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Reality TV Stars Who Can’t Stop Being on Reality TV


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County first premiered on MTV. What’s crazier to think about is that America’s Next Top Model has been on air for 21 cycles, The Real Housewives franchise has expanded from Orange County to six other cities in the U.S. alone, and New York no longer refers to the city or state. Over the past decade, these reality shows have produced a number of stars who have built a career around being on reality TV. Just look at Bethenny Frankel, who first got started on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart before becoming a household name on The Real Housewives of New York.

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Kim Kardashian Denies Second Ray J Sex Tape, A.K.A. The Most Redundant Sex Tape In The World

Kim Kardashian Denies Second Ray J Sex Tape

Don’t fire up your Blu-Ray player just yet, Kanye! Looks like you’ll have to return once again to the original Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape in order to get your jollies. You perv. Despite the fact that the ‘bloids claim there is a second erotic video featuring the former couple, both Kim and the porn company who owns her first tape deny its existence. “There is no truth to this and there’s no tape. Unfortunately the outlet that first wrote about this didn’t bother to check their sources or story,” the Kardashian rep sighed. “We’ve already spoken to the third party that brought the first tape to us and, a second tape, or additional footage from the first tape isn’t being shopped around or even exists,” Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch explained yesterday. Oh, also…we’ve already seen Kim and Ray J having sex. How much more does the world need? How many hours of homemade porn must Kim and Ray J produce before the nation is finally satisfied?

Okay, so HuffPo reports that the alleged footage is much “raunchier” than the first film, but our point remains! The whole internet is full of porn, people. Branch out! Live a little. Now a Kim and Kanye sex tape on the other hand…that would be a different story. Plus you know Yeezy would make it all arty and insane. Bizarre bird women! Ballerinas! A tasteful shout-out to Michael Jackson!

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Kim Kardashian Bounces From Miami Restaurant To Avoid Seeing Sex Tape Partner Ray J

Last year Ray J found himself seated on the same plane as Kris Humphries, who was at the time engaged to Ray’s former sex-tape partner Kim Kardashian. Needless to say, it made for something of an awkward flight. But now the R&B had an even closer call confronting his less than illustrious past, as he showed up at Miami’s Prime 112 restaurant; the very place that the whole Kardashian Klan were having a family dinner. Coming face to face with a whole pack of Kardashians is probably pretty terrifying in the best of occasions, but if you’re Ray J, it could very well have ended tragically.

Ray arrived at the restaurant on Sunday night to have dinner with his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather. Apparently he was totally unaware that Kim and Co. were in the house because, hey, the world’s a big place. But the reality TV stars were there to mark the 9-year-anniversary of patriarch Robert Kardashian’s death. Ooof. We can’t think of a worse moment for your sex tape partner to make an unexpected appearance. Kim reportedly bounced from the place upon hearing that Ray J had arrived, being ushered out a side door as soon as she could. The most hilarious part is that the place was already swarmed with paparazzi because she had tweeted her dinner location earlier in the day! She probably could have done without that extra bit of attention. Let’s hope she at least had time for dessert!

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Ray J Hospitalized For Exhaustion — Not Necessarily Caused By Houston Family Scuffles

These are probably not the kind of headlines Ray J wanted to be making. Early yesterday morning, just as rumors were circulating about Whitney Houston’s ex-boyfriend almost getting into a scuffle with Pat Houston in the middle of the Billboard Music Awards, the singer was apparently checking into a hospital in Las Vegas. He is being treated for “exhaustion and jet lag,” a rep told E! Online.

As much as we always assume “exhaustion” is a code word for some kind of substance abuse — especially after the kind of accusations Houston’s family has been throwing around of Ray J being responsible for getting her hooked on cocaine again — one glimpse at his schedule makes us think this might be a legit excuse. Before the Billboard Awards, Ray had reportedly been on a 32-hour round trip to China, where he performed in a concert and then had some meetings “regarding a new business,” according to Radar Online. He drove four hours from L.A. to Vegas for the show, which included a very moving tribute to his ex, and then hosted an afterparty to launch Prince Reigns hair serum. Take a breather, Ray J. No hair product deal can be worth your health!

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Did We Narrowly Miss A Fight Between Ray J And Whitney Houston’s Family Last Night?

