Rihanna: Fashionable Diva From Day To Night


Rihanna had quite a trendy Tuesday in New York City yesterday, starting off the day shopping at Barney’s New York in a cute black and floral print Rag & Bone dress and then working it in a black strapless ruffled mini dress and animal print cuff when she partied at Greenhouse that night. Riri spent the evening celebrating her publicist’s birthday at the downtown hotspot and posed for photos with her group. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Peter Andre And Sienna Miller Triumph, World Spins Off Axis


One of the things we love most about pop culture is the surprising stuff that happens all the time. At the beginning of 2009, who’d have predicted that SJP would be the mom to girl twins, or that the Rihanna and Chris Brown scandal would have happened? On a less serious note, we’re now reeling from the fact that Sienna Miller has got a number one movie, and that Katie Price‘s ex, Peter Andre is heading for number one in the UK charts.

Despite GI Joe garnering terrible reviews, the action movie has raked in the dollars to reach the top spot – something which the actress, whose past movies include Alfie, Factory Girl and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (eeek) has got to be relieved about. And Peter, who for years was a byword in the UK for a lame, has-been popstar, is selling his comeback solo single so well there’s talk of it beating the Black Eyed Peas to number one. Stick that in your pipe, Katie, and smoke it. [Photos: Getty Images Entertainment, WireImage]


Rihanna Wants To Lose The Order Of Protection


Rihanna must really be a forgiving lady, because she wants to eliminate the order of protection placed on Chris Brown by the courts. Under the current order, Brown must stay at least 50 yards away from the singer unless they are at a music event. Ri-Ri wants to lessen his punishment by requesting a level-one protection order instead. Rihanna’s lawyer Donald Etra explains, “That order would prevent Chris from annoying, molesting or harassing her.”

Basically, it’s the “Don’t make me send you to your room”  policy our parents enforced between us and our siblings. In addition to the restraining/don’t bug me order, Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation, 180 days of community service and ordered to participate in an anti-domestic violence program.

This new development only stokes the rumors that Rihanna and Brown are trying to rekindle their romance, but of course maybe Rihanna is just the world’s friendliest, most forgiving person.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Beyonce And Lady Gaga Head Up VMA Nominations


The MTV Video Music Award nominations are in and pop starlets Beyonce and Lady Gaga lead the way with nine nominations each. “I’m excited and honored to be tied for most nominated for the VMAs,” Beyoncé said. “I’ve been blessed this year to have ‘Single Ladies’ become a video people really connected with and responded to. I’ve spent so much time watching all the great versions people created all around the world. It’s beautiful to feel you touch people and bring a song to life with a video.”

Lady Gaga attributed her success to “years of hustle in New York City” and stated, “We believe in the immensity and the promise of ‘showbiz’ and will continue to give it mouth-to-mouth, till its vomiting return. All you need is a camcorder, a flashlight and one truly great idea. Thank you, MTV, for being our video flagship, and for supporting this bunch of inspired kids, who love to get wasted and make art together.”

Britney Spears followed right behind Beyonce and Lady Gaga with seven nominations for her “Womanizer” and “Circus’ videos. Other nominations include:

Video of the Year: Beyoncé (“Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]“), Lady Gaga (“Poker Face”) and Britney Spears  (“Womanizer”) will compete with Eminem (“We Made You”) and Kanye West (“Love Lockdown”).

Best New Artist: Drake (“Best I Ever Had”), 3OH!3 (“Don’t Trust Me”), Kid Cudi (“Day ‘N’ Nite”) and Asher Roth (“I Love College”).

Best Male Video: Eminem (“We Made You”) against Ne-Yo (“Miss Independent”), Kanye West (“Love Lockdown”), T.I. and Rihanna (“Live Your Life”), and Jay-Z (“D.O.A. [Death of Auto-Tune]“).

Best Female Video: Lady Gaga (“Poker Face”), Beyoncé (“Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]“), Katy Perry (“Hot N Cold”), Kelly Clarkson (“My Life Would Suck Without You”), Taylor Swift (“You Belong With Me”) and Pink (“So What”).

