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Rihanna Stands Under Her Umbrella-ella-ella


Rihanna sloshed through the rain in New York City yesterday clinging to a bright yellow umbrella and decked out in a dress made out of nightmares. Luckily the stunning songbird can pull off just about anything, including the face of a gorilla clinging to her body. Besides, we hardly noticed the monster’s mug, cuz we were so distracted by her sweet little smile. It’s nice to see the singer looking happy these days. Perhaps her new crush has something to do with it? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Chris Brown Tries To Make Nice With Rihanna


Apparently Chris Brown was hard at work at last Thursday’s NBA Finals game, trying to get back on the good side of his ex, Rihanna. While RiRi was wisely hiding in the team owner’s personal lounge, her allegedly violent ex approached her posse during the half time break to chat and shake hands with all her pals. “Chris was definitely trying to make the situation less awkward,” said a spy. “He was trying to be very grownup, and wanted Rihanna to see that as well.”

But apparently Rihanna wasn’t interested in her making amends with her ex – she was too busy checking out Magic forward Rashard Lewis. “Rihanna is trying to get to know Rashard. She’s digging on him, and she hopes the feeling is mutual,” a source revealed. Tall, talented and cute? Sounds like a a perfect rebound.   [Photos: GettyImages]


Rihanna And Chris Brown Go To The NBA Finals


Rihanna and Chris Brown both turned up to the NBA finals last night in Orlando, Florida. The former couple sat at opposite ends of the arena (but on the front row, natch), in the first time they’ve been spotted together at the same event since the end of their relationship. Some reports even allege that the couple requested to be seated near each other at the game, though it appears that did not happen.

Their appearance came soon after it emerged Rihanna has been supoeaned to testify at Chris’s court case on June 22nd. But clearly, no worldwide assault scandal gets in the way of their mutual love of basketball! [Photos: AFP]

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RiRi Gets Her Black Eye On


Rihanna headed out last night in New York City’s meatpacking district to hotspot Griffin for the Black Eyed Peas album release party. RiRi sported a gray sweater dress with fringe, orange tinted shades, and snakeskin Loubotins that only she could pull off. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Chris Brown Laughs It Up At Orlando Magic Game

chris brown

Looks like Rihanna can’t keep Chris Brown from catching the game. Despite her surprise appearance at Game 2 of the NBA finals in LA, Brown—joined by buddy Omarion—showed up at Game 3 in Orlando last night. While O wore a Lakers cap, Brown hid his allegiance behind a San Francisco Giants baseball cap and a Miami Dolphins football jacket. At one point the singers got doused with silly string by Orlando’s mascot—maybe their security was off picking up women for later.

First Brown caught a Magic game with Usher, then bowled with Bow Wow, now he parties with Mario and Omarion—looks like the men of R&B aren’t afraid Brown’s bad name will rub off on them. With Kanye and Jay-Z repping for Rih-Rih, are we headed for a Top 40 civil war?

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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown’s Bodyguards On Double Duty


A new report suggests that Chris Brown has hired a slew of bodyguards to protect him from pissed-off Rihanna fans, but his security’s behavior at LIV nightclub at the Fountainbleau hotel in Miami on Saturday night suggests they are on double duty – rounding up girls for the alleged woman beater who faces an assault hearing later this month.

A witness tells The FABlife, “A group of girls were dancing by Chris and his entourage, which included singer Omarion, trying to get their attention. Then the bodyguards went through the group and selected certain girls to come over and dance at their VIP table with them. The bodyguards grabbed each chosen one by the arm and led them to Chris’ table.  It was like they were picking out apples in the grocery store!”

The group had a great time dancing on the couches and getting close where “Chris kissed several girls on the lips,” but took particular interest in a petite, light-skinned black girl, who he “paid the most attention to and danced with the most.”

The party started to wind down at 4:30 am, when “Chris signed the check and then took a group of about ten girls to the lobby of the Fountainbleau,” where he is reportedly staying. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna Roots For The Lakers: A Message To Chris?


Chris Brown and Usher cheered an Orlando Magic game two weeks ago, and now Rihanna is rooting courtside for the Lakers. Coincidence? It wouldn’t be the first time she timed a public appearance in contrast to Brown’s activities. Maybe the singer’s trying to keep her ex from showing up when the games head back to Florida. We’ll find out tomorrow night!

Attending alongside Rihanna were such familiar faces as Jack Nicholson, Adam Levine and frienemies Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron (he’ll never think you’re cool, Zac. Just accept it). Check out who else was there in the gallery below.

[Photo: AFP]

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Intimate Photos Of Chris Brown And Rihanna Surface Before Trial


There once was a time when Rihanna and Chris Brown looked like a snuggly, happy, domestic violence-free couple. Now, however, Rihanna is about to be called to testify for the prosecution in the case against Chris and he has taken to YouTube to convince the world he is “not a monster.”

These new photos, which surfaced over the weekend,  show the former couple snuggling and kissing in bed. How nice Chris Brown looks as he canoodles with his former love. Could the accused singer possibly be the one who leaked the pics as part of his “I’m Not A Monster” campaign???

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Rihanna Will Testify Against Chris Brown

Rihanna Chris Brown

According to Rihanna‘s lawyers, the singer has been subpoenaed to testify in the felony assault case against her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, and she’s scheduled to attend his hearing on June 22. Her attorney says that RiRi  “absolutely will comply” with the court’s subpoena, which means this hearing just got a lot more interesting. What crazy outfit will she wear? Will her hair be in a mohawk or a mullet? And most importantly – what is she going to say about the events that transpired on February 8?

Today, the judge in the case also rejected a request from Brown’s laywer Mark Geragos, asking the police to reveal who leaked photos of a badly beaten Rihanna. Brown has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.  [Photo: WireImage]


Chris Brown Posts Video: “I’m Not A Monster”

Looks like Chris Brown is ready to return to the limelight. Rapper Bow Wow has posted several videos of himself hanging out with the singer online, and not so he can apologize. In one, a surprisingly flip Brown acknowledges he “ain’t been out there in a minute” but that a new album, Graffiti, is coming, along with a single this summer (“we ain’t going nowhere!”). “Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters…I’m not a monster.”

In another video, Brown addresses rumors that he was sporting a black eye while watching the Orlando Magic with Usher last weekend. “All the blog sites are liars! You lie. No black eye!” Yeah, but what about Rihanna‘s?

Watch the second video after the jump.

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