Pete Doherty Sentenced To 6 Months Prison For Cocaine Possession

Most Americans, if they know who Pete Doherty is at all, know him as that guy from The Libertines whose drug-fueled escapades with former girlfriend Kate Moss got more press than the band’s critically hailed 2002 debut, Up The Bracket. Today’s news won’t really change that, as Doherty has been sentenced to 6 months prison for cocaine possession. The charge followed a police investigation into the January 2010 overdose of his friend, documentarian Robyn Whitehead.  “Robyn was using drugs when she was 12 years old. she was a heavily involved recreational user and abuser of substances,” said Doherty on his blog, denying any responsibility for her death. “I did not lead her astray at all. I loved her. I left her the day before she died pissed off that I wouldn’t give her any drugs…Robyn’s father texted me that I am a ‘coward and a runt’ and that I am to blame. She would be broken hearted if she knew that I was not even invited to the funeral…she was my best friend, you deranged old silly…the media has been despicable and you are falling into their hands.”

Doherty, previously jailed for brief periods in 2003 and 2008 after multiple brushes with the law, was scheduled to perform in Glasgow, Scotland tonight, and recently shot his first movie, Confessions d’un Enfant du Siecle, with Charlotte Gainsbourg. The Libertines reunited to play a series of gigs in 2009 and 2010, after splitting in 2004.


Seriously Kids, Don’t Do Drugs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so for this one, try to think of 1000 synonyms for “drugs”. Pete Doherty, the British musician who famously dated Kate Moss at the time of her cocaine bust and has been reportedly dating Amy Winehouse, doesn’t ever NOT look like this. It’s just funny because this photo was taken outside the courthouse where George Michael was sentenced earlier today for his own drug case. The increased police presence seems not to sit well with Pete, but it makes for one hilarious series of photos for us. We can feel his bouncing knee and nervous jitters from here.

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Kate Moss Engaged?


Kate Moss has led a relatively tame personal life since breaking up with drug-addled bad boy Pete Doherty. She has quietly been dating musician Jamie Hince for the past two years and now sources are claiming the pair is engaged.

Moss turned 36 this past weekend, and a friend tells the New York Daily News that Hince flew to meet her in Mustique, where she was working, to surprise her with an engagement ring. “It was the first time they had been alone together in quite a while and it was extremely emotional. Kate and Jamie are in a very good place, they already live together and this is the next step to settling down for good,” the friend told the paper. In addition to Doherty, Moss has previously dated Johnny Depp and journalist Jefferson Hack (who is father to Kate’s 7-year-old daughter Lila Grace). If we were friends with Kate and Jamie, we’d surely buy them a celebratory pack of smokes, the one accessory neither is ever without.

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Kate Moss Won’t Ever Get Married


She’s never walked down the aisle, and it doesn’t look like Kate Moss ever will. The Evening Standard says that Kate has laid down her footloose status to boyfriend Jamie Hince, despite his willingness to put a ring on it after two tempestuous years together.

“Kate has seen her pals’ marriages fall apart and doesn’t want to put herself or her daughter Lila Grace through that, she doesn’t see the point,” says the requisite “pal.”

We’re kind of glad Kate isn’t the usual sort of celebrity to get married in a mad rush — after all, she’d be paying Pete Doherty alimony if that was the case. Shudder. But we feel she’s denying us the most exquisite fashion moment of our lives — the Kate Moss Wedding Dress. Topshop would have a knockoff flying off the shelves in days. No fair!  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Eeek! David Gest, Pete Doherty To Pay Tribute To Jackson


Thought Lady Gaga teaming up with Michael Bolton was weird? Now we’re faced with the unholy alliance of Pete Doherty and David Gest. Liza Minnelli’s ex has forged a semi-successful career in the UK since featuring on I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here! a few years back and coming across as fairly normal, and very funny (no joke).