Be sure to tune in to the awards show, hosted by Russell Brand, September 13th at 9 pm E.T. on MTV. [Source:, Photo: Getty Images]


New Report Claims Rihanna And Chris Hooked Up


Those Rihanna-gets-back-with-Chris-Brown rumors just won’t go away. Now a UK celebrity mag claims that far from being a coincidence that saw the two both stay at New York’s Trump International Hotel a couple weeks back, they actually hooked up while there. Star magazine reports that a hotel source saw them “canoodling” in her room (yes, yes, British tabloid-speak is terrible) and that they used decoy cars to put off the media while they spent time together.

The mag also claims exclusive quotes from Rihanna’s mom Monica Fenty, who seems pretty upset that her daughter is supposedly back in Chris’s arms. “I’m devastated, but what can I do? Rihanna is her own woman with her own mind and very, very independent …. Chris has a bizarre power over her. She still loves him and he knows it. In her eyes he’s a god. Even after all this time, and even after what he did, it’s not diminished, no way,” she says.

At the time, sources for both Chris and Ri denied anything was going on. The conditions of Chris’s court order prevent him from coming within 50 yards of the singer, but could the most unlikely reunion of 2009 really be on the cards? [Photo: WireImage]

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Chris Brown To Deliver Long Overdue Apology


Chris Brown‘s infamous assault case will come to a close when he is sentenced on Wednesday, and as part of his plea deal he’ll face 5 years probation, 180 hours of community service, and a year of domestic violence counseling. The singer will be working even harder to repair his tarnished image and will start this week, with a stint on Larry King‘s talk show.

According to Radar Online, “Brown’s team believes the singer will be able to get his apology across without facing brutal questioning.” In other words, Larry King is the easiest interview in Hollywood. Chris can quickly apologize for assaulting Rihanna and then get right down to business discussing that wedding video that has singlehandedly rehabilitized his career. Let’s hope he’s giving that couple some of the money he’s making on iTunes these days. He good probably use the good karma. [Photo: GettyImages]


Rihanna Shows Us Her Nipple Petals Again


We can’t really work out why Rihanna didn’t wear a bra with this outfit. It’s a long-sleeved black top which in no way would be compromised by the addition of supportive underwear. Still, thanks to Ri-Ri’s reluctance, we got a flash of her favorite nipple petals, this time in bright pink. The superstar was headed out to pal Katy Perry‘s concert afterparty  at Club Griffin in NYC and livened up her demure outfit with a cheeky addition.  It’s not half as daring as her sparkly nipple-petals-with-tuxedo look of a few weeks ago, but it’s clearly a trend. Yikes. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Chris And RiRi Deny Secret Hotel Hook-Up


Friends of Rihanna and Chris Brown are going out of their way to deny that the exes secretly met up at a New York hotel this week. Apparently the pair both accidentally stayed in the same hotel – the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Columbus Circle – without knowing the other was there. “Ri didn’t even know Chris was going to be in town, much less that he was in the same hotel,” said a pal. “As for whether they’re sneaking around together, she’s not dumb – she would never mess around with him again.”

Chris’ people are also going to great lengths to deny that anything fishy went down between the former lovers. Said a buddy of Brown’s: “Chris is taking the court orders [to not get within 50 yards of his ex] seriously. He has called Rihanna since discovering they were staying in such close proximity, but he has definitely not tried to see her.”

Both are in town for work, but do you think there’s some playing going on too? [Photos: GettyImages]


Rihanna Returns To Recording Studio


Rihanna is ready to make her comeback following her tumultuous year. The singer has been hitting the studio and recording a new album which a source who is working on it says, “will be the album to really give her an identity musically.” RiRi is also lending her voice to Jay-Z‘s new album Blueprint 3, the final album in his Blueprint trilogy.

As for Rihanna’s album, “It’s very techno-based this time around. She’s not that far into her album yet, but it’s sounding great.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Rihanna: Where Do We Start?


From the Jimmy Neutron hairdo to the lace gloves to the shoulder-padded jumpsuit to the 25lbs of pearls, Rihanna certainly made heads turn at the UK premiere of Inglourious Basterds. With the exception of her va-va-voom red lipstick, we can’t help but hate this cluttered ensemble.

Get a closer look at Rihanna’s fashion disaster below, as well as fellow red carpet goers Mickey Rourke, Diane Kruger, and Neve Campbell.

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