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Nicole Scherzinger Held At Gunpoint In Mexico: Report

The latter half of 2011 has brought a whole lot of drama into Nicole Scherzinger’s life. First, there was that nasty X Factor death-threat business, where Nicole and Paula Abdul were the target of rabid fan messages. Now reports have surfaced that Nicole was held at gunpoint in Mexico by law enforcement officers! She was with choreographer Brian Friedman, driving through the mountains in Mexico to get to the set of Nicole’s new music video, “Try with Me,” when all of a sudden, their bulletproof SUV was pulled over by some gun-toting officials.

They were surrounded by Mexican authorities, Friedman told Star. “We were held at gunpoint. People next to our cars … there were M16s and Berettas!” There was total panic, but they were let go immediately. Just doing their jobs, right? While the police do confirm that the incident went down, they’re standing by the fact that no weapons were drawn on anyone. 

“Nicole cursed me with this trip,” Friedman told Star. “It was the craziest adventure ever!” That music video better be worth the trouble.

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Paula Abdul And Nicole Scherzinger Receive Death Threats After The X Factor Elimination

People need to chill the *beep* out. Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger voted off The X Factor favorite Drew Ryniewicz and the reaction is downright scary. Fans have lashed out at both of them on Twitter and Facebook with violent abusive messages. The’ve been coming in waves and Paula and Nicole are, understandably, worried that someone will act upon the death threats. We have a feeling security’s going to get beefed up on the show very quickly.

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Nicole Scherzinger Covers Shape Magazine

Do not hate us for putting up this photograph of Nicole Scherzinger‘s December Shape magazine cover. We’re all a month away from making our New Year resolutions and need to get inspired by forces of natures — like Nicole’s abs. God has really been kind to this woman. And sad as her breakup from Lewis Hamilton was, coming up with a cover like that right after the split is a case of excellent timing.

If any of you have been following Nicole as a judge on The X Factor like we have, then you know she isn’t afraid of standing up to one Mr Cowell. But her remarks about the judges in the magazine are all sweetness and light, and we wish the ex-Pussycat would get her claws out. Of her three co-judges she says, “I think we’re a good mix. Simon is empowering and encouraging. L.A. is very giving and inspiring. And Paula is as sweet in person as she seems on TV. As for me, well, sometimes I’m nice, and sometimes I’m not. I definitely watch the contestants with a very careful eye.” Nicole, gurl, it looks like you’re too hot … because your pants are on fire.

[Photo: Shape]

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Drake And Nicole Scherzinger Go On A Dinner Date

A newly single Nicole Scherzinger has wasted no time in moving on after her split with racer (ex) boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton. Surprising, considering they were together for four years. The breakup happened about a week ago, and a source revealed, “Nicole and Lewis have tried to make it work but realized it’s just not happening so have called it a day once and for all. They’ve spoken at length about it but agreed there’s no point as they never see each other. They spend their whole time on opposite sides of the world. Although they came to an amicable decision, Nicole is actually devastated about it. She thought Lewis was the one.”

She may be “devastated,” but a girl’s got to go about the town too, right? Enter, Drake, who took Nicole out to dinner at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. And she looked pretty hot wearing a cream and black tube dress she had worn earlier on the X Factor. So what’s the deal? Just a date, or is something more happening?

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Summer Trend Watch: Orange And Purple Color Mash-Up

We’ve noticed a color combination pop up more than usual on red carpets and magazine covers of late. It’s a trend within a trend, if you will. Orange and purple outfits are everywhere, making color blocking one of the biggest fashion must-do’s this summer. Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole were pitted against each other during The X-Factor and also took each other on by wearing the same shades. A pregnant Jessica Alba wore an orange and purple dress at the CFDA awards. Kim Kardashian wore a not so flattering version at her perfume launch in the UK, copying Jennifer Lawrence‘s Flare Magazine cover. Camilla Belle put her spin on it at a Pre-Grammy brunch, adding green pants to the mix. Finally, Rihanna rocked high-waisted orange pants and a purple crop-top in the UK.

But do we like it? Do we want to see more or do we want this trend to go away?  Who wore it best and who was a big fashion fail? Take a look after the jump at our gallery and then vote in our polls so we know what you’re thinking. Feel free to comment too!

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Nicole S, J. Lo And Cee-Lo Share UK Stage: Who Looked Hottest?

Well at least they had something to talk about backstage! Jennifer Lopez, Cee-Lo Green and Nicole Scherzinger may all star on competing reality TV singing competitions but their day-jobs as professional singers brought them to the Capitol Radio Summertime Ball in London this weekend, allowing us to judge their ability to judge. J. Lo’s snake-skin ensemble was certainly daring, with Scherzinger rocking similar, albeit black, thigh-high heels with a short skirt. While some will argue Cee-Lo was considerably less hot than the ladies, we’re getting warm just looking at that bulky coat. Who’s look do you like most? Check out the gallery below and answer our poll.

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Cheryl Cole Out Of The X-Factor For Good

As it turns out, Cheryl Cole won’t be part of The X-Factor, period. Neither the U.S version or the U.K show! After last week’s embarrassing ordeal of being dropped from The X-Factor, U.S, Cheryl seemed to be headed across the pond to continue judging on Simon Cowell‘s (he’s executive producer) show’s original panel. She was ignominiously dropped right after the show’s first auditions in America and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Reports suggested that Paula Abdul and Cheryl weren’t exactly getting along as well.

News has now surfaced that Simon’s booted her from the U.K panel as well. He announced the judge’s line-up for the new season and while it includes Kelly Rowland, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and N-Dubz member Tulisa Contostavious, there’s no mention of Ms. Cole. What did she do it piss off the boss? More reports have popped up that Cheryl wasn’t cooperating at all and felt that the whole mess was a massive snub on Simon’s part. A source revealed, “Simon offered her an olive branch to come back but she didn’t take it. Now it is business as usual as far as he is concerned. He hopes that in six months it could be ‘Cheryl who?’ and people will be talking about the new judges instead…” The Cowell has spoken. And he’s normally right!

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The X-Factor Shake-Up: Cheryl Cole Out, Nicole Scherzinger In!

Things work quickly (read: ruthlessly) in showbiz. Just two weeks ago Cheryl Cole was at The X-Factor‘s first auditions along with fellow judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and L.A Reid. Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger were roped in as the hosts of the American adaptation of the hit show. Everything was in place and it looked like the formula for a hit series.

All of a sudden, Nicole’s replaced Cheryl as a judge! Just like that. Cheryl’s back on a plane to England! TMZ reports that it’s because Cheryl’s English accent is too indecipherable for American audiences and also because—and this is the damning one—of her “lack of chemistry” with Paula. It pays to go kissy-kissy with Simon in moments like these because there was no way anyone was getting rid of her. Apparently, Cheryl has been asked to go back to the original U.K show, but sources are saying that the singer’s so cheesed off with the whole mess that she wants out of the whole thing! No one’s heard from Simon about all of this yet and we’re waiting to hear what he has to say. All we know is that Nicole should steer clear from Cheryl for a while. Scratch that, the whole lot of them should watch out!

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