, ‘Just be you.'” Check out the full interview in the video above, and more photos from Britney’s first day in the gallery below!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Red Hot In New York City: Nicole Scherzinger Vs. Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland, Nicole Scherziner, New York

New York got a little more steamy yesterday, thanks to these two ladies. You got to love fire-engine red when it’s done right. We’ll start with Nicole Scherzinger on the left, who was attending the Men In Black III  premiere in the city. She put on this gorgeous cherry colored Bill Blass dress and added Lorraine Schwartz  jewels along with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and a Jimmy Choo clutch. Smart stylist! The fit is just perfect on her, and we’re glad she put on a strappy shoe as opposed to a clunky heel, as many starlets seem to be doing these days. We also love the length, and the halter is elongating that incredible body of hers.

Somewhere in the same city, photographers happened to run into Kelly Rowland leaving her hotel. She’s obviously headed to some sort of event, or a really glamorous date, because will you look at her gown? She’s working it out with that crimson color. This is her shade and she should live in it. The long, open hair adds an even sexier touch and those white ankle-cuff heels seem to be doing all the right things, too. This, in a way, is the longer version of Nicole’s dress. Both the singers have hit home runs in their red ensembles. Want to help us out with a winner?

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Adele, Rihanna, Jessie J Get Cheeky At Brit Awards

We have a theory: Adele and the Brit Awards producers must have known that no one would treat “Adele wins” as a big headline-worthy deal this week, after she swept the Grammys last week. So they purposely cut her off during her acceptance speech, and she flipped them the bird. Yep. That worked! The triumphant songstress’ middle finger livened up her otherwise risk-free appearance, but other stars at last night’s show let their gowns (or lack thereof) do the talking. For her performance, Rihanna switched out her breathtaking, beaded gold gown for a sweatshirt and some boxer brief. Jessie J flashed us her underpants through a gauzy, flamenco-style red gown. And Florence Welch looked a bit like wild animals tried to rip her dress off her — but the look kind of worked on the energetic singer. It was a night when risks paid off, after all.

Check out the looks that wowed us, and a few that we’d like to splash with some of Coldplay’s Day-Glo paint, just to liven things up a bit.

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Is Janet Jackson On Her Way To Becoming An X Factor Judge?

Now that Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger have gotten the boot from The X Factor, leaving Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid left to grumble behind the judges’ table, it seems that the show is desperately in need of a Nice Judge. Someone who will get misty-eyed when a 13-year-old belts out a Mariah song, even if that 13-year-old sounds like a rusty rake scraping against a chalkboard. Enter Janet Jackson! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson is in preliminary talks to occupy one of the available slots. When asked by Anderson Cooper if she was already an X Factor judge in an interview set to air Monday, Janet demurred, “No, I am not. But that’s all I really think I should say.” Lord help those contestants if they’re nasty, is all we’re saying.

While the prospect of bringing Beyonce onto the show seems to be nothing but gossip so far, Simon did confirm rumors that the show was in touch with Whitney Houston prior to her passing. “We were ironically going to meet on Monday and of course, one of the names we were going to be talking about in that meeting as a possible mentor on the new series of X Factor was going to be Whitney Houston,” Cowell admitted to Piers Morgan. While Whitney would have been phenomenal on the show, Janet brings a lot of the same qualities to the table: they both seem kind, fair and, most importantly, talented enough for their opinion actually mean something. Simon, we’re looking at you here…

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Jay-Z Hates Egg Nog, Michael Fassbender Believes In Santa And Other Celebrity Holiday Revelations

Tis the season to talk to celebs on the red carpet about the ups, downs and WTFs of the holidays. In the video above we’ve got Jay-Z dissecting the drama of drinking too much egg nog (we’ve all been there, Hov), Nicole Scherzinger getting grossed out over fruit cake, and Shame star Michael Fassbender claiming that he still believes in Santa Claus. Funny, that’s kind of like us still believing we can one day date Michael Fassbender! Here’s to ho-ho-hoping that he’s under the tree waiting for us this Christmas. If not, an advance copy of Shame will do. (Guys, he’s naked in it! NAKED. Happy Holidays to our eyes!)