But there’s something very peculiar about the lineup for his forthcoming concert David Gest…My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza¸which is pairing the notoriously drug-addled Doherty with soul legends The Temptations, on a bill that features many old soul stars. And there’s more! “In homage to Gest’s best friend from childhood, Michael Jackson, the entire ensemble will join together to sing his 1983 hit song Human Nature,” the press release announces. The concert takes place on October 14 in London, and we know where we’ll be! Yes, that’s at home, hoping we never have to see Pete Doherty slur his way through one of our favorite Jackson songs. [Photos: Getty Images]


Pete Doherty In “Drugs Collapse”

Just as we’d almost forgotten all about him, Pete Doherty has reminded us that actually, he’s the proper druggie musician around here, not Amy Winehouse. The ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss has been caught allegedly taking drugs on a flight to Switzerland, and was arrested last Friday.

Pete – whose drug problems have been well documented over the (approximately)  last thousand years– was found “slumped” in the toilets of the British Airways flight, and a hypodermic needle taken away by staff. After paying a fine, he was allowed to go and perform at a concert in Geneva. How? Why? At least some things, like death, taxes, and drug-addicted pop stars always stays the same, we guess.


Kate Moss To Write Autobiography


Kate Moss is finally going to open up and speak at length about her scandalous life. The notoriously silent-with-the-press supermodel has signed a deal with Virgin Books to pen her autobiography, and this prospect has us salivating in excitement. Johnny Depp! The Primrose Hill set scandals! The Pete Doherty drug years! Going to rehab! Johnny Depp (again)!

But apparently, it’s not going to be a warts-and-all confession, just something to “set the record straight, but not betray any trust,” says Grazia mag. Boo. Still, Kate’s had enough drama in her life to make any book about her a must-read. She’s already cancelled one book deal a few years back, so we’re keeping fingers crossed she doesn’t change her mind. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Pete Doherty: Amy Winehouse Is Hardcore

When Amy Winehouse was just a little known jazz singer (yes, this was once the case), Britain’s drugged-up singer du jour was Pete Doherty, and the tabloids couldn’t get enough of his near-daily arrests for possession, chaotic lifestyle and permanently out-of-it appearance. Then he and Kate Moss hooked up and the celebrity world spun on its axis even further. So it’s a little worrying to report that even Pete thinks Amy has taken it a little too far with the old pharmaceuticals.

Talking to the Observer magazine about a possible duet between the two that never ended up happening, Pete says, “I think we’re very different. Really, really different. She’s hardcore.”

Good lord. When Pete Doherty’s intimidated by someone else’s capacity to imbibe, you know that’s something.


Pete Doherty Claims To Be Clean

Has Pete Doherty finally got a grip? The drug-addled musician has given an interview where — shock — he finally talks some sense and admits that no one knows him for his music, rather than his headline-grabbing lifestyle. Only a couple of months after Pete freaked out the nation (again) with his erratic skull-loving behavior on an MTV documentary, Pete promises he’s cleaned up his act.

“They’ll be able to name ten things about me or to do with me or someone I’ve been with before they’ll ever be able to name a song. And that really is quite sad… I’ve come into my own head a little bit really, being a bit more honest and open, rather than hiding in a crack pipe or wherever and just not turning up most of the time. I’m off that kind of stuff. Complete abstinence is what they advocate — but the odd gin and tonic’s all right, isn’t it?” he says.

Pete has also promised not to “inflict” himself on any girls for the time being. And also hand his homework in on time. And tidy up his room. Good boy, Pete.


The 15 Most Disturbing And Grotesque Moments Of Pete Doherty’s MTV Show

When MTV in the UK aired Pete Doherty In 24 Hours, we showed you the sad state of his bedroom. But there were so many WTF! moments that we haven’t been able to get out of our heads. Below, a list:


Pete’s surprised that he’s supposed to do a catwalk show for his mate’s label launch tomorrow night. So he practises his catwalk shimmy. Clearly Kate Moss taught him nothing. But he then does reveal she chose a Burberry shoot over him when the label gave her an ultimatum. Cold!


Pete shows MTV the cat paw prints that go up the wall. Only problem is, he can’t remember whether he did them himself or whether they’re real cat paws. Hint: most cats can’t walk vertically up walls.


Apparently, the house is haunted because Pete hears the sounds of a mad party which make him hide. Not that it could be in his head — it’s HAUNTED.

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