As a former reality star and Whitney Houston‘s on-again, off-again boyfriend, rapper Ray J is undoubtedly used to his fair share of drama. That being say, we doubt he often finds himself dealing with drama this…unseemly. According to TMZ, Ray J and Houston’s family allegedly almost got into a brawl at the Billboard Music Awards last night after Pat Houston demanded that security remove Whitney’s ex from his seat. Brandy‘s brother refused to move, and it wasn’t until security pointed out that any kind of physical fight would end up on TV that Pat Houston reluctantly retracted her demand. Jeez. Makes Ray J’s DIY porn stardom with Kim Kardashian look downright dignified, doesn’t it?

So why was Whitney’s sister-in-law/manager so determined to get Ray J kicked out of the event, which included a tribute to the late, great singer by Jordin Sparks? Allegedly Pat and the family hold Ray J somewhat responsible for Whitney’s drug abuse. Earlier this spring, Ray J found himself dodging accusations from Bobby Brown’s sister Leorah Brown, who claimed that he was Houston’s “runner boy” and provided singer with cocaine, a drug that played a significant role in her drowning death. “Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved,” Ray J allegedly complained to friends after the awards show was over. No, no, no, an insane televised fistfight would have ruined the opportunity. This just makes everyone feel like they need to take a shower…

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Ray J Fights Accusations He Was Whitney Houston’s “Runner Boy”

This is a sad coda to the news that Whitney Houston’s death has been attributed to accidental drowning, and that cocaine and preexisting heart disease were factors in the incident. Now the people who loved the late singer are playing the blame game. Yesterday, Leorah Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister, spoke to Dr. Drew on CNN’s Headline News and slung some pretty heavy accusations at Ray J. She claimed she saw him ducking out of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where Houston was found dead. She also claimed that Houston told her she wasn’t romantically involved with Ray J but that he was serving as her “runner boy,” just hanging around to supply the 48-year-old with cocaine.

Ray J’s rep is adamantly denying Brown’s statements and says he had no idea she was using cocaine again.
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Is Tila Tequila Pregnant?


Rumor has it the sexy reality TV vixen is pregnant. ONTD has a screenshot of Tila Tequila‘s twitter feed, in which she admits to being knocked up. Of course, this could be a big cry for attention or possibly a Photoshop hoax.

officialTila – Before I bounce, and since it’s late…Im gonna tell ya’ll something REAL FAST, then delete it ok?

officialTila – Since nobody is awake…reason why I’ve been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant! *GASPS******* Ok bye.

It’s probably too good to be true and someone is just messing with our heads, but Tila does seem to be going through some major drama right now. A few days ago she took to her twitter saying cryptic things like:

officialTila - Pt 2: Aside from that though….I have some huge news to announce that would SHAKE the whole country up, but maybe I shouldn’t announce it9:51 PM May 12th from web

officialTila - Pt 3: cuz if I tell people this….I’m telling you….it would just change EVERYTHING! Everyone will be VERY shocked…so Imma hush 4 now9:52 PM May 12th from web

officialTila - Trust me, this is LIFE CHANGING and not a small thing. Even I was shocked when I found out….Let’s all pray. Let’s just say I got hip hop.9:54 PM May 12th from web

Could our girl really be pregnant? If so is it possible it’s Ray J’s? Anyone else smell a new reality show on the horizon? And if all this is true it may account for why girlfriend’s boobs looked extra large last week at the Maxim Hot 100 party. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Tila Tequila: “My Boyfriend Is Ray J”


Tila Tequila is a master at generating buzz, and we can’t help but wonder if her latest claim is just that – an attempt at gaining a wee bit more publicity. The MySpace celebrity took to her personal blog this morning to declare love for her new boyfriend – VH1 reality star Ray J. Just last week, he completed his quest for love on the reunion episode of his hit show, For The Love Of Ray J. Tila herself is no newcomer to the weird world of reality dating – she was the star of MTV’s skank-fest A Shot At Love.

Tila announced the coupling on her site, writing: “My baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time.  We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love.  He is so sweet to me and makes me melt everytime I see him…….I love my baby……so there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we make the cutest couple….dont you?????”

She included a sexy video she shot for her new man (watch it below), and then went on to plug both their Twitter accounts, on which they both very recently tweeted to each other lovingly. While we’re just thrilled the two cheeseballs have found love, the whole thing reeks of a publicity stunt conceived by a pair of reality stars who want to keep their names in the media. What do you think - is this relationship the real deal, or are Tila and Ray J is TiJay just playing us for publicity?